Chapter 125 – Setting out for Poppo Village

Chapter 125 – Setting out for Poppo Village

As our caravan passed through the north gate of Kilket, we saw a vast lake on our immediate right.

“It’s huge! I didn’t know there was a lake this big this close to Kilket!”

Clarice raises such a voice a little excitedly.

“That’s Kilket Lake, isn’t it? In the district on the northwest side of Kilket, they usually use it as a source of domestic water.”

Burgess, who had lived in Kilket before coming to the village of Yak, added an explanation with a serious face.

He said that the water from Lake Kilket was commonly used for bathing and washing clothes, although it was not used for drinking water.

Incidentally, drinking water is basically from a well.

We were walking on the street on four ushama, one for each of us.

Centered on my riding Ushama, Clarice was on my right, Burgess on my left, and Loloi’s riding ushama was in front of me.

Although they were not pulling wagons, we looked like a real caravan.

Since we were still close to Kilket, we could see a few adventurers here and there in the vicinity, and they were busy with their quests while keeping a distant eye on us.

They were probably just starting out.

“Clarice lived in Kilket for 16 years and never saw Lake Kilket?”

“Shut up. I had never even been out of Kilket until I started being an adventurer.”

I spoke out of turn, and Clarice retorted in an angry tone.

And just like that, Clarice got a little angry and went a little ahead of me.

“Come to think of it, Clarice is a young lady. ……”

Daughter of the late great nobleman Kilt Warren and half-sister of Gilbert Warren, the current No. 2 powerhouse of the Kilket nobility.

She is currently my escort, but she is of a status that would normally allow Clarice to walk around with her own escort.

“I’m sure Clarice will smack you around again if you talk about her as a “lady” or something like that. She’s been very concerned about that kind of thing lately.”

Burgess laughed half-heartedly, chasing Claris and advancing ushama.

“Alright, I’ll be careful. Sigh!”

I replied back to Burgess with a curt reply, and Loloi and I chased after them side by side.

We were not in such a tight formation, and the visibility in this area was good and the monsters were weak. It would be enough if we just kind of stuck together.

Our destination this time was Poppo Village, a fisherman’s village located in the northernmost part of the western continent.

The offshore waters of Poppo Village are inhabited by a unique species of sea beast called Todoros, which is famous for the fact that weapons made from its materials are easily given water attribute skills.


This road we are on now is commonly known as the “Popoy Road”.

The name “Popoi” is a mixture of the names of the village of Popo, located at the northern end of the road, and the site of the temple of Totoi, located in the middle of the road.

It takes about two days on foot from Kilket to the village of Poppo, the destination of this trip.

We could probably shorten the trip by using Ushama, but in any case, we would not be able to reach Poppo Village in one day.

But today, we plan to stay overnight at the site of the Temple of Totoi, which is halfway between the two villages.

Loloi, who was walking in front of me, was humming a tune and seemed to be in a good mood.

“Totoy totoy totoy, the Great Temple! A fun, fun treasure hunt!”

“Loloi …… is really not the kind of place where you can do the kind of treasure hunt that you expect…”

My mutterings were drowned out by Loloi’s humming.

“It’s a treasure hunt!”


Site of the Temple of Totoi.

It is the remnants of an elven temple that flourished until about 200 years ago.

It was once occupied by humans when they invaded the western continent.

Since the temple was plundered to the utmost, there are no valuables left in the temple.

However, it is located halfway between Kilket and Poppo Village, and is a good place for peddlers to sleep.

Therefore, it is now an inn where several inns stand side by side.

Many merchants visit the site of the Temple of Totoi on their way to the temple, which is why it is derisively called a “tourist spot”.

The village of Yak and the town of Mort had no significant industry, so the Earth Road was left in a state of disrepair.

The roads between Poppo Village and Kilket have been well maintained since peddlers used to come and go quite actively.

In order to make it easier for people to come and go, there was even an inn in the middle of the road.

By the way.

I had heard that Yak Village and Mort Town have recently begun to launch a project to develop an earth highway, apparently because the moo-roasting and medicinal herb culture is being reevaluated.

I had heard in a letter from Arcana that she, as the proprietress of a large inn in Yak Village, had invested some money in this project.

The Mistria Theater in Kilket was also on the right track, and the number of customers who wanted to buy Mithra’s wooden dolls continued to increase without interruption.

My wives were all doing their jobs well.

“I can’t lose either.”

First of all, I will finish this job that the guild has entrusted to me.

I will go to the village of Poppo in the north and stock up on materials for 80 Todros.

That was the request I received from the West Continent Merchant Guild.

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