Chapter 126 – Monster on Popoi Road (1)

Chapter 126 – Monster on Popoi Road (1)

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“Albus. It’s a monster!”

As we were heading north on the Popoi Highway, we suddenly heard Loloi’s voice.

Even in the middle of this well-maintained road, monsters sometimes attack.

A slime with poyopoyo covered in thin membrane stood in the way of our progress.

“Now it’s our turn the escorts!”

Clarice jumped down from Ushama with great enthusiasm and ran toward the slime with Loloi.

The monsters inhabiting the Popoi Road are slimes, dekaslimes, and mashuras.

Slime and Mashura are monsters that inhabit relatively clean waters, so they are mainly found in the north and east sides of the Kilket area.

The slime is a mucus-like monster about 50 cm tall, covered with a thin membrane. And when they reach the higher species, the decaslime, their height is about 1 to 1.5 meters.

The Mashura is a slow-moving monster covered with a hard shell.

It is hard to defeat simply because of its hard shell, but it does not attack from that side.

Since a while ago, a number of mashuras have been moving around on the street, but there was no particular problem beyond that, just a slight hindrance.

As such, most of the monsters we would have to fight on the Popoi Road were slimes.

And slime is a beginner-level monster that even novice adventurers can easily defeat if they know how and have the means to do so.

That’s right. It’s easy to deal with if you know how to…

“Duh! What’s with these creatures? They look so weak, but my swords don’t work at all!”

Clarice, who had jumped out with great enthusiasm, immediately screamed.

Slashing, thrusting, striking. Every attack Clarice made with her sword was repelled by the surface of the slime’s body.

Clarice seems to be quite incompatible with slime.

Slime is a pretty special kind of monster.

Although it is classified as a beginner level monster, it has a special mana coating on its surface called a “magical barrier field”.

This mana field is a bit troublesome, and all physical blows and slashes are repelled.

The image of the magic field is like an “ironclad” in terms of human skills, but it’s not as strong as an ironclad. If you’re not careful, they’ll stick to you and melt your clothes.

Burgess teased Clarice with a bit of amusement.

For a swordsman like Clarice, whose only means of attack is a simple physical attack, the slime is quite a nasty opponent.

The reason Burgess is able to tease Clarice with so much leeway is probably because he himself is a magical swordsman.

The way to break through the magic barrier field and defeat the slime is to “attack it with magic.

The slime’s magical barrier field is quite fragile, so no matter how weak it is, it can be easily broken by attacking it with magic.

If you have a party that includes a magician, even if it is a novice party, the slime is an easy monster to defeat.

Therefore, for Burgess, the magic swordsman, the slime is not a threat at all.

“Small Flama Magic.”

Burgess casts a spell and activates elementary flame magic in his right hand.

He then slammed it directly into the slime at his feet.

The slime’s magical field was easily popped off by Burgess’ magical attack.

Burgess then pierced the core of the exposed slime with his bare hand.

If it were not for the magical field, the slime’s body would be soft enough to be pierced with a bare hand.

“Albus, do you need a material slime core membrane?”

“Of course.”

The “slime core membrane” is, as the name implies, the thin film that formed the core of the slime.

It can be processed and attached to the inside of a leather bag for waterproofing or for many other uses.

If you take it home and sell it to a material store, it will be worth a certain amount of mana.

“You’re making a lot of money at the theater, and you still want this kind of penny-ante material?”

Burgess, who originally paid little attention to the material, asked me as if he was seriously taken aback.

“Of course. Those who laugh at one manna, cry at one manna.”

As I said it, I felt a little bad when I realized that I had taken a line from Gilbert that I had heard before in its entirety.

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