Chapter 110

Chapter 110 – Kilket Central Auction (3)

“930,000 mana. Is there anything else? Then, I will make a decision.”

Despite my wishes…

Merchant Albus’s bid for the “Various Equipments and Armaments of Sir Gallon, the Ancient Duke” was sold for 930,000 mana by Sir Kudrin at bid #23! Congratulations!

It was my 1st item.

‘The Armoury of the Ancient Duke Sir Garon’s Equipment.’

It was sold for 930,000 mana, well below the expected 2 million mana.

I subtracted 10% from that amount, and 837,000 mana was increased as the amount of mana I had.

So now I have 545 + 83.7 = 6,287,000 mana.


Don’t be silly.

This can’t be happening.

“Wait a minute! The item you have just exhibited is the armament of an ancient duke, Sir Gallon, whose name is written in the history books.”

I stood up and shouted.

“It can’t be less than a million mana!”

I shouted with all my might, and the auctioneer looked annoyed.

“I’m sorry. This was priced according to the official auction rules…”


I stumbled a little as nausea hit me.

As if to push me, the aristocrats yelled at me from all over the place.

You’re not looking good, merchant!

“Have you overestimated your wares?”

“The value of an item is not yours to decide.”

“That is for us to decide.”

I couldn’t say anything more.

The market is just the market.

A prospect is just a prospect.

To say it was naive is an understatement.

If there is no one who is willing to pay that amount of money for it, the transaction cannot take place.

Ignoring my nodding, the auction moved on to my second item, “Holy Fist Aluminas (Remote Attack, Wind/Hitting).

A top-of-the-line weapon with one of the highest combat skills attached to a weapon, the “remote attack” skill…

It was about to be bought by Sir Warren for 1.35 million mana.

Still, if sold, I would have over 7.5 million mana on hand.

But if we make such a mistake in our estimation here, we are too close to the end of the road to compete with Jimmy Radiak.

At this rate, there is no telling what will happen in the next Grill Series.

At this rate, we may end up going into the auction for the main house with about 9 million mana on hand.

We can’t go on like this!

We need to create a trend of competing for a little more, for a higher price…

“1.5 million mana!”

I shouted.

“Bill 76, 1.5 million mana from merchant Albus-sama! What does that mean ……! Your own merchandise, by yourself!”

The auctioneer voiced his bewilderment.

“I’m sure there was no stipulation that said you couldn’t.’?”


There is no such provision.

But few people did it.

This is because if you bid for your own goods yourself, the auction management headquarters will take 90% of the mana of the purchase price as a penalty.

And more than that.

It was said that the act was tantamount to fraud and was considered an act to be despised.

While it is possible to participate and try to raise the price of an item, or to buy back an item once it has been sold, the price is quite high.

Along with mana, even trust can be lost.

By the way, there is no such thing as a minimum bid price.

The idea is to “only sell items that you have confidence in” and “don’t sell anything that you have to insure.

This was also a rule that was only convenient for the nobles, who were now mainly on the buying side.

Whatever it is, I am.

I was too impatient to participate in the bidding for the Holy Fist Aluminas.

Now that’s something.

If I could raise the price a little…that’s what I was thinking.

“1.5 million mana from Mr. Albus, number 76. Now, is there anything else…?”

And then.

For such an act of mine…

Sir Warren and the other nobles and merchants did not compete with me any further.


This is not good.

This is really too bad.

“Then, “Holy Fist Aluminas (Remote Attack, Wind/Hitting)” was sold for 1.5 million mana by the merchant Albus-sama himself.”

And just like that, I really won the bid.

According to the regulations, Mr. Albus paid 1.5 million mana, and I got 150,000 mana, which is 10% of the total amount. The total amount of the bid is 1,350,000 mana, minus 1,350,000 mana.

The auctioneer deliberately tells me the amount of my loss.

The nobles and merchants around me laughed.

“This was the end of a fool who participated in the bidding for his own goods and tried to drive up the price.”

“He did an act that is not forbidden, but is considered despicable. The poor, dumb, weak merchant who lost more than 1.3 million mana in the process.”



Next to me, Gandra was looking at me with a bitter, squished face.

“There’s still next time…”

“I know.”

We both knew that was no consolation.

Now I was down to 4,937,000 mana on hand.

I no longer had anything but despair in me.


The auction goes on even with me in such a state.

Next is my last item.

The letters of the great merchant Grill and the jewelry he gave to his wife, Sally.

This item was also expected to cost no less than 3.5 million mana.

As expected, the price did not go up very much and almost stopped at around 2.5 million mana.

Although the numbers showed that it was doing better than the other two, it was still much cheaper than expected.

Does this mean that I was too excited by the success of the treasure hunt?

Does it mean that this level of rarity is just one of the things that the nobles see every year?


But still, the blunder I just made is too painful.

At this rate, we will have to go to the auction of the mansion with less than 7.5 million mana on hand.

If that were to happen, it would be as if our chances were almost gone.

Holy Fist Aluminas.

If I had compromised and sold that there for 1.35 million mana, I would have had about 2.5 million more on hand than I do now.

It was completely my fault.

I ruined everyone’s thoughts and feelings for the past few months. I ruined it at the last minute.

It was my fault for being in a hurry and making the wrong decision.

I watched in amazement as the situation unfolded before my eyes.

As it was.

I guess we’ll just have to bet all our hopes on the slim chance that Jimmy has less than we thought he did…


Is there anything else we can do to help…


“2,520,000 mana for Sir Warren #1. Is there anything else?”


I shouted again.

Even a little … Is there anything I can do?

Anything is fine, I want to get a clue.

“It is the legendary item sung about in the fifth chapter of the great merchant Grill’s peddling expedition! Yes, that chapter may not be as well known as the others, but it is well worth it…”

I tried to convey the value of the item as much as I could, trying to squeeze as much out of him as possible.


“Is there anything else?”

He interrupted my words.

The auctioneer proceeded with the auction in a tone of voice that did not ask for anything.

“I don’t think there is, so then …”


Wait please!

“Since there seems to be none, then…”

With that, the auctioneer was about to declare Sir Warren’s bid successful.

At that moment…


Suddenly, the lights went out.

“What happened?”

“What is the elf in charge of lighting doing!”

“Guards! Take care of it now!”

Nobles and merchants buzzing about.

In the midst of all this.

Only a part of the podium was illuminated by a round light.

And then…

“Oh… I just got a signal at some strange time… …… Is it correct that it’s my turn?”

A bard steps out into the light, saying something like that.

“Well, there seems to have been some kind of mistake. Since I’ve come out, I’ll just sing as I am.”

The bard proceeded to go on and on before the auctioneer could say anything.

She’s, dressed like a dancer.

The dark-skinned woman is Amaranthia.

She was originally supposed to give a sideshow performance between auctions after another 10 or so items had been auctioned.

It was Amaranthia the Bardess.

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