Chapter 111 – Kilket Auction (4)

Chapter 111 – Kilket Auction (4)

“Once upon a time, in a land far to the north, there was a merchant named Grill.”

Amaranthia sings a poem about the peddling of Grill, a great merchant.


The moment I heard the beginning of that poem, I was already beginning to cry.

That she would sing this poem at this moment, when I am about to sell Grill’s letter and jewelry…

It’s nothing but support for me, no matter how you look at it.

I don’t know what kind of a trick they used. They even turned off the lights in the auction hall and interrupted the auction in the middle of it.

The nobles and merchants, who had been a little buzzed, had no choice but to start listening to the poetry that had already begun.

“After successfully completing the treasure hunt for the ancient ruins, Grill obtained a ship and set out for the land far to the south. After a great voyage, he arrives at the land of the elves in the far south…”

Amaranthia then explained the process up to chapter 4 of the peddling expedition in a digest at a glance.

Amaranthia’s program, which began in this vein, was without a doubt “The Great Merchant Grill’s Peddling, Chapter 5: Princess of the Land of the Sun.”

The main character, Grill, have an affairs with a woman who already has a husband, and because the partner is an elf, it is a chapter that is often skipped in Grill’s peddling.

Therefore, it is not very well known.

Nor are the nobles.

Judging from the excitement of the auction that just took place, most of them probably did not even know about it.

“After a great voyage, Grill arrives in the land of the elves at the end of the south, where he falls in love with an elf princess called the “Princess of the Land of the Sun”.”

They are a traveler and a princess, but they end up having a relationship.

It seems that even at that time, the act was considered a marriage.

“But the Elven princess already had a first husband. The Right minister of the Elven lands.”

The next king, the Minister of the Right, scolds the princess for falling in love with a traveler.

The princess’s feelings then turn even more toward Grill.

And the princess wishes to travel with Grill.

But then the king of the elves dies of illness.

The great army of the Dwarves, the natural enemy of the Elves, learned of this and began to march on the Elven kingdom.

The dwarves with a horde of black magical beasts laid waste to the elven kingdom.

Then, to protect the kingdom and the princess, Grill’s group confronts the dwarves.

And the right minister of the elves, too, to protect his kingdom and his beloved princess. He asks for help from the Grill as if there is no conflict, and he himself risks his life to fight the Dwarves.

After a gripping battle scene, probably added by Amaranthia, the elves and Grill finally defeated the dwarves’ army.

Grill then decides to stand down.

A traveler like himself is unworthy of the great role of defending the country. And…

Then, Grill is asked by the new queen, the princess, and the new king, the Minister of the Right, to remain in that kingdom. He refuses and sets out on his journey again.

He gives the princess all the jewels and precious ornaments he has.

He leaves the princess a letter filled with gratitude for her one-night stand…

“The kingdom of the elves where there is no night. Above her head shines the sun that never sets. With its inexhaustible radiance and the bracelet of broken magic left by Grill, the Kingdom of the Elves will prosper for many years to come.”

The song ended, Amaranthia bowed, and then the lights came back on.

Then, for a few moments, the place was silent.

But soon…

The venue was filled with thunderous applause.


When that applause calmed down a bit.


I wiped my tears and stood up..

This chance that Amaranthia made for me…

I’m not going to let it go to waste.

“The “Sun that never sets” in this poem is the Omega Sun, the inexhaustible sun shining at the lowest level of the earth ruins!”

I shouted out.

The nobles’ seats began to get noisy again.

The nobles were once again in the seats, and the crowd began to make noises.

“The jewelry we see here must have been a gift from Grill to the Princess of the Land of the Sun!””

The murmur grows louder.

“The legend of the great merchant Grill has been passed down through the ages since time immemorial. Jewelry that has left its mark on the legend of the great merchant Grill. The bracelets of the demon-breaker that wards off darkness, as sung in folklore. And the letter of the great merchant Grill, which proves the unparalleled value of all these items!”

And there I pause for breath.

The nobles and merchants quieted down for a moment.

“Are you sure, …… gentlemen, that you are willing to such a supreme treasure. Letting it go unclaimed and uncontested…?”

I said, before I could finish.

“Three million mana!”

I heard a voice say.

“Uh, three million mana, Lord Asrina No. 52…”

“3.5 million mana!”

“3.8 million mana!”

“4.3 million mana!”


The nobles compete at such a high pace that the auctioneer is not even able to read out their names in time.

“Five million mana.”

“Five million manna from Sir Warren on line one.”

“5.2 million manna!”

“5.3 million mana!”

“5.6 million mana!”

“Sir Warren, 5.6 million mana this time.”

Sir Warren lifts his forehead without pause in response to the bidding.

“Six million manna!”

“Six and a quarter million mana!”

“6.8 million mana!”

The other nobles were also incandescent.

The foreheads were hanging up at a tremendous rate.

“7.2 million!”

“Seven and a half million mana!”

And it ran all the way up to an amount I had not expected.

It was now more than double my estimate.

“7.7 million mana!”

“7.9 million mana!”

From there, it hangs even higher.

And then…

“Ten million mana.”

When Sir Warren offered an even higher amount, everyone fell silent.

“Ten million mana from Sir Warren. Is there anything else?”

The auction room was a bit noisy.

Some were heard asking the squire about their own family’s financial situation.

“Is there any?”

When the auctioneer confirmed this again, the hall fell silent again.

And then…

“So…then, Merchant Albus’ exhibit, ‘The Letters of Grand Merchant Grill and the Jewelry presented by Grill to his wife Sally,’ was sold by Sir Warren, bidder number one, for 10 million mana! Congratulations.”

The applause began to sound, and soon became a loud wave.

Amidst such a huge ovation.

Amaranthia was about to go down to the side of the stage with a small smile on her face.

To such Amaranthia.

I put my hand on my chest and bowed deeply, deeply.

Tears were about to spill over again.

But not yet.

It’s not over yet.

Now I have 13,937,000 mana on hand.

“Now I can fight again.”

Excited and nervous, I had been thirsty ever since earlier.

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