Chapter 124 – Inventory of all assets of Albus

Chapter 124 – Inventory of all assets of Albus

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★ All current Albus property ★

3.3 million mana

[Albus equipment (armor)]
Merchant’s clothes (general)

Ushama x 4

Large inn in Yak Village
Public bathhouse in Yak Village
Yak Village Herb Farm

(The above 3 properties are co-owned with his wife, Archana *Main owner is Archana)

A mansion in the fortified city of Kilket
Mistria Theater
(The above two properties are co-owned with his wife Mitra *Main owner is Albus)

#Warehouse (Main Inventory)
[Equipment for Albus]
Rusty iron rod
Skinning knife *for dismantling monsters
Meat cleaver *for dismantling monsters
Hammer for breaking bones *for dismantling monsters

Merchant’s clothes (high grade)
Ulfes skin light armor
Traveler’s Cloak

#Peddler’s equipment

Cart (with store stand)
Wagons (with cooking stand)

#Support items
Vitality restorative (beginner to advanced level) x many
Magic restorative (beginner to intermediate level) x many

#Monster materials
Low-grade monster meat (Kodris x super large amount, Moo-moo x large amount, Bubby x medium amount)
Low-grade monster bones (Ulfes x large quantity)


Bedding set
A set of cooking utensils
Treasure hunt equipment
Barrels of water (200L) x 4
Empty barrels (200L capacity) x 11

Food, for 4 people x 1 month (vegetables, fruits, beans, grains, wild vegetables, mushrooms)

○Shared warehouse and Albus’ wife’s possessions

[Arcana Inventory].

Set of medicinal herbs from Yak Village (middle to high level)
Various medicinal herb powders from Arcana (intermediate to high level)
Various kinds of Arcana herb pastes (intermediate to advanced level)

Kodris herb roasting ingredients (3 kinds x large quantity each)

[Arcana Possessions (special items)]

“Hair ornament of Emillette the Apothecary (drug preparation, success rate up)”
“Emillette the Medicinal Chemist’s Journal”

[Mitra Inventory]

Various wooden dolls x many
Mitra possessions (special items)

‘Salisha’s hair ornament (enhanced wind attribute magic)’

○Party member’s belongings

[Loloi possessions (special items)]
Holy Fist Aluminous (remote attack, wind/strike)
Grandfather’s Kaiser Knuckle Right (enhanced strength)
Grandfather’s Kaiser Knuckle Left (enhanced fighting defense)

[Burgess’s possessions (special items)]
The Great Sword of the Light Demon Dragon Barge (Enhanced Light Attribute Attack [Large])
Dagger of Kalia (Strengthens fire magic [Medium])
Mana bag of hard skin of Barge the Light Demon Dragon (attribute defense, light [small])

[Clarice’s Possessions (Special Item)]

Saber of workmanship]
Armband of Mitra (Luck Enhancement [Small])
The relics have been mostly cleared out.

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