Chapter 117 – Victory Banquet

Chapter 117 – Victory Banquet

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Then, on the morning of the day after the auction.

The merchants who had stayed at the inn attached to the venue woke up and began to talk noisily.

Apparently, there had been a skirmish between the west and east gates last night, possibly between the “Black Wings,” a band of thieves. However, both were suppressed by the gate guards and neighborhood watch.

And news was circulating that more than 20 bandits had been captured along the way.

I continued to hear more details from the soldiers and neighborhood watchs, and was relieved to hear that the captured bandits were human.

In addition to that, it was also confirmed that there were ***** elves running loose in public facilities and in mansions around the country, but none of them were lost besides the slaves.

As for that emancipation of slaves.

It seemed to be thought that it was the work of another band of thieves, as their methods were completely different from the forceful “black wings” of the past.

Among merchants who knew the old times.

They were active 30 years ago in western continent. Rumors of the return of the “White Fangs,” a band of slave-liberating bandits, seemed to be circulating around.


Anyway, it’s side info I guess.

Jimmy Radiak, whose main source of income was from the ***** trade of elves, purchased eight ***** elves from a dark-skinned female ***** trader just before the auction, and was going to pass them on to other nobles after the auction. All of them ran away and caused considerable damage, he said.

And that is it. The decrease in the number of ***** elves in circulation dealt a crushing blow to the Radiak family, which was already in dire financial straits. After that, Jimmy Radiak lost his position.

Jimmy bought the house and planned to open an illegal brothel in the house, which was conveniently located in the central district where it was difficult to be monitored by other aristocrats and had many rooms.

This was due to the fact that his main business, the ***** trade, was on the verge of collapse.

The initial investment, future plans, and everything about the business plan was a mess.

And the fact that the funds for the auction were borrowed in advance from the nobles to pay for the ***** elves who had not yet been delivered to them. It can be seen that the Radiak family was making ends meet in a very difficult economic situation.

Even if they had actually started running the brothel, it would probably have gone bankrupt at some point.

I did hear some gossip about that later, but…

It seriously didn’t matter anymore to me.


And I got the “Deed of Title to Lots 12-26 of Kilket West District 1” and the “Holy Fist Aluminas” payout.

Wow, that mansion.

I knew it was pretty big, but…

It was a plot of land equivalent to 15 surrounding houses?

I didn’t think it was that big because some of the yard was wooded and a little secluded.

…No wonder the price is so high.

By the way, no refund mana.

Gilbert Warren was smiling with satisfaction when he saw that my refunded mana was really zero.

“Are you leaving already?”

Gilbert asked me as I was heading back to the West District after my refund.

As I had done when I visited the villa one day, he was accompanied by an elderly companion on either side of him.

“Ah. I must return home as soon as possible and tell them that I got what I wanted.”

I was also wondering what Shinri was up to, since I could not fully believe Amaranthia’s words last night, as I expected.

I asked Gilbert, “Wasn’t there a ***** elf named Shinri in your mansion?”

He replied, “There are no ***** elves in the Warren family.” (Gilbert)

“Instead, I ask you, is it true that the messenger to whom I entrusted the sealed letter said in front of your mansion that ‘a letter was received by what appeared to be a servant ***** elf’?” (Gilbert)

“Well, I think he must had seen it wrong. There are no ‘slave elves’ in that mansion either.” (Albus)

Instead, there were ‘bandit elves’, though.

…And two of them.

Gilbert muttered, “I see,” and left.

After all.

There was no such person as the Warren family’s ***** elf ‘Shinry’.

She was undoubtedly a member of a band of thieves.

And Amaranthia, the bard, had also disappeared. She had disappeared, but it seemed that no one would go around to check the presence or absence of anyone at the auction, where several hundred people were gathered.

Even in this central district of Kilket, which is extremely strict against intrusion. It seems that once you enter, you can move around freely to some extent.

I just had to return the entry permit to them by blending in with my stuff, and that’s it.

The “black wing” that Amaranthia and the others mentioned in their conversation was also said to be lurking inside the gate. It must have entered the gate in some way and remained there for a long time.

And last night, they went to open the gate from the inside to bring in the many others outside.

They failed and were captured along with the others outside though.

The fact that it is not mentioned in the report probably means that Amaranthia and the other “White Fangs” and the freed ***** elves were able to escape out of the gate in the chaos.


I had to go through the transfer of ownership process and whatnot. It was late afternoon when I returned to the mansion.

