Chapter 81 – An Intense Time

Chapter 81 – An Intense Time

Then we stayed at Arcana inn for a week.

From the day Clarice confided in him that she was a woman, Burgess said that he and Clarice would have a separate room to sleep in.

“How silly of you to make such a mistake in your pre-marriage.”

I said.

Or rather, am I the only one who thinks we keep making mistakes?

As for Clarice, I’m not so sure.

“For now, just know that I wasn’t turned down. Maybe someday, if we can get it right…”

And she accepted the decision easily. Where did her frustration go last night? What an innocent couple they are.

As for me, for such platonic Burgess and Clarice…

As if to make up for not seeing each other for six months, I had the most intense time with Arcana night after night.

I’m sorry…

I just wanted to say it anyway.

Well, but it’s the most important thing to me!

As for my business…

I ran around the Ars Great Forest with Loloi every day during the day for a week and stocked up on a large amount of moo meat.

I put about 100 medium-sized monster moo-moos, of which Loloi’s warehouse is limited to about four, into my warehouse.

I have about 20 tons of meat, so it looks like I won’t have to worry about moo-moo meat, or even food, for a while.

I also tried to see how many moo-moos I could fit in my warehouse…

I was starting to feel like there was no limit to the capacity of my warehouse.

By the way, every time Loloi killed the moo-moo, she alway said “Thank you for the delicious meat” and bowed deeply.

She was a wild child after all. She would say thank you to her favourite foods when they were alive and then turned them out to be a lump of meat.

Apart from that, I was also finding new business opportunities in the Arcana Inn.

I would not tell Burgesses about it until it was more fully formed, but if it worked out, it could bring in even more money in Kilket.

And Arcana was willing to help me with the business. In other words, Arcana’s cooperation was also indispensable for this project.

“If it’s about medicinal herbs. I’ve been having a lot of fun mixing them lately, so…I’ll do what you say.”

Arcana, I count on you!

In return, I have decided to gift Arcana three relics from the Earth Ruins, with the permission of Loloi and Clarice.

Besides the medicine that became my merchandise and funded my exploration of the ruins. Both Loloi and Claris were often taken care of by Arcana’s medicine when we were exploring the ruins.

So, so particular objection was raised about the gift of relics to Arcana.

The gift to Arcana was…

[Hair ornament of Emillette the apothecary (drug concoction, increased success rate)]

[Emillette the Pharmacist’s Compounding Journal]

[Seeds of Emilette the Medicinal Master x10]

The three are.

The result of the appraisal was [Emilettes…].

Gandra told me that Emilettes are of an ancient family of medicine men.

Other artifacts excavated from the Earth ruins have proven this.

The compounding journal is written in ancient script, and as I recall, Arcana could just barely read the letters themselves.

“Is this a record of the medicinal preparations made by the ancient pharmacist…?”

“Do you understand the contents?”

“It has the names of herbs I’m not familiar with… but the content itself is somehow I’m able to…”

By the way, Gandra was.

He said he could read it, but could not understand it because of the difficult content in the first place.

At first, it was supposed to be a candidate for an item to be sold at the central auction…

However, I changed my mind when I saw Arcana’s herb preparation room, which was getting quite serious and when I heard Arcana happily talking about herbal preparations.

“For such precious relics… is it really okay for me to receive it?”

“I have received many things from you. For the time being that’s all I can give you in return. Just take it without saying anything.”

“Really, you talk like a great merchant.”

“That’s what I’m trying to be.”

“Thank you…’”

And then Arcana stares at me with wet eyes even though she is in front of everyone.

Is this it?

Is that what I’m supposed to do here?

Burgess has his mouth tied into a straight line, and Clarice is looking very embarrassed and downcast.

Loloi was looking at us, smiling for some reason.

“Oh my…”

Arcana holds her mouth when she notices Loloi’s gaze.

“It’s still a little early. Let’s have dinner for now.”

I suppose so.

Incidentally, dinner is prepared by two men, Puddin and a boy from the public bathhouse, and the taste is said to be quite popular among the guests.

So we spent the 10 days in Yak Village that we had decided on before our departure, and then returned to Kirkuket.

The Clarice case will now move forward in many ways.

I feel like I’ve set things up so far, and now it’s just up to the two of us to make it work.

And on my part, I was going to start working even harder for the central auction in three months.

The skill appraisal of the relics that I had requested from Gandra before heading to the village of Yak would be well underway.

“Things are going to get busier from here on out…”

Now that I had stocked up on moo meat, I was thinking about reopening my barbecue stall.

However, considering the fact that we would have to develop various businesses at the same time, there would be various limitations to being alone with Loloi.

In order to further expand the business, it may be time to start thinking about hiring new people.

Aiming to become the greatest merchant in the world, I was steadily accumulating power mana and commercial materials.

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