Chapter 80 – Marriage proposal

Chapter 80 – Marriage proposal

Clarice was depressed in the hallway of the inn.

She used to cover her hair with a bandana before taking a bath, but now she leaves it hanging.

“We’re going to be here for a while. You’ll have plenty of chances.” (Albus)

“That’s right… that’s right. Loloi got too involved in the setup earlier and made a big mistake, but we’ll get it right this time!” (Loloi)

“Thank you, it’s not your fault. I don’t blame you both, it was all my fault for not doing it right…”

Clarice is even more depressed.

“No, it was the two of us. Clarice was doing what she was supposed to do.”

This time, though, Loloi shouldn’t have been either.

I was also to blame for not taking action as planned. In the normal course of events, the two of us were the cause of the failure.

Then came Burgess, revived from his stupor.

“Loloi. I’m sorry about earlier.” (Burgess)

I’m sure he’s referring to the fact that he was staring at her naked, but that’s not what we’re interested in right now.

By the way, I also took a closer look …

Loloi didn’t seem to mind at all, so I decided not to either.

“Loloi is fine! Rather, Burgess must look at Chris more properly.”


Burgess looked at Clarice.

“I knew your hair was too long. Well, I don’t mind you going that route…”

“I told you I’m a woman! I told you that before!”

Clarice said that again.

“What? Even if that were true, we’ve been sleeping in the same room for six months, and just now we took the same bath. How could I not notice that?”

That’s exactly what makes it surprising, how come you didn’t notice?

“Don’t keep talking nonsense!”

Saying this, Burgess grabbed Clarice’s crotch with a “shove”.

“Look, you’ve got your balls on…”

While saying that…

“You don’t have…?”

“Do you have ……?”

And Burgess’s face turned pale.

Burgess did a great job of that “verification” that I managed to avoid.

“What the heck is that?”

“So.. I”



And Burgess fainted for the second time today.

His brain must have overheated.

The magic swordsman of a hundred battles was super weak against girls.




The three of us looked at each other.

“Is the first phase of the operation complete ……?’/”

Looks like it.


We carried the unconscious Burgess into the room with three of us, leaving Burgess and Clarice alone.

Then, after Burgess woke up, Clarice could talk to him properly.

Since the hardest part of coming out is already done, the rest will just have to happen.

And then, an hour later, Clarice finally emerges from her room…

Her eyes were red and she was crying.

“He said no…”

With that, she ran outside.


Loloi followed Clarice out.

“Do you mean Burgess refuses it?”

Not to mention that Burgess has the right to choose…

As far as I’m concerned, I’ve been working with Clarice and I wanted it to go well.

“That bastard… ” (Albus)

He’s always saying he wants a young wife, and when the time comes, he refuses…

What the hell is that?

Well, sure.

He had always treated his apprentice as if he were a man, but now that he knows he is actually a girl…

I can understand why he would be confused if his apprentice suddenly asked him to marry her.

But if you’re confused, at least give it some time. There are many other things you can do besides suddenly refusing.


No way… is it because of b*obs?

Is that what Burgess, who loves boobs, is not happy with Clarice’s tits or something!

The face of Burgess, who was delirious at the sight of Puddin and Arcana, came to mind, and I felt a tremendous desire to kill him.

If that’s the case, I’m going to smash him to death.

I’m sure I’ll be the one getting battered, though.

After all, I’m weak.

“Burgess. I heard you turned down Clarice’s marriage proposal…”

I walked into the room and approached Burgess, hoping to at least get a proper reason.

“Huh..? Who’s turned her down? Me?”


“I didn’t turned her down at all. That doesn’t what I mean.”


I couldn’t help but let out a strange voice.

To hear more about it…

When Clarice tells him that she is really a woman, that her real name is Clarice, and even asks him to marry her, Burgess…

Burgess was so perplexed that he fell silent for a while.

That is, well, a normal reaction.

“By the way, how long?”

About half an hour.

So long!

It is not hard to imagine how Clarice must have felt during that time.

And Burgess…

“‘You’re still young. Someone better than me might come along, so you’d better think about it,’ and that’s what I told her.”


“No… that’s it.”


And Burgess said he really only meant to advise them to ‘think it over’.

“If, after thinking it over, Clarice is still up for it…

“There’s no particular reason to refuse…”

He said.

“Clarice was crying because she thought she’d been turned down”


Pure of heart!

They’re both so pure!

…My head is starting to hurt.

“I’m going to confirm again, though. You didn’t mean to turn down her offer of marriage, did you?”


“Then I’ll tell her that. But you’ll have to tell her yourself later.*

“Uh, yeah…”

Why should I do the translating for you?

Pure hearted pure!

I ran out into the dimly lit streets of the Yak village to look for Clarice and Loloi.

“Ah! Albus.”

…They were by the entrance to the inn, so the two were easily spotted.

Talking about what I just did with Burgess.

Clarice started crying again and …… got angry after a while.

“That guy! He’s confusing!”

“It’s your own fault for not confirming…”

“For now. It’s all Burgess’s fault!”

“I’ll complain about it later!”


Well, as long as Clarice feeling is better.

Then that’s good.

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