I mean, as Gilbert said, that place wasn’t the “Warren family’s detached house” anymore.

I now have official ownership of the mansion, which is registered at the Central House of Nobles in Kilket.

The title deed is simply a copy of it.

Later, I have to proceed with the procedure to make the mansion part jointly owned with Mitra.

Otherwise, Clarice and Mitra will never feel secure.

Of course. I was going to continue running the theater with the garden as my own, with even more appearances.

Although I have been forced to change course in that area because of the huge miscalculation of losing Amaranthia’s best diva…

With the Mistria Theater, which has already acquired a considerable amount of publicity, there are a lot of moves that can be made.

“We’ll be busy again…”

When I returned to the mansion, Loloi, Clarice, and Burgess were waiting numbly at the gate.

I couldn’t see Mitra.

I was relieved to hear that she was resting in her room.

Then, I took the land title out of storage and showed it to everyone who promptly asked me about the results.

When Clarice saw it, she broke down and began to weep.

“As expected of Albus!”

And Loloi, smiling, for some reason, rubbed up against me.

“What’s it?”

“Loloi is Albus’s bodyguard, so she missed to escort you for.” the whole day. She wants to be with you as long as possible

“What’s that?”

Is that what this is about?



Burgess put his fist on my chest without saying a word.

I know exactly what he means.

“You’re the one who got me fired up to do this. I’ve done it.”

“Yeah. You’re the man I thought you were.”

I don’t know how long Burgess had been expecting me, but I didn’t feel bad at all.


Then it was all a mess.

“Let’s celebrate!”

Clarice said, and ran to the liquor store. She bought a lot of alcohol and food, and started to bang away in the middle of the day.

Clarice is already an adult, so she has no problem with alcohol, but…

“Hey, hey, hey… can you drink?”

“I can drink! There’s no way I can’t drink!”

With that said, he started offering drinks to Burgess and Loloi as well.

Burgess, but please not Loloi…. No, she’s an adult, so it’s fine.

In the midst of all this hustle and bustle, Mitra was sitting quietly, picking at the snacks I had prepared for her.

The way she was looking at me, nothing really seemed to have changed so far.

Is Mitra pleased with me this time?

Perhaps it was the blindfold covering her eyes. As usual, she was a woman who I didn’t know what she was thinking.

“But both Amaranthia and Shinry are cold, aren’t they? Amaranthia seemed to have greeted Albus only. Shinri just wrote a single letter and said, ‘Bye-bye’.”

Clarice grumbled.

Sinry was in her room this morning (……, probably last night).

‘I’ve finished my business and I’m leaving. I hope everything goes well with your mansion.’

The letter began with such an opening line, and it was said to be a letter of gratitude to everyone.

If Shinry was really a ***** of the Warren family sent to clean the mansion, the letter raises questions both in terms of timing and content.

None of the four seemed to question it too much.

I wondered if they simply thought that she had returned to the main house because she had done their job of cleaning up before the auction.

The fact that they don’t suspect people too much is a good thing, but it’s also a bad thing, isn’t it?

Or is it just because I am the one who has been told of Shinri’s true identity that I feel that way?

I myself didn’t suspect Shinriy at all until last night.

I have no right to say anything about the Burgesses.

As for Amaranthia.

I told them that she was a bandit and that she had already left the city.

“Well, I guess we all have our own circumstances.”

Burgess said, and he chided Clarice, who was complaining.

“What’s going on? What do you mean by circumstances? I can’t understand it unless you tell me!”

Clarice’s tone of voice has become quite broken before she knows it.

It seems that she is already very drunk.

“By the way, Burgess. When are you going to marry me?”

“Cough-cough! Weell, that’s, well…. We need to get to know each other better a little…”

“You and I have known each other for almost a year now!”

“No, you see, at first I thought you were a guy…”

“How long are you making me wait for you, you bastard?”

Clarice, her speech becoming a little unsteady, chases Burgess down.

“Now! Clarice! Tonight is the night crawl!”

Loloi, who is so excited, seems to be drunk as well.

“No, Clarice! You can’t just go out on a limb like that.”

“Shut up! I’m going to use my Ironclad!”

Then she suddenly strengthened her fist with her skill and punched Burgess.


“I ain’t gonna do it again!”

Clarice turned her back on the fainting Burgess and turned to me.

Oh no.

I’m the target now.

Clarice’s eyes are completely fixed on me.

I knew that Loloi had taught her that. When did you master the ironclad skill?

“So, what’s Albus going to do after this?”

