Chapter 123 – Side Story

Chapter 123 – Side Story

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And this is a Side Story.

The Mistria Theater was continuously crowded with people as a result of the success of the Mistria Albus policies that were launched one after the other.

In addition, later on, through twists and turns, the theater would receive patronage from the Warren family…

This became the decisive factor, and the company’s momentum became completely unrivaled.

The city’s name was then known throughout the western continent at breakneck speed, and it was finally called “the center of the western continent’s opera culture”.

The puppet-maker Mitra, who later arrived as the master of the theater, never said much. She never spoke much, but always quietly listened to the poems sung by the bards.

Not many people knew that Mitra was the wife of the wealthy merchant Albus.

But apart from that.

Mitra’s name will soon be known throughout the world.

Mitra, the Phantom Craftsman.

The elaborate and delicately crafted ornaments that were later purchased by royalty, aristocrats, and famous adventurers from the great merchant Albus.

The materials used were not limited to precious stones and metals, but included the skin of a magical dragon and even the skeleton of a magical beast.

Yet, these items, which showed no traces of processing, were said to be equipped with high-performance skills that would not have been possible under normal circumstances.

The royalty, nobility, and merchants who saw Mitra’s creations all commented that they were of the highest quality, both as crafted jewelry sought by the royalty and nobility and as armaments sought by adventurers.

“This is truly the work of a fantastic craftsman!”

In this way, the name “Mitra, the Phantom Craftsman” became known throughout the world.

It is said that only a very few people knew that the “Phantom Craftsman” was the same person as the quiet theater owner of the Mistria Theater.


It’s still a long, long way off.


For a while after I married Mitra, the only new things she would make were some kind of wooden dolls.

She started a new business with Albus, her husband, and that was repairing broken armor.

It was just a humble and petty business of us.

But as she came into contact with the variously decorated arms and ornaments, Mitra’s imagination took flight and she came up with new designs one after another.

And on the occasion of a certain royal marriage ceremony, she created a new design for the wedding of a royal family member.

The six magnificent sculptures, said to be in the shape of the six great spirits, were presented to the royal family by the great merchant Albus.

It is called the “Collection of the Six Great Spirits of Mitra”. In addition to the magnificence of the workmanship, all six were endowed with skills that brought good luck, and so they became national treasures that were always brought out to the hall during royal marriage ceremonies.

The miniature version of “Mithra’s Collection of the Six Great Spirits (1/20 scale),” handled by the great merchant Albus, also sold like hotcakes to the nobility and wealthy commoners, despite its considerable high price.

The name of “Mitra the Phantom Craftsman,” who created many such works, would soon be known throughout the world along with the name of the great merchant Albus.

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