Chapter 106 – Results of Handicrafts

Chapter 106 – Results of Handicrafts

The next day, I immediately asked Mitra to make wooden dolls of a “Hero,” a “Magician,” and a “luggage handler”.

I thought it would take several days to make them. I was quite surprised to find that 10 x 3 types of wooden dolls were ready that evening.

This time, I asked for specifications that the workmanship did not have to be that high quality, and that they looked a little deformed…

But the actual product was still quite superior.

Thirty such pieces.

It is impossible for an ordinary craftsman to make 30 such pieces in half a day.

I asked how in the world the blind Mitra was able to pull off such a divine feat.

She said, “I use wind magic to hew the wood.”

She said.

The wind magic I know is the most violent, eclipsing and eating away at all other basic magic.

The remote wind attack that Loloi had unleashed earlier, which went off, gouging out the ground and buildings around it, is exactly what I imagine it to be like.

I have never heard of wind magic being used in the making of delicate wooden puppet works.

I asked her to show me how she did it, but Mitra said she couldn’t do it.

“It’s a secret technique my mother taught me.”

I see.

Then it’s not something I have to force.

“Aren’t you tired from overuse of magic?”

“Somewhat…. But Amaranthia-sama sang very well, and as I listened to her, my imagination began to grow and grow. So, I, too, felt compelled to give shape to my newly swollen image of a wooden doll.”

And then Mitra turned to me again.

“I had thought it was impossible, that my handicrafts were worthless….”

“Oh, I told you they’d sell just fine, didn’t I?”

“Yes…. You really do what you say, don’t you, Mr. Albus?


Honestly, I was pretty cynical too. But after it went well, it doesn’t matter anymore.

“Still, I find it hard to believe.”

Saying this, Mitra turned her head down and kept her face turned to her palms, which were open upward.


Mitra, who had never heard a song other than “Princess of the Cliff,” also liked last night’s anecdote about a hero very much.

“Many people prefer powerful Hero and Magician. I, on the other hand, was moved by the fact that the luggage bearer, who could not fight, was still desperately trying to do his best for the party.”

When I looked at the dolls again, I felt that the “baggage handler” was the most elaborately made.

“Even in the party of the hero, which is said to have gathered the strongest fighting members, there was a person who could not fight like that. The fact that he also fulfilled his role for the sake of his friends made me think that he was a beacon of hope for people like me.”

It was kind of embarrassing.

That is probably because Amaranthia sang so well in that area.

The real thing is ‘useless’ and I’ve been expelled from the party since then.

I thanked Mitra again, stored the 30 dolls in my own warehouse, and left the room.

Based on my perception on the warehouse:

The Doll of Ryan the Hero x 10

10 Dolls of Ruschfeld the Black-Iron Magician

Doll of Albus the baggage handler x 10

The three items were added to my warehouse inventory.


And the Mistria Theater remained full every day after that.

We were busy every day, adding more or less seats to accommodate the number of customers, helping the busiest restaurants by the hour, and so on.

Amaranthia’s performances were not limited to “The Princess of the Cliff” and “The Tale of Ryan the Hero Defeated the Wind-Demon Dragon,” but varied from day to day.

And Mitra always listened to them quietly around the entrance of the mansion.

These days, it seems that Shinri has been accompanying her as well.

The variety of Mitra dolls increases with each passing day, and quite a few are sold each day.

Both Clarice and Mitra herself were astonished by this.

The wooden dolls that Clarice had tried to sell on the side of the road before had gone unnoticed. Despite the higher price, the dolls were selling like hotcakes.

My theatrical trick had done exactly what I had hoped it would do.

Although they seemed to have accumulated a lot of fatigue from working double duty day and night. There were no complaints from anyone, and they worked very hard.

And Burgess, too.

Burgess seemed to be managing his stamina as well, talking to Clarice and Loloi.

Since he was the elder member of the original fighting party. It seemed that Burgess would have no problem managing the physical fitness of the members on site.

Loloi’s skill stamina was off the charts low, but she had a crazy amount of normal physical strength.

Clarice, however, is not that physically fit to begin with, so it looks like she’s in for a tough time.

She is relatively dexterous and seemed to be able to control the amount of force she exerted while spinning the wheel, but it seemed that the long-term battle in the customer business, which she was not accustomed to, was wearing her down a bit.

Loloi and Burgess are covering Clarice’s work while she is working on various tasks.

Everyone was feeling a sense of fatigue that was gradually accumulating. Looking at the mana increasing day by day, we felt our anticipation for the auction growing.

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