She asked me that while holding Burgess aside.

Surprisingly, the content was normal, but Clarice had already been drinking quite a bit.

If I got the answer wrong, I don’t know what she would do to me.

“That’s right…”

Assuming that the ownership of the mansion would be partially shared with Mitra, how should we revive the theater?

Since Amaranthia, the best diva, had left, it was imperative to find a replacement singer.

Since other merchants were likely to follow suit, we would also need to come up with various other tricks to attract more customers.

As I was thinking about this and trying to come up with a solution…

“Why don’t just marry my sister, Albus?”

Suddenly Clarice said something like that.

“Why should I do that?”

Clarice said suddenly, “Why should you do that? I would feel so much safer if that were to happen.”

“…… you should also think about how Mitra feels.”

There’s no need to go to the trouble of getting married.

When I said that, Clarice got a little teary again.

“Albus is a really nice guy.”

I was so impressed by our exchange.

Mitra was listening attentively with an attitude that was as emotionally unreadable as ever.

After that, Clarice got even drunker and got even more involved with Burgess.

Finally, she collapsed to the floor and fell asleep.

“You’ve had too much to drink. Tomorrow will be tough.”

I said.

Burgess sighed and lifted Clarice’s body up.

“Well, at least we’ll all get some rest tomorrow…. Anyway, I’m going to take her to her room.”

With that, he walked away with Clarice in his arms.

Just before he picked her up, I thought I saw Clarice open her eyes. It was probably not my imagination.

She was drunk, but she was a pretty good tactician.

“Clarice fight!”

Loloi, who seemed to have noticed it as much as I did.

After the two of them disappeared from sight, Loloi was shouting such a call.

By the way, when I asked her about it the next morning, she said nothing had happened after all…

“Loloi, too. I’m tired today, so I’m going to bed. Albus! Mitra! Good night, see you tomorrow!”

And Loloi left.

Only Mitra and I were left in the dining room.


I mean…

I guess I’ll just have to clean up this mess of a banquet.

I’m pretty much knackered myself, though.

As if in reaction to the cut-backs of the past few months, everyone was eating and drinking as much as they wanted today.

Starting tomorrow, I have to start saving up my mana again.

I’ve sold most of my relics, and Amaranthia is gone.

So all I have left for sure now is the medicinal herbs of Arcana, the herb roast of Kodris, and the moo roast, this sprawling mansion and theater, and the wooden dolls of Mitra.


Surprisingly, there was plenty of material.

Compared to a year ago, when I had only one body and 50,000 mana, I had grown tremendously as a merchant.

I feel that if I put my mind to it for the next year, I could earn about 20 million mana.

For now, we need to find a singer to replace Amaranthia.

However, now that there are no more relics left to sell, Loloi will probably want to go on a treasure hunt for the next ruins.

I’m thinking about how to respond to that.

Once the theater was back on track, I felt that it would be better to use the house and Kilket as a base while peddling across the western continent.

Yak village and Mort town in the west, Poppo town in the north, South Milia town in the south, and the port town of St. Bart’s in the east. And the port town of St. Bart’s in the east.

Ancient ruins are scattered here and there along the way.

With Loloi’s appraisal skills and my huge warehouse, there is a high possibility that exploring ruins as a treasure hunter will be a very efficient way to earn money in the future.

And about peddling.

There are medicinal herbs in Yak Village and moo moo in Molt Town. And Poppo Village and South Milia have their own specialties.

With my “warehouse,” which has a larger capacity than regular people, I will be able to transport goods much more efficiently than other peddlers, as I did with the moo moo burning.

And the port town of St. Bart’s is a trading center with the central continent.

Specialty goods obtained in Poppo Village, South Milia, Yak Village, etc., should probably be sold to the central continent in St. Bart’s.

If we can handle directly and in large quantities the commercial goods of Poppo Village and South Milia, which would normally go through this citadel city of Kilket once. That could be my own unique peddling style that others cannot imitate.

Thanks to the sale of relics at the banquet hall, I already had about 600,000 mana available for peddling.

This will be further increased while we get the theater back on track.

If possible, we would like to have 1.5 to 2 million mana as a source of funds.

I think we can expect this to happen in one to three months.


As I was cleaning up after the banquet while thinking about such business matters, I was suddenly approached by Mitra.

“What is it? Mitra.”

…I had completely forgotten you were there.

“Please come to my room later.”

“At this late hour of the night?”


Mitra got up and left without saying anything more.

As usual.

I really don’t know what she is thinking.

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