Chapter 102 – Mistria Theater

Chapter 102 – Mistria Theater

Preparations for the theater went smoothly.

Well, “theater” is just the name.

It is nothing more than a simple stand set up in an open-air garden with chairs and desks around it.

“It’s got a decent shape.”

With standing room only, it looked like it would be able to accommodate well over 100 people.

Once again, I thought, this mansion has quite a large site.

“That area is still empty, though. Do you want to put something there?”

Burgess asked.

“I’m thinking of putting a barbecues and a liquor and beverage store in that area. If we can sell those along with the theater admission, it will be a good revenue source. Also, over there, near the doorway, is a store that sells Mitra dolls.”

“I see, so it’s all been well calculated.”

No, it’s all pretty random, actually.

Theater design, for example.

Of course, I’ve never done this before.

I’ve only been to the theater a few times.

And even on those few visits. Most of the time it was just me wandering around outside waiting for the show to end while Ryan and his friends were enjoying the theater and singing.

But thanks to that…

I well remembered that there were several souvenir stores, food stalls, and doll stores around the theater in Capital.

That’s how I came up with the idea for this project.

You never know what will come in handy in life.


And we, with our simple, but theatrical appearance.

Around 3:00 p.m., we moved to the wagon square and began our usual business.

The two stores were “Kodris Herb Baked” and “Relics & Medicinal Herbs.”

“Here, four grilled kodris and two moo-moo’s please!”

Burgess shouts with a lively voice to let Clarice know that the baked goods are ready to be baked.

Clarice looks at Burgess with a slight pout on her face.

“Hm? What?”

“No, no… It’s nothing!”

As it was. The two continue with business as usual.

“It’s too frustrating…”

I know.

Me and Loloi.

From the relic wagon, we were watching them with a slightly bewildered mind.


And two days later.

The final meeting with Amaranthia was over, and the theater was finally ready to open.

“The Mistria Theater opens today.”

“We have two performances scheduled, one at 7pm and one at 8pm! Please come!”

We made such calls in kodris barbecue stall and relic stall whenever we had customers coming in.

In addition, we gave a brief tour of the location of Mitra’s mansion to any customer who seemed even remotely interested.

The merchants around, “Albus started something again, didn’t he?” and were listening to the conversation with interest.

Incidentally, Mitra came up with the name “Mistria” for the theater.

When I asked her about it, Mitra was quite troubled at first… but eventually she came up with the name, and it was unanimously decided upon.

It is a mixture of the names of Mitra, Clarice and myself, Albus.


And 19:00.

There were 10 guests gathered for the first performance.


Frankly, it’s less than I expected.

Or rather, it is not made up.

For comparison, there are more people when Amaranthia sings on the street.

“Not many people showed up the first time…”

Well, there’s no point in blabbering.

It’s good that people came.

Maybe we didn’t call out enough to attract visitors.


The original idea was to make a little extra money after hours at the wagon square…

If it is too unprofitable and too much work, we will have to rethink a lot of things.


“Ladies and Gentlemen. Thank you very much for being here today.”

I said as I walked up to the simple wooden platform and bowed reverently before saying so.

It seems that the only theater facilities in the fortified city of Kilket are located in the inner gate, the residential district of the nobility.

If that is the case, ordinary residents must feel that it is “something for the nobility to enjoy”.

If so, I dared to try to create an aristocratic, reverent atmosphere.

“Today’s singer is Amaranthia. To the west is the village of the elves beyond the great cliffs of Biriola. Far to the east, to the magical city of Amarvia on the central continent. She is a wandering minstrel who has walked through many cities. Amaranthia, the “Rainbow Singer,” a diva who plays many roles and has ten different voices.”

I said a few words that I had just thought of at random.

Amaranthia quietly appeared on the stage with an air as if everything was true.

She bowed reverently to the audience.

“Gentlemen, it is my honor to meet you for the first time. I am Amaranthia, and I’m pleased to introduce myself to you. I’m the ‘Rainbow Singer,’ …… going to sing for you right away.”

With these words, Amaranthia began to sing.

The program was “Princess of the Cliff” as we had discussed.

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