Chapter 100 – Attack (2)

Chapter 100 – Attack (2)

“I’m protecting Albus! Because Loloi is Albus’ bodyguard!”

Saying this, Loloi jumped in between me and the magic.

“What are you doing! Dodge!”

“If Loloi dodges, it will hit Albus!”

That would be true.

For me with zero combat power, the timing is no longer inevitable.

I can run and flee as well as anyone, but my ability to move instantaneously or take reflexive evasive action is hopelessly low.

No matter how far I go, it would still hit me because I have zero fighting ability.

And it’s absolutely impossible to take it all. So now this is basically a desperate situation.

But if only Loloi.

If she really jump now, I might be able to avoid it.

“The Activation of Iron Wall!”

It seemed that Loloi intended to protect me by using herself as a shield.

But even if Loloi had activated her Iron Wall skill, there was no way she could survive three people’s intermediate magic attacks all at once.

“Hey!! I thought you wanted the relics in my warehouse! Why do you trying to kill me!”


The four people started to panic a little.

What is it with these guys?

I thought they looked like fools, but they’re real fools!

“No, this is the way it’s going to be! Once the escort is out of combat, that’s when we win!”

“Damn it!”

That’s true, but…

You definitely just came up with that reason!


That’s when I yelled…

A figure jumped in between Loloi and the magic.

It was a figure in a white hooded robe.

And that figure used magic.

“Mid Water Magic. Water Wall!!”

The next moment, a huge wall of water appeared in front of Loloi.

And that wall of water magic simultaneously canceled out the fire magic and water magic released by Silklet’s wife.

“I will help you.”

The hooded figure with its face hidden behind a deep hood is not visible, but from the sound of her voice, it seems to be a woman.

And it sounded familiar.

“Watch out!”

Loloi shouted.

The wind magic of the Silklet’s wife was breaking through the wall of water magic.

The magic arts were not compatible with each other.

Water magic can offset fire magic, which is lower in compability, and water magic, which is equivalent, but cannot easily offset wind magic, which is higher.

Wind magic, the strongest of the basic attributes, outperforms magic of all other basic attributes.

“Watch out! Dodge!”

He didn’t care about my voice shouting that.

The woman in the white hood stood there.

And just before the wind magic hit.

A woman in a white hood held up her hand toward the magic.

“Arcogilla’s Bracelet (Attribute Defense – Wind/Darkness/) Activate!”

The next moment the woman mutters this, a magical defensive formation appears from the woman’s palm.

And the wind magic of Silklet’s wife was completely extinguished when she hit that magic circle.

“What! My wives’ most powerful magic technique has been blocked? If it comes to this, then….. Buhee!!”

Silklet was about to speak something.

But he was shot in the face by a remote blow from Loloi, and fell backwards with a bloody nose.

“Great Flame Magic..”

There, moreover, the white-hooded woman invoked her magic.

In addition to the water magic she used earlier, she used fire magic.

In other words, she has two attributes.

And the possession of the bracelet of alcogilla.

“You ..”

I didn’t know why she was helping us.

But it was a very encouraging reinforcement against the sorcerers.

“Alfred’s Sword (Attribute Magic Enhancement – Fire) Activate!”

With the activation of that granting skill, the blazing flames become even more melodious and vigorous.

And the woman’s “Great Flame Magic” evolved into “Extreme Great Flame Magic.

“Extreme Great Flame Magic!!”

A woman in a white hood held out her palm carrying the Extreme Great Flame Magic in front of her, preparing to grant the activation technique for the magic.


A short scream was heard from the enemy side.

If the Extreme Great Flame Magic was activated, even if it had the attribute of water or wind, which is advantageous in terms of attributes. Intermediate magic would never be enough to prevent it.

The face of the opposing team was twitching.

They understood that this woman was completely outclassed as a magician.

The tables were completely turned.

The woman’s white hood fell off as she was caught up in the hot wind of the extreme fire magic.

Silver hair. And pointed ears.

I couldn’t see her face from where I was…

But I’m sure her eyes are jade green.

The woman who came to our aid…

She was an elf customer who bought a relic from my store one day.

The two grant-skilled weapons she had just used must have been the ones I had sold her.

“Bastard…. if it had hit, Albus would be dead!”

Behind the woman who was about to activate the Extreme Great Flame Magic, Loloi was more furious than ever.

“I will not forgive you! I will beat you all up already!”

