Chapter 83 – Inventory

Chapter 83 – Inventory

*All of Albus’s property as of now *

– Possession/Ownership


287,000 mana

Including the deposit from Loloi (155,000 mana)


Merchant’s Clothes

Ulfea leather light armor

Traveler’s Cloak


Ushama x 2


Great Inn in Yak Village

Public bathhouse in Yak Village

Yak Village Herb Farm

(The above 3 properties are co-owned with his wife, Archana *Main owner is Archana)

– Warehouse (Main Inventory)

[Equipment for Albus]

Rusty iron rod

Skinning knife *for dismantling monsters

Meat cleaver *for dismantling monsters

Hammer for breaking bones *for dismantling monsters

[Peddling equipment]



[Support items]

Various medicinal herbs (beginner to advanced level) x many

Various medicinal herbs (beginner to advanced level) x many

Medicine to restore magic power (beginner to intermediate level) x many

Various traps for battle x many


Earth Ruins, 5 levels below ground + Loloi collection on surface *Many unappraised skill items

– (Appraised items. (A few examples)

Special Grade Artifacts

Letter from Grand Merchant Grill” x 1

Polished Ring of Sally” x 13

Sally’s Polished Bracelet” x 4

Sally’s Rusty Bracelet” x 6

Sally’s magic bracelet (attribute protection, dark) x 1

Sally’s Jewel” x 21

Sally’s Rusty Necklace” x 8

Sally’s Rusty Earring” x 8 sets

Sally” is the address of the big merchant’s letter. She is thought to be the wife of the great merchant Grill.

Rusty Sir Garon’s Breastplate” x 1

Rusty Sir Garon’s waistcoat” x 1

Sir Rusty Garon’s Small Hands” x 2

Sir Rusty Garon’s shin guards” x 2

Sir Rusty Garon’s Helmet x1

Sir Garon the Rusty’s Long Sword x1

Dagger of Curél (with water attribute)

Lyric’s Magic Arrow (self-healing/armor loyalty)” x 10

– Unappraised relics of possible special grade skills

Rusty iron nail cross” x 1

Rusty Holy Fist Aluminous” x 1

Rusty Iron Sword Guzrial x1

Sisil’s Iron Fist” x 1

Garret’s staff” x 1

Dent’s Black Staff” x 1

Shito’s small sword” x 3

Rusty Shito’s Shin Guard” x 1 set

Rusty Yuma’s breastplate x 1

Rusty Shisil’s breastplate x 1

Rusty Ulma’s small hands x 1 set

– Advanced Relics

Astragalus ring” x 4

Ring of Lyric” x 1

Polished Ancient Gauntlets” x 2 (left and right)

Rusty Iron Sword of Ulma” x 1

*The above 4 items are “no skill” as a result of appraisal.

Ancient grimoire (lost ice and snow magic)” x 3

Ancient grimoire (lost thunder and lightning magic) x 2

Intermediate level relic

Stone with a passage note for the Dordrecht Strait” x 1

Lid of the medicine chest of Emilettes” x 1

Astra’s journal” x 5

Red crystal ball x 3

– Elementary Relics

Ancient knife (stone) x 8

Clouded ancient crystal” x 2

Chipped jadeite rough stone” x 5

Fur of Ancient Wolfe’s Fur” x 14

Dried up livestock meat” x 1

Ancient stone spear fragment” x 6

Piece of mural painting of world map” x 4

Fragment of mural painting of coronation ceremony” x 8

Fragment of Ancient Wooden Vase” x 10

And many others.

– Monster material

Low-grade monster meat (Codris x super large quantity, Moo-moo x large quantity, Mugby x large quantity)

Low-grade monster bones (Ulfes x large quantity)

*Ulfes pelts and unique points have already been sold.

– Other

Bedding set

A set of cooking utensils

Treasure hunt equipment

Barrels of water (200L) x 10

Food for 4 people x 4 months (vegetables, fruits, beans, grains, wild vegetables, mushrooms)

Shared Warehouse (Arcana Inventory)

Arcana supplies

Set of medicinal herbs from Yak Village (intermediate to advanced level)

Various medicinal herb powders from Arcana (beginner to intermediate level)

Various Arkana herb pastes (intermediate level)

○Arcana possessions (special items)

Hair ornament of Emillette the Apothecary (drug preparation, success rate up)

Emillette the Medicinal Chemist’s Journal

There is not much more this time.

Rather, relics are sold and gone, possessions are decreasing, and mana in possession is increasing.

He looks quite rich as he has about 3 million in Japanese yen, but it may still be a little less when you consider it as the original capital or capital for business.

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