Chapter 84 – Holy Fist Aluminas

Chapter 84 – Holy Fist Aluminas

After returning to Kilket from the village of Yak, I went to Gandra’s store on my way back to the town.

In fact, I had requested the appraisal and polishing of several relics in bulk before my departure.

The appraisal skill of appraising relics and skills consumes a certain amount of physical and mental energy.

Therefore, considering Gandra’s physical strength, there was a limit to the number of appraisals that could be performed in a day.

Polishing rusted armor, for example, would take even longer.

“I’m sorry, Mister Albus. I’ve finished all the appraisals, but I haven’t gotten around to the polishing yet.”

“It can’t be helped then. You can postpone the ornaments that will be put up for auction.”

That should be in time for the final auction.

“Alright! I did the skill appraisal first and then polishing weapons with attributes skills first. But I’m sorry it’s taking so long.”

“No, I’m getting a discount. I don’t want to rush you.”

When I said this to him, his face became gloomy again..

“Sigh… what an unreliable am I…”

It seemed that Gandra, who was very confident in his abilities,is extremely susceptible to such kind words from someone he approves of.

“If I were an ancient alchemist, I would finish polishing in an instant.



According to Gandra, such magic once existed as a kind of ancient magic.

He says it is a now lost magical attribute that involves destruction and re-creation, as well as refining and processing.

“Like thunder and lightning, ice and snow, and explosions. Similar to the now lost magical attributes…”

I don’t know much about magic, but I think it’s probably something like that.

In all the years that Ryan and his party had been exploring various ancient ruins, we had never found a grimoire with such a name.

“It might be some kind of superstition passed down among blacksmiths.”

“Indeed. It must be a coveted technique for blacksmiths and craftsmans.”

But in any case, it would not be worth it at all to end up using one precious ancient grimoire to polish an armament.

Besides, if anyone could do such a thing.

An armorer like Gandra would be out of business.

“But that’s not the point, Mister Albus! I found quite a precious among the weapons I appraised!”

Saying that, Gandra brought the “Holy Fist Aluminas”.

It was the weapon that inspired me to notice Loloi’s varied appraisal skills.

The certificate had the words “Holy Fist Aluminous (Polished)” and the result of the “Remote Attack, Wind/Strike” skill appraisal on it.

“Remote Attack Skill?”

Yes, I couldn’t help but let my voice leak out.

A hunk of rusty metal that Loloi had found.

It was an extraordinary piece of metal that could be worth over a million mana.

“That’s a big profit!”

If it had been just me alone, I would have surely thrown away the ‘rusty lump of iron’…

Loloi’s appraisal of the item revealed its value, and Gandra’s skill appraisal and polishing transformed it into the best of the best.

Receiving the holy fist, polished to a nubby silver glow, I could not suppress the thrill in my heart.

This is amazing.

I was about to start screaming if I wasn’t careful.

Several other skilled artifacts were also found in Gandra’s appraisal.

If all the items brought back from the underground ruins, including these, were sold out, the amount might exceed 5 million mana.

It was worth the risk of my life to join Loloi and Burgess on their quest for the ruins.

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