Chapter 78 – The Great Inn of Yak Village

Chapter 78 – The Great Inn of Yak Village

I sent a request to the guild to gather an escort to Yak Village under the guise of ‘going to Yak Village to stock up on moo-moo meat’.

By the way, about nomination.

The two guards I have hired by the Kilket West Guild by submitting a nomination are Burgess and Chris.

Loloi, by the way, doesn’t count because she is my party member in the first place.

We left Kilket on a domesticated monster called Ushama.

Ushama was a monster that came with the wagon when I bought the wagon.

I could put the whole wagon in my warehouse, so I didn’t need the Ushama that came with it…

But Loloi loved it so much that I couldn’t even return it, so I kept it in the corner of the garden of the mansion.

Ushama’s body is sturdy, and it can easily carry two people on its back.

So this time, I decided to buy a saddle and ride Ushama while traveling to the village of Yak.

Ushama is not very good at running, though, because of its laid-back nature. It is faster than on foot because its has a wide stride to begin with.

Besides, once it gets used to it, it does not get tired at all while riding.

I was really glad that I did not return it.

With Ushama, it would be easier and save a little time in traveling.

The escort of two merchant teams from Kilket to Yak village.

Client, merchant Albus.

Special note, nomination: “Burgess the Magical Swordsman” to “Chris the Swordsman,” with loan of an Ushama.

Remuneration, 7,200 mana each (all paid in advance)

I’d like you to know that the slight discount from when I hired the escort to Kilket is for the Ushama loan and a ‘friend discount’.

“Can I really count myself in the head count for one?”

Saying this, Clarice was quite puzzled at first.


“Chris is already good enough to protect himself against goblins and ulfes, isn’t he? There’s nothing wrong with that.”

I said.

“I’m happy for you. Albus the merchant has said [Chris the swordsman is now a full-fledged adventurer], you should proud of yourself.”

And when Burgess said that to him…

Clarice got teary-eyed and started sniffing.

“It’s all thanks to Burgess…”


Yak Village.

Looking back, my second life began after I was fired by the hero Ryan in this village.

It was only after I left Ryan’s group there that I was able to have a lovely wife and daughter.

“Welcome back, my dear.”

“Welcome home, father.”

Our group, all of us mounted in Ushama, reached the village of Yak after two and a half days of traveling, much faster than on foot.

We were then greeted by Arkana and Puddin at the entrance to Arkana’s public bathhouse inn.

“I’m home. I’m sorry I didn’t come to see you sooner.”

“You’ve really become a ‘merchant’ now that you’re coming on board the Ushama.”

Arcana with a big smile.

I couldn’t help but want to hug her right now.

“Sounds like you’re doing pretty well over here as well.”

But I have to be patient.

“No, no, no. There is a lot of mana going out, so the business is on fire.”

It was clear that Arcana was being modest.

After all, the inn had become a great place in the six months since I had last seen it.

It has expanded to three times the size of what it was when I knew it, and even swallowed up the area where the public bathhouse used to be.

The adjacent “residence and medicinal herb store” has also been expanded to about three times its original size, as has the inn.

The facilities related to the herb farm Arcana, such as the herb drying area, are also all new.

And the place was even more crowded than it was six months ago.

“There’s been a lot going on. We even got to manage the communal bathhouse next door…”

Puddin said with some difficulty.

At first, it was just a partial connection to make it easier for overnight guests to come and go.

The boy who was the caretaker of the communal bathhouse began helping out at the Arcana inn, and the connection gradually grew stronger.

And finally…

I already knew that from the Arcana letter.

Puddin confided in me that she had married the boy from the communal bathhouse next door.

Burgess was next door with the whites of his eyes…but I don’t care about that.

“Arcana told me. I wouldn’t object if that’s who Puddin chose.” (Albus)

“Oh, but you didn’t let me marry the first person I chose, did you?” (Puddin)

With that, Puddin puffed up a bit and glared at me.

“Albus! Who the hell is that!”

“Please calm, Burgess. That’s person is not you.”

……It’s me.

Arcana is laughing next to me.

“Please come this way… Take your time, and relax from your journey.”

Guided by Arcana, who was now a great inn proprietress, we were given an explanation of the inn’s facilities.

The current herb bath.

The baths have been expanded in size and have more tubs, and they are now properly separated for men and women.

Originally it was a communal bath in the village, but …

It seems that Arcana eventually bought it on the condition that “villagers can take a bath for the same amount of money as before”.

What’s that? Isn’t this time a “Let’s take a bath in a mixed bath” operation…?

I can’t let Clarice, a girl, go into the men’s bath knowingly.

“Are there no more mixed baths?”

I asked.

Puddin gave me an overtly white eye.

“Did father father come home wanting to take a mixed bath?”

“What? Oh no, I mean…”


It seemed that Arcana had not told Puddin what had happened this time.

If that were the case, my statement now would just be a perverted statement.

“Loloi wants to be in a mixed bath too. It’s a naked relationship!”

Loloi! That’s not a follow-up.

If anything, it’s making it worse.

“Yeah, naked relationship…”

Burgess agreed with Loloi’s words with a bloody nose… and Puddin was completely taken back.

I’m not! I’m not…

I was frustrated that I couldn’t elaborate in front of Burgess.

(Note: 裸の付き合い/naked relationship

Open relationship. Completely honest relationship. Don’t hide anything, talk honestly and get along. Literally, naked, for example, going to the bath together is also said to be naked relationship. Source:


According to Arcana, there is a bath for VIPs that is not usually used.

When a Kilket nobleman visits with his wife or other family members. They are supposedly allowed to enter with that family and with the family alone.

The nobles were so pleased with this that several of them have been visiting regularly ever since this VIP bath was built.

Arcana, the innkeeper…she is quite a good businessman.

She usually charges a good amount of mana, but since there are no nobles staying there right now, she’s willing to let it go for free specially for us.

“I mean. Since Albus is her husband and one of the proprietors of this inn… don’t you need mana to use the facilities here in the first place?”

Come to think of it, I don’t.

Me, I didn’t do anything special except the first one.

Then we were shown to the room we would be staying in starting today.

Loloi’s room for one woman.

An then room for two men, Burgess and Clarice.

“Um… What about me?”

“Oh…. There’s no need for me to tell you, is there?”

With that said, Arcana looked at me with a slight glance.

Burgess is shaking next to me, but all I can see is Arcana now!

I can’t…I can’t stop my heart from beating out of my chest now!

In case you curious.

It seemed to be part of Arcana’s strategy to naturally put Clarice and Burgess in a room together like this.

It seems to have been calculated to a certain extent, including what would happen after we were successfully separated.

You’re a good woman after all, Arcana.

I’m sorry for doubting you.


Clarice and Burgess were destined to meet their fate.

Arcana, I’m coming!!

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