Chapter 118 – Did you think I kind of guy?

Chapter 118 – Did you think I kind of guy?

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I was called to Mitra’s room after we had cleaned up after the banquet hall.

It was not filled with dolls as it had been sometime before, but only ten wooden dolls that she had just made, lined up on a desk.

I’d sold almost all of them myself over the past two months.

The rest of them are still in my warehouse, too.

“Mitra… what is it?””

I asked, numb to Mitra’s silence.

“You do understand, don’t you?

“Understand what?”


Right in front of my quizzical eyes.

Mitra suddenly. One by one she took off her clothes.

“Wait, wait, wait…”

“Albus-sama, you have been intending to do this from the beginning, haven’t you?”


Transparent white skin.

I couldn’t help but look away.

Mitra slowly walks up to me, perhaps taking my silence as an affirmation.

“Thanks to you, Albus, I can continue to live here. And now Clarice can live as she pleases without any worries. All of this is thanks to Albus.”

“Surely, if you marry me here, I really won’t have to worry about it anymore.”

The mansion is now mine.

So I guess Mitra wants it to be her own in a more proper way.

In addition, she would like to have a servant whom she can ask to buy things for her.

“Thank you very much.”

Saying this, Mitra came even closer.

Even though I was looking away, I could not help but see her white skin.

“Are you serious?”

Yes, I’m serious. Come on, Albus. Please …… do as you please.”

Arcana’s face kinda came to mind…

Then it was scratched away.

That’s not the same thing.

That’s not what this is about.


“Did you think I was going to say that……?”


Yes, this is a completely different case with Arcana.

It is not about marriage.

I’m talking about my pride and joy.

“Get dressed, Mitra.”

I said and turned around.

“I own the mansion, and if you want it, you’ll have to marry me. Did you really think I would do such a thing as buying a human with mana?”

If I did that, it would be no different than how Jimmy Radiak does it.

I had no intention of doing that from the beginning.

The only reason I’ve made it this far is…

Only because I wanted to live up to the expectations of Burgess, Clarice and Loloi.

And because the theater business in the mansion was becoming a form that would lead me to further success as a merchant. I was able to bite on such a high price.

“Albus-sama is probably right. I thought that when you bought the house, you would play with me like a slave,……. I thought that’s what you was going to do, no matter what you said.”


Did Mitra think I was that kind of guy!??

“And I thought it was fine with me, too, because you have done so much for me. I think you have the right to do so. In fact, I would give you as much of my body as you want.”

And with that, Mitra will have her own peace and Clarice will have her freedom.

Not bad terms for a negotiation.

And perhaps, “I thought I would do that” is not correct.

To be correct, Mitra herself “thought that he should be.”

“That’s not the way it should be. I’m not going to do that.”

Indeed. I almost fell for it a moment earlier, but I was able to endure it properly!

Mitra remained prone, still not quite sure what she was thinking.

“Tomorrow, we’ll go through the formalities to make this mansion jointly owned. The first thing to do is to make sure that the garden is still mine. However, the garden will remain my property.”


“If you understand, get dressed quickly.”

Ever since a moment ago, I’ve been having trouble keeping my eyes open.

If I’m not careful, I feel like my sane will go away again.

My instinctive lower body had already begun to assert itself in various ways.

I was glad Mitra couldn’t see that.


Without saying anything more, Mitra groped through the clothes scattered on the floor and began to put them on in turn.


I don’t really understand Master Albus.

After putting on all the clothes again, Mitra started to say such a thing.

“Yeah, I still have no idea what Mitra is thinking either.”

Perhaps there is a sense of resignation at the heart of Mitra. She treats herself like an object and thinks that she deserves to be played with by me, the person who bought the mansion, because she has given up on everything.

But why is Mitra in such deep resignation? I couldn’t figure it out.

I don’t know how much of a burden being blind and having to rely on others to survive puts on the mind…and I don’t know how much of a burden it is on me.

I don’t know.

Well, that’s how it is with strangers.

It is not easy to truly understand someone who is in a completely different situation. Or perhaps it is impossible.

That’s why I don’t understand Mitra.

And I’m fine with that, separately.

It is not necessary to understand everything about the person you are involved with.

“Albus-sama…. You really do execute everything you say, even the things you say casually and properly.”

“You praise me too much. It’s not case at all.”

“I did not believe you that night when you said that the slaves were people. Perhaps it was just hypocrisy on your part…. When you actually have power and there is someone in front of you whom you are willing to treat as such, you would not bother to treat them as human beings…”

Was I being tested by Mitra now?



No, it’s not.

Mitra was serious about the thought of me enslaving her.

That I would do so, or something like that, was probably just an excuse.

Mitra herself thought it was the best choice for herself and Clarice to accept it, along with the thought that “I should do it.”

When I told her that I was going to buy the mansion.

For Mitra, it was just that Jimmy Radiak had been replaced by me. She probably thought that nothing had changed in terms of what she had to do.

“As I promised earlier. Tomorrow, I will go with everyone to the House of Nobles’ sub-branch to proceed with the formalities regarding the ownership of this mansion.”

I promised again and stood up.


Mitra’s voice seemed to contain a faint hint of confusion.

Perhaps it never occurred to her that I would refuse to humiliate Mitra and promise joint ownership of the mansion without asking for anything in return.

Or perhaps it was out of fear that I had nothing to offer in return…

But I never really intended to ask for anything in return.

The wooden dolls of Mitra are wonderful. They are already an integral part of the Mistria Theater’s bottom line. So, in lieu of the mansion thing, I’d like you to let me continue to sell them exclusively to me.

In other words, an “exclusive contract.

Mitra’s doll sales are currently around 60,000 mana per month.

If we increase the variety of dolls, increase the number of performances, and extend the hours of sale. If we increase the number of performances and extend the sales hours, we expect to be able to continue to sell up to 120,000 mana per month.

The speed of production is also sufficient to make it viable, as there is still plenty of time to spare.

If I can keep it as my own product for a long time to come, this is a mutually beneficial business deal.

“That’s not just a little girl’s toy…Mitra should have more confidence in her skills.”


“You got it?”

Finally, say so.

After making sure Mitra gave a small nod, I left the room.

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