Loloi may be has lost her mind, but…

The wind attack skill of the “Holy Fist Aluminas” equipped in her right hand is activated.

A whirlwind was beginning to swirl around Loloi’s fist.

The elf woman glanced at Loloi…

“Shall I leave it to Mrs. Loloi, then?”

Saying this, she cancelled the extreme fire magic and went to the side.

Immediately after that.

With a bestial snarl, Loloi half-draws back and takes a stance.

The wind around Aluminas gains momentum, whipping up a cloud of dust in the vicinity.


And then, just like that, she took a step forward.

Loloi swung her fist as hard as she could toward the air.

From Loloi’s fist, a remote attack cloaked in the wind attribute was released with an explosion sound.

It is so powerful that it can no longer be called “great magic”.

Gouging out the ground and shattering the exterior walls of the surrounding buildings, it leaps out of the aluminas as a huge, visible mass of energy…

It then headed toward Silklet and the others at super-speed.

And without giving them time to escape.

A direct hit to the silhouettes of the pitiful-looking silhouettes.


Silklet and his wives screamed in despair as they were blown into the air in a fir-shape.

Then they disappeared from sight.

Just in time, because I could see the three sorcerers activating their magic to offset each other.

They would probably be alive.


Loloi rushed to me.

“Albus! Are you alright?”

Loloi is a little out of breath, but it’s light considering the fierce battle earlier.

I made a bad move and got myself in a pinch, but Loloi herself still able to afford it..

“I’m all right. I’m fine.”

Of course, I’m referring to Aluminous’ remote attack skills. It takes even the average genius a few years to activate that level of skill effect. At least, that was the case with Ryan.

And it would take a genius a lifetime to reach that level of skill.

And she’s in that category.

“I just felt like I could make it, so I gave it a try.”

In other words, if she can pull out a weapon attack skill of that level in one attempt, the concept of practicing to master any weapon skill does not apply to him.

“Anyway, thanks for the help Loloi.”

Then, quietly, an elf woman approached.

Her clear jade green eyes looked alternately at me and Loloi.

“Thank you.”

First of all, say thank you.

We did nothing when this elf was being attacked by thugs before, but today she saved us.

“No, I was just passing by by chance…”

“I don’t know what I’d be doing right now if you hadn’t come along.”

“With the power of your guard there, maybe you can still handle it…”

“No, you saved us!” (Loloi)

“Then I’m glad I was there to help.”

Even as she said this, the elf woman glanced across the street.

She turned her head and saw a figure dressed in silver parting mail running toward her from the distance.

It was the middle of the night, but it was still such a large scale battle.

As expected, the security group seemed to have sniffed it out.

…They’re a step too late.

“You’re leaving already? I haven’t thanked you properly yet.”

Then consider the 40,000 mana as a bargain.

With that, the elf ran off in the opposite direction from where the security was coming.

“He’s a very, very good woman! Loloi loves her!”

“Yes, she does. If that elf hadn’t come along, we probably would have been beat.”

Even though I said I would strengthen the escort system.

I was completely caught off guard after a while with nothing going on.

As the auction draws closer, people like that may yet emerge.

I hope this will not happen again.

From now on, let’s always act as a foursome.


After that, Loloi and I explained the situation at length to the security who arrived on the scene, and then went home exhausted.

It was already morning.

By the way, the ground and the outer wall of the building that Loloi had smashed with her Aluminas skill… they considered that the four Black Wings had done it.

After we left.

To Burgess and Clarice, who were waiting anxiously for us…

They suspected that the two of us had gone into a disreputable place and done something disreputable…

It was hard to plead our case.

Finally, Burgess and Clarice were blue in the face when they heard from me about the attack by the Black Wings.

“Sorry, we were caught completely off guard too.”

“We’re just glad you two are okay.”

By the way.

As for Silklet and his wives, who were blown away somewhere in Loloi’s attack, they could not be found in the security’s subsequent search.

So they are probably still alive and hiding somewhere.

For me, I wanted to stab them at the end and completely eliminate my anxiety …

So it’s different to force Loloi to kill people.

Loloi is just partying with me and helping each other. She’s not my lackey or anything.

“They had set me up at the perfect moment, but they had failed. It’s hard to imagine that a bandit with a decent calculation would bother to go after me again, as I would naturally reinforce his escort.”

Whatever the case, I promised myself that I would never let my guard down again until the auction.

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