Chapter 107 – Sir Gilbert Warren

Chapter 107 – Sir Gilbert Warren

Then one day.

With less than half a month left until the auction.

In the second performance of the day, a person with a slightly different coat color was mixed in.

At first glance, he was dressed like a townsman.

But the fabric is so good that you can see it even in the dim light.

Moreover, two elderly men are following around the left and right sides.

So they think they are dressed as townspeople, huh?

Or did they mean to provoke me with “You get the point, don’t you?”

After the second performance, the man who approached Amaranthia and me as we stepped off the stage was…

He identified himself as Gilbert Warren.

“I see you’re doing your own thing on the grounds of someone’s mansion.”

The big man looked down at me and Amaranthia.

If it were only his physique, he would be as big as Burgess.

Intimidating eyes.

Mouth slightly pouty and slightly open in a foolish way.

“I’m the one setting this up. If you want to talk, I’ll listen.”

I said that and tried to get Amaranthia to back off…

“Oh, please calm, that was just a lighthearted greeting. That’s not what we’re here for. I’m here today to talk to your bard.”

Gilbert Warren responded.

“What do you mean?”

I asked, and the valet stepped forward.

I will explain the details to you.

According to the story.

Recently, a rumor had begun to spread among the nobles about a talented minstrel performing in the western district and a theater-like company that was apparently making great sales by having the minstrel perform there.

“There was talk of imposing an immediate tax, or even of shutting down such theaters. They had looked into it, and they found that it was to be held in the Warren family’s detached house.”

Gilbert Warren said.


It seems that he had come to take a peek at the bard, who was the talk of the town among the nobles.

“It was hard to believe a noble himself had come to meet that bard.”

I was unintentionally sarcastic.

Sir Warren did not care about my sarcasm. He continued to speak to Amaranthia.

“Which buyer buys a product without even seeing the item?”


Sir Warren did not immediately answer Amaranthia’s question.

Instead, the elderly woman next to him offered Amaranthia a sealed envelope with some ornate decoration.

“This is an official request from the headquarters of the Kilket Auction. Gilbert-sama was to give it to you after he has seen it with his own eyes.”

“May I look inside now?”

“Of course.”

The valet nodded.

Then, Amaranthia’s eyes widened as she checked the contents.

“Amaranthia the Rainbow Singer. I would like to request you to perform at our central auction in Kirket.”

Lord Warren speaks grandly.

“Actually, we have a vacancy from where we had planned…”

“Yes… I respectfully accept your offer.”

And Amaranthia answers immediately.

“It is a great honor for me to have the renowned Sir Warren himself come out to meet with me.”

Amaranthia then bowed reverently.

This theater was held.

It boosted Amaranthia’s profile as a bard and even led to Amaranthia’s original goal of participating in the central auction.

Perhaps Amaranthia accepted my offer with that intention from the beginning.

Then Sir Warren turned to me.

“Albus… isn’t it?”


“Are you seriously going to buy this place?”

“Of course…”

“I took care of the order of the auctions. You’ll just have to keep on struggling. For me, it’s best to get as much mana as possible.”

With these words, Gilbert Warren left with his valet.

As for Mitra, who was at the entrance to the mansion, and Clarice, who passed her on her way to the entrance…

Sir Warren did not call out to them, but only gave them a glance.

“Not even a word to his own sisters?”

My words were.

“Gilbert-sama has five other siblings.”

The words were drowned out by the unintelligible words of the valet.

And we are.

Finally, the day of the auction comes.

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