Chapter 128 – Site of the Temple of Totoi

While defeating slimes and other monsters that stood in our way, we continued to make good progress along the Popoi Road.

We arrived at the site of the Totoi Temple before dusk as planned.

The site of the Totoi Temple is located a short distance uphill at the foot of the Citrolun Mountains, which had been visible from the time we left Kilket on the far right.

The site is located halfway between Kilket and Poppo Village, which was a prosperous trading center, and is lined with several inns.

It is commonly known as “Totoy Lodging”.

Among several inns, we chose a reasonably-priced one and took the necessary procedures for lodging.

After tying up Ushama and removing its traveling equipment, we decided to head immediately for the ruins of the former temple site of Totoi.


“It’s a treasure hunt!”

Loloi, who was sobbing, shouted uncontrollably.

The location is near the entrance to the former site of the Totoi Temple.

“That’s why Loloi. We can’t go on a treasure hunt here because it’s a tourist attraction.”

I’m sure I’ve explained that over and over again, even before we left Kilket. Loloi is not listening to me at all.

“We can’t do it?”

And sure enough. She was as surprised as if she had just heard it for the first time.

“I’ve told you many times…”

“It’s a shame. But if I can get a feel for the atmosphere, That’s enough fun for Loloi!”

Having said that, Loloi also has the fear of what we might do if her excitement crosses a threshold.

I looked over to Burgess and Clarice that said, ‘If Loloi starts acting weird, stop her’.

The two understood my intention and nodded silently.

In a way, this is more troublesome than dealing with the monsters on the road.


To tour the site of the Totoi Temple, we first went to the guard station by the entrance.

There were several guards inside, and even though it was late in the evening, they were willing to accommodate our request for a tour.

Considering that we were coming on foot from Kilket, our arrival time on the Ushama was quite early.

As it was, one of the guards was to accompany us as a watchman and guide, and he took us inside.

I didn’t expect to be guided. ……

It really is a tourist attraction.

At the site of the Temple of Totoi, normal visitors were only allowed to enter the main hall and a small room off to the side of the hall.

The small room was like a guard room, and from there there were stairs leading down to the basement.

And in the middle of that stairway was an iron fence, which was blocked stiffly with multiple locked chains.

“Albus. Are we not allowed in here?”

Loloi complained as soon as we had finished looking inside in a few minutes.

The site of the former temple of Totoi is both a tourist attraction and a preserved historical heritage site.

Therefore, this is as far as you can see as a tourist.

“I want to go into this depth.”

When she said this, the guide who was following us gave me a doubtful look.

“You can’t do that. It says so right there, doesn’t it?”

I know what it says.

So I took a sealed envelope out of storage.

I had actually kept a certificate of permission from the head of the West Continent Merchant Guild, Marcus Guild.

The guard looked a little surprised, then said, “I’ll check it,” and returned to his office.

“Can they let us in?”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Albus is the best!”

Loloi was already too excited to start singing the “Song of Romance”.

This is like a ‘bonus’ for me to accept the job from the Western Continent Merchant Guild this time.

I was negotiating various terms and conditions, and when I asked for a no-brainer, it was rather easy to get the job.

The guide returned immediately.

“Sorry, but it’s going to take a little time to check.”

“What? How long?”

“About two days.”

That’s a long time.

Loloi, whose eyes had been shining with anticipation, dropped her shoulders in disappointment.

Perhaps they will send someone to Kilket to check it out.

In the meantime, the seal of the guild leader is stamped on it, but there is probably no one here who can authenticate it in the first place.

Since he wrote and stamped the seal right in front of me, I don’t think it can be a fake. ……

Remembering the exchange with the guild leader before my departure, I felt a little uncomfortable.

“Let’s get some food for now, shall we?”

Burgess said, and that was that.


At the Totoi Inn, we were sitting around a cook fire in the open space at the end of the road.

All around us was craggy rocky terrain.

If we had stayed at a luxury inn, dinner might have been served, but we did not choose such an inn in particular.

So, basically, we prepared and ate dinner on our own.

“This is soooooo good!”

“Oh, yeah?”


Loloi exclaimed happily when she saw the mashra pot I was making.

“It’s a mashura-pot-cooking. I asked the innkeeper about it a while ago, and she told me to boil it with salt to remove the stench, then change the broth and cook it with other ingredients in a thicker seasoning.”

So I made it like that, just as I heard.

I smashed the hard shell of Mashura with a hammer, inserted a knife and separated the flesh from the shell.

Loloi wanted to eat it, so I cooked it, but to be honest, I didn’t think it looked very tasty.

It was rather grotesque.

So, apart from that, kodris’s herb grilled and Momo grilled. I also have another pot of simmered peach meat and vegetables.

Mainly for Burgess and Clarice.

“Mashura, it’s quite good!”

Loloi, who immediately took a bite of the mashura, shouted happily.

“Albus, too, must eat quickly.”

“Hey, hey, hey.”

At Loloi’s urging, I tried it myself, and it didn’t taste as bad as I had imagined from its appearance.

I’ve been an adventurer for 15 years, so I’ve encountered many situations where I had no choice but to eat whatever I could.

Thanks to that, I think I have a high tolerance for unknown foods.

Incidentally, as I gradually began to carry a large amount of food in storage and improved my preparation accuracy for exploring the ruins, such situations gradually became less frequent.

However, even now, I still think that I can eat anything edible if I want to.

I don’t like to eat it, though.

Burgess and Clarice didn’t seem to have any particular interest in mashra, and were content to eat the meat of the codlice and moo moo, as usual.

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