Chapter 121 – The Alchemist

Chapter 121 – The Alchemist

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The next morning I wake up.

Mitra was sitting on a chair in the room, fiddling with a wooden doll.

She was already properly dressed, as she usually is when we meet her to stock up on dolls.

“Good morning, Mitra.”

“Good morning, Albus-sama…… honey.”

“Either one, whichever you prefer to call me.”

“Then I’ll call you whatever suits the occasion.”

That’s a mystery to me.


Although she was not blindfolded, Mitra now looked no different from before.

Well, I guess she has always been like that.

If anything, she is the type of person who is quiet and a little distant from others.

Mitra was stroking the wooden doll of the “baggage handler merchant” as she met my gaze.


“Honey, I have one more secret to tell you.”

She said.

“If it’s a secret you don’t feel comfortable telling, I don’t mind if it stays a secret.”

I remember and concerned about Mitra, who was nervous enough to cause hyperventilation last night

“No, I have already exposed my body and soul…. It’s no big deal.”

Saying this, she stroked her own body, eyelids, chest, lower abdomen, and thighs, in that order.

The gesture reminded me of the many things that happened last night and made me a little nervous, too.

“This is my other secret.”

Saying this, Mitra placed the wooden doll of the “baggage handler” on the desk. With her right hand, she activated her wind magic.

As I recall, Mitra said, “I am cutting the wood with wind magic.”

Does she mean that she is now showing me how she chops wood, which she said she couldn’t show me before?

Mitra’s left hand had a wind magic on it. With her opposite hand, she activated the earth magic.

“Two attributes…”

“I’ve heard that they almost never appear in the human world. According to my mother, if you were an elf skilled in magic, you used to appear in about one out of every several hundred people.”

Saying this, she put her palms together.

The magic of the two attributes combined to form a yellow-green membrane that covered Mitra’s hands.

“It is the ancient magic of the elves. It is a composite magic of wind and earth… of corrosion and wrought metallicity.”

A magical membrane covered Mitra’s hands.

When Mitra stroked the wooden doll of the “baggage handler” with her magic-clad hands, it changed its shape like clay with a crackling sound. The shape of the doll changed like clay, making a crackling sound.

And when Mitra kneaded it, it quickly turned into a square block of wood.


The wood, which should have been solid, was instantly reshaped like clay.

And when Mitra does the same thing again.

The square block of wood made a crackling sound and transformed again into the shape of a doll.

Moreover, just by stroking the still flimsy surface with her fingertips, Mitra was able to draw intricate workmanship and even detailed patterns on it.

The doll, which was completed in a few seconds, was a doll in the shape of me with my face on it.

“So that’s how you made it…”

“My mother told me that users of alchemy in the past could change even metals at will, mixing and kneading them in various ways and transforming them. However, with my own power, I can only change the shape of things at most. I can only manage to shapeshift soft wood, cloth, and even brittle stone with a great deal of effort.”

Saying that.

Mitra used magic to tear off a piece of the wooden desk on which she had placed it and transformed it into a series of wooden dolls.

Finally, she reshaped the desk. The result was a smaller desk and five wooden dolls of “female warriors,” as if they had always been there.

The five dolls that Mitra had made at the moment were the ones I had ordered yesterday.

“Hmmt? It wasn’t much of a secret, was it?”

Mitra smiles at me in surprise.

“Well, honey. Now I have no more secrets from you.

Saying this, Mitra stood up, came up to me and kissed me on the mouth.

Then she smiled a big smile, something I had never seen before.

“I, Mitra, am beyond happy right now. I never dreamed that I would be able to get married with such a feeling of contentment.”


I take back my previous statement.

She was not at all the type to be quiet and distant from people, or ever the same.

Mitra’s openness to me was amazing.

And I found it incredibly cute that Mitra would bury her face in my chest and rub against me innocently like a child.

Without thinking, I was about to grab her hand and take her to the bed.

Suddenly the whole room was enveloped in light.



And when the light went out, a box appeared in the corner of the room, about 50cm x 100cm x 75cm, long and wide, with ornate wooden decorations.


Apparently, we’re now officially considered married.

To Mitra’s astonishment, I explained to her about that box, which is also in Arcana’s house.

Mitra fiddled with that wooden box for a while.

After my explanation, she seemed to understand how it worked right away.

“If there is anything you need on you trip, please let me know and I will do my best to provide it. I will do my best to provide you with everything I can.”

“Don’t overdo it, Mitra ”

Besides, I’m planning to stay here for a while longer.

Basically, I plan to use this as our base of operations.

“No. I, Mitra, just want to do it that way.”

“Then please give me wooden dolls and a letter…”

“A letter, honey?”

“To always think of Mitra, even when traveling.”

When I said that in a cool way, Mitra’s jade-green eyes moistened.

She silently invites me to her bed, and we get on top of each other and share a hot kiss.

The innocent atmosphere of the past has disappeared a little, and Mitra, who has already become a married woman, gives me a glamorous smile that invites me to join her.

After a few dozen seconds of devouring each other’s mouths, we looked at each other, and at that moment, the bell rang for a rematch.

“I’m coming in, sis. Have you seen Albus? He usually comes out two hours before the performance starts, but today he’s nowhere to be found. ……, what… the?”

The two of us hugging each other on the bed.

And look at Mitra, already half undressed.

Clarice froze with a drawn look on her face.

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