Chapter 101 – Elf Slave

Chapter 101 – Elf Slave

And from the next morning.

I began to prepare to hold a full-scale theater.

I am incredibly sleepy because I hardly slept after a morning trip home.

But I can’t say that.

Mitra and Clarice immediately agreed to my theater idea.

“So, thank you very much.”

“Anyway, if we lose the auction, we’ll lose everything. So let’s do the best we can.”

According to Mitra.

She said that there are chairs and desks here and there in various rooms that are no longer in use.

“Why don’t we use them for the guests?”

She suggested, and I immediately set to work preparing.

“Warehouse Storage Ilompa.”

I went around the room and store the remarkable furniture in the warehouse.

“Warehouse Takeout Delos.”

It doesn’t bother me much since all I have to do is pop it out in the yard.

After all, I’m just walking, which in turn makes me sleepy.

Burgess and Clarice rearranged the furniture I had taken out of storage at random so that it looked somewhat presentable.

By the way, Loloi is currently sleeping.

She was hungry and after devouring her meal, she fell asleep in the dining room as if she had run out of energy.

I had no choice but to carry Loloi to her room and put her to bed.

My dependable escort did her best to do her job last night.

So now I’ll let her sleep as long as she want.

I would really like Burgess and Claris to sell kodris barbecue at the Wagon Square …

But after yesterday’s attack, it’s not a good idea to split up the party.

If they attacked me when I had no guards, I would have been killed in an instant.

The bandits last night were clearly after me.

And they did it at a time when my guards were few and far between and when I was passing through an unpopular street in the middle of the night.

This meant that they had been watching me for some time.

If that’s the case. If I’m not mistaken, this house may have been under surveillance as well.

Silklet and the others must have suffered considerable damage from Loloi’s attack last night.

If they really are the Black Wings, their friends must still be out there.

I have informed the neighborhood watch and asked them to be vigilant around this house.

Ultimately, I must protect myself.

I can’t be careless anymore.


Then mid-afternoon.

About the time that Loloi wakes up gingerly and starts demanding her meal again.

While I was making food for Loloi, something started to make noise at the front door.

“What’s going on?”

I shouted from the kitchen, and Clarice came running in.

“There’s a female elf here who says she’s Gilbert’s messenger!”

Clarice, gasping for breath, interjected.

“What did you say?”

“Is that the elf from last night? I must thank her again!”

Loloi forgot her hunger and started running, and I followed.


It was not the elf from last night who was at the front door of the mansion.

It was a young elf girl, as short as Loloi.

Probably twelve or so.

Silver hair, long ears, and jade green eyes.

These three elven features were hidden by a white hooded robe, yet she seemed to have made it this far.

“My name is Shinri. I have been asked by the lord of the house to clean this house. I will clean up on my own, so please don’t mind me!”

Shinri was chained by a chain about 50 cm long between her right wrist and left wrist.

And the chain was also attached to her right ankle, with a heavy-looking iron ball attached to the end of the chain..

The iron ball had the Warren family crest, which is also found at the entrance to this mansion, etched in large letters.

It was as if Lord Warren was loudly claiming, “This is mine.”

It seemed that Gilbert Warren, who intended to sell the mansion at auction, had sent someone to clean up the interior before selling it.

“Elf, slave…”

I muttered unintentionally, and Shinri laughed shyly.

“Two years ago, I screwed up and was caught by a slaver. Then the Warren family bought me, and I have been a ***** of the Warren family ever since.”

And when she was caught.

She was offered freedom if she would either lead them to the elves’ hiding place or work here for 10 years, and she said she chose the latter.

“Since I have eight years to go, Shinri will work very hard!”

She said.

It is obvious that the aristocracy seems unwilling to keep such a promise.

Shinriy seems to believe it and does her job day after day as he is told.

“For now, I’ll clean up the dust and that kind of stuff. I’m told to get rid of things are not needed in the attic, basement, and places like that. They also tell me to bring back anything that might be mana…”

Saying this, Shinri immediately took out a rag and bucket from her “warehouse” and began to prepare for the cleaning.

