Chapter 82 – Side story

Chapter 82 – Side story

What a surprise that Burgess the Magical Swordsman and Clarice the Female Swordsman are officially married.

It would be several more years from now.

Since the Yak Village incident.

Clarice, who has had it up to her ears, has stopped wearing men’s clothes and is now getting involved with Burgess as a “girl” and “potential wife”…

Burgess, however, runs away from the situation, making excuses for his behavior.

Clarice chased after him.

No matter how far he run, she keep chasing.

After several years of such a relationship.

Clarice, finally running out of patience, forced her way halfway into Burgess’ bedroom and forced him to choose…

Finally, they were married.

He was married to a much younger wife. Burgess the magic swordsman continued to love only one wife throughout his life.

He was blessed with two children and lived happily ever after.

Also, and this is a side note…

Clarice, the female swordsman, would later earn great name that are not ashamed of the name her husband as the former paladin

Clarice, The Sword Saint.

Clarice, who cannot handle magic, created her own sword based on the magic sword of Burgess…

The skill to learn the fighting sword, which fights with a sword covered with a fighting aura.

The technique was later established as a school.

It was the most difficult to master, yet it became so widely known that it was said to be the most famous technique of the world’s most famous swordsmen.

As the founder of this swordsmanship, Clarice would later bear the name “Sword Saint”. ……

But that is still a long, long way off.

In fact…

Clarice would spend a considerable period of time in obscurity as one of the guards of the merchant Albus.

And I and Loloi…

Clarice, who stopped wearing men’s clothes and blew it.

Sometimes I cringe, sometimes I grin, as I watch the floundering Burgesses get closer and closer to her.

I would continue to watch from close by with some frustration.

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