Chapter 127 – Monster of Road! (2)

With Clarice struggling, Loloi was kicking slimes away with Holy Fist Aluminas’ wind-attribute remote attack skill at a little distance.

“Hey, hey, Albus. Is the slime tasty? It smells a little sweet and good!”

Sniffing and sniffing, I approach the slime that has turned into a corpse and is melting away.

“Albus. Loloi wants to eat the slime, but it melts as soon as I defeat it! What should I do? Also, does slime taste good?”

It’s kind of hard to answer when you are asked so many questions at once, but I’ll answer them one at a time for now.

“I don’t know if they taste good or not. But I heard that the water in the core was used as a medicine to restore magic power in the past.”

So at least it’s not inedible.

Incidentally, now that technology has been developed to refine ordinary water so that it can easily filled with magic power, as result the value of “water in slime cores” as a material has almost disappeared.

“Not food, but drink! I’m quite curious!”

The remnants of the slime are already in escape mode from my powerful escorts.

And Loloi chasing after them.

“If you defeat it, it will melt, so you may have no choice but to to just take a bite out of it.”


“Don’t lie to her, Burgess!”

Loloi almost took Burgess’s joke seriously, and I hurriedly corrected him.

“Is it a lie, huh?”

Loloi is quite angry, perhaps because of a food grudge.

A large slime jumped out from the grass and stood in front of Loloi.

Its height, which instantly grew vertically, completely exceeded Loloi’s height.

“Hmm? What’s it?”

Loloi tilted her head.

“Dekaslime! Loloi watch out ……”

Before I could finish, Loloi’s body was crushed by the falling Dekaslime and swallowed into its membrane.

“Tsk! Burgess!”

“I know. Medium fire magic!”

Activating medium fire magic in his hand, Burgess runs toward the decathlime.

But no sooner than Burgess arrives.

Loloi’s body flipped around in the mucus within the dekaslime membrane and was pulled directly toward the core.

“Nah, what the hell?”

And Loloi…

She grabbed the core of the dekaslime with both hands and suddenly bit into it.


The dekaslime, whose core collapsed after being bitten by Loloi, melted away in the blink of an eye, unable to maintain its membrane and demonic field.

“Mmm …… something, it didn’t taste like I thought it would. It’s just a little slippery, but mostly it’s just water.”

Loloi, who was sloshing around in slime mucus, blurted this out without a hint of apology.

“I thought the slime was going to eat her, and I was in a real panic! I mean, don’t make any funny jokes about it again, Burgess!”

I was seriously in panic, so I unintentionally yelled at Loloi and Burgess.

“I’m sorry. But Loloi really wanted to try the slime…”

“Sorry, my joke was a little harsh.”

I had almost forgotten in Kilket that Loloi’s nature is this feeling of insanity and wild childishness.

Her adaptability to the city life in Kilket, where she imitated the lifestyle of the townspeople and remained docile, is another reason why she is actually a wild child.

The advice that was close to the correct answer in that situation might not have been “It was used as a medicine to restore magic power in the past,” but rather “If you destroy the magic field and then hit it for a number of times, it will gradually weaken and eventually bare its core”.

Or it could have been ‘at least let the hit pass’.

Well, with all sorts of sturdy loloi, I guess it doesn’t matter.


Deciding to take a short break, Loloi turned off the road a bit and washed off the slime mucus in a nearby river.

Even with adventurers in the distance, Loloi is not afraid to get into her underwear, which makes us nervous.

I tried my best not to look that way.

Burgess was looking all the way up the mountain, very unnaturally, with a strange look from Clarice.

“Albus! There’s a big, burly, weird monster at the bottom of the water over there!”

“Oh, it’s probably a Gamashura, a higher level species of Masuhra or Tamashura that’s been hanging around on the road a lot since a while ago.”

I have heard that monsters in the Mashura lineage are edible, in a manner of speaking.

In Kilket, where the culture of eating kodris is deeply rooted, it seems that no one likes to go out of their way to eat them.

“Gamashura is a high-level monster, and it’s hard, so I don’t think it’s easy to defeat it. The taste is probably not that different from Mashura or Tamashura. If you defeat a few of them, I’ll cook them up for you at night.”

If we go to the site of the temple of Totoi, we may be able to ask people there about some tasty cooking methods.

“Albus is a reliable cook! But Loloi wants to kill the biggest one.”

Loloi is very excited.

Beside her, Clarice, who had been unable to get her hands on the slime earlier, was swinging her sword in frustration, unable to stand up to the hard-shelled Mashura.

The head and limbs are pulled back into the shell, and the lid is put on the head and limbs, which again is not a good match for a lightly-armed swordsman like Clarice.

“Albus! Lend me Albus’ ‘Bone Breaking Hammer’!”

With that said, she borrowed a monster dismantling tool from me, and Clarice managed to take out a few mashuras.

Meanwhile, Loloi was frantically beating the underwater Gamashura with remote blows, but gave up halfway through and began to take down the Mashura with Clarice.

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