“There is no basement or attic in this mansion.”

“Eh, is that so? But there might be, so Shinri will look for it on her own and clean it up on her own. So please don’t mind me!”

And with that…

“Warehouse Storage Ilompa.”

The chains on her hands that restrained her and the iron balls connected to her ankles were stored in the warehouse, and he became lighter.

“You can put them away!”

“Don’t tell master. He doesn’t know the Shinri has warehouse skills..”

I haven’t tried it

The fitted restraints would be able to be taken in and out of the warehouse, considering that they are a type of equipment.

The reason why the chains of Neighborhood Watch and castle prisons are always connected to walls and the like everywhere is to counter the warehouse skill holders.

This girl can escape anytime she wants to…

“Don’t mind about me! You all do what you do.”

Saying this, Shinri kicked the bucket with a grand flourish, soaking the floor.

“Ouch! I’m sorry Shinri is a screw-up. I’ll clean up the mess myself, so don’t mind me! …Uuuggghh!”

Then she slipped and fell butt-first into the water.

“It’s chilling! But don’t mind about it!”

As expected, I couldn’t stand to watch, so Clarice and I helped clean up the waterlogged floor.

“It’s so touching to see a human helping Shinri with her work! But still, don’t mind me!”

I’m not sure but, Shinri might supposed to continue to live in and clean the mansion until the day of the auction.

“I’ve been told by the mansion to do so, so that’s what Shinri has to do. Also, if Shinri runs away, the other slaves will suffer, so she can’t run away either.

So that’s why she doesn’t run away, even though she can undo the restraints at any time and escape.

Well, look at the screw-up she just had…

Even if she got away with it, she’d be caught again in a heartbeat.

And if she was not careful, they might track her down and try to find out the location of the elves’ hideout or something.

It’s a terrible thing. It might be a good thing for the elves’ hiding place that Shinri remained a ***** herself.

But to send such an reckless ***** elf to us…. Warren must be a bad guy.

Reminds me of Jimmy Radiak’s ***** I met the other day. I was kinda annoyed with him.

Back when I was in the hero party.

It was only the members other than myself who had an audience with the nobles in the royal capital and other places.

That is why I have not had much direct contact with nobles. I guessed that all the nobles were similar to each other.

“Oh, and one more thing. Regarding the letter that Mr. Albus sent to the mansion, here is the reply.”

Saying so, Shinri took out a letter from his storage.

I read the contents at first glance, and then I struck a gut-punch.


Clarice and the others peek in to see what’s what.

The reply to the letter, in other words, was about the order of the auction.

I had sent a letter to Gilbert through his emissary who came to this mansion.

I told him that there was a good chance that we already had a good amount of mana available to us.

And if we go to the auction for the mansion with the price of the relics sold at the auction on top of that….

Whoever wins the final bid will be bidding for a higher price.

That way, the mansion might sell for a higher price.

After writing a series of stories about this, I negotiated with him to have the three relics I was going auction in the order before the auction of the mansion.

Sir Warren’s reply to my letter was something like, “The auction order has been taken care of. Buy them at a higher price at best.”

Incidentally, with the other main request, “I will prepare 6 million mana, so please withdraw the house from the auction,” was completely ignored.

The competition was fiercer than expected, knowing that he was likely expecting to fetch a higher price at the auction.

Incidentally, I didn’t want Jimmy to know about our move, so I wrote about it in passing.

And it went through to him.

If Gilbert Warren wants to sell this mansion for more money, he is right to tell Jimmy Radiak about our moves…

However, according to Gandra, those two families don’t get along very well. Or rather, the Radiak family, which has made its fortune in the ***** trade over the past few years, is disliked by the old aristocrats.

That is probably why Jimmy is enjoying the idea of playing with Mitra and Clarice, who have the blood of the Warrens, a family of great nobility.

At any rate, this seemed to be the way to go about the order of the auction.

We had now passed another hurdle.


All we have to do now is just to save mana by doing our business until the day of the event.

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