Chapter 122 – Blessings and new beginnings

Chapter 122 – Blessings and new beginnings

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After Clarice froze for a moment.

She immediately understood the situation.

“I’m glad. Sis….”

With that, she left the room, her face bright red.

I, too, was so startled that my heart was racing and I was all sorts of shriveled up…

Mitra and I got ready and headed to the dining room.

Mitra, leaving the room, was still blindfolded.

It’s not that she doesn’t trust Loloi and Burgess, apparently.

“We have been living like this ever since we had servants in this house. There is no inconvenience now.”

After all, that is up to Mitra.

I don’t think it’s something I should interfere with.

Incidentally, Clarice did not seem to express any outwardly elvish characteristics.

“She did not seem to have inherited any of our mother’s high magical powers, which are peculiar to elves. I am glad that even she did not become like me.”

Saying this, Mitra covered her jade green eyes again with a thick cloth.


About my marriage to Mitra.

Burgess and Loloi both gave me their blessing.

Then Clarice, who said she was celebrating and started stirring the booze again…

“So, Burgess! When are you going to marry me ……”

And when we all had a great time with that, when it should be a fun rime.

Clarice actually seems desperate by now.

“Burgess, it’s time to make up your mind.”

Somehow, I’ve gone ahead in many ways.

“Don’t mind him for now, Albus, brother-in-law. Leave him alone.”

“Oh… you mean that!”


I’ll have to support my sister-in-law’s love life with all my might, more than ever!

“Burgess! You’d better brace yourself for this!”

“Yea, yeah! That’s right!!”

Loloi and I were cheering.

Burgess keeps making excuses after all.

“I’m really sorry. I’m just not quite ready…”


What on earth is this old man saying?

He’s not kid anymore!

And, as you can imagine, he was slumped with his hands in his head.


In the end, the two don’t quite get together.

Clarice and Burgess still went on quests together, and occasionally Loloi and I joined them for a treasure hunt on the surface of the Earth Ruins.

Kodris baked.

In order to reduce the number of hands involved in selling the product, the company continued to sell its “seasoning” instead of the grilled met.

Moreover, by selling them as souvenirs at the Mistria Theater’s store, the company was making a significant contribution to the theater’s customer base.

The “Kodris baking ingredients” in an elaborate wooden box with a lid produced by Mitra sold quite well as a specialty of the Mistria Theater.

Yes…It was a collaborative product between Arcana and Mitra.

There are six different patterns on the wooden boxes, each representing one of the six magical attributes, and some customers bought more than they needed in order to complete the set.

That’s exactly what I wanted.

Arcana also delivered a second and third version with a different blend, which also sold out one after another.

Although sales themselves decreased somewhat, they were extremely efficient considering the time and manpower required for baking.

Besides, there were still plenty of kodris herb-roasted ingredients in stock.

In a corner of the theater, Loloi, who was back to selling unsold relics again, was smiling and watching.

And then…


“Come on! We’re off to the great ruins of the Temple of Thothoi in the city of the North!”

Loloi’s fist is raised and her voice rings high.

“Sigh! It’s not as much as you’d expect, Loloi, please don’t be disappointed later..”

It’s too exaggerated to call it a great ruins.

To begin with, that place is almost a tourist attraction.

With Loloi in the lead, whose eyes sparkle no matter how many times I say so, our caravan set off for the north.

My objective is to stock up.

It seems that sea beasts often haunt Poppo Village, a fisherman’s village in the northernmost part of the western continent, and their monster materials are processed into various products.

If a skilled craftsman processes the materials, he may be able to add a water attribute skill to the sea beast material.

With the money I had saved, I went to the northern villages to purchase their specialties.

From now on, I will.

I will use the Mistria Theater, which is now on track as a theater facility, as my base and source of funds, and aim for even greater heights as a peddler who handles a variety of goods throughout the western continent.

I leave the mansion with my wife Mitra and the employees of the theater to see me off.

I passed through the outer gates of Kilket with my escorts, Loloi, Clarice, and Burgess.

And I took my first step toward becoming a great merchant.

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