Chapter 85 – Surprisingly small changes

Chapter 85 – Surprisingly small changes

By the way, about the changes in our daily life before and after we went to Yak Village…

The biggest change is…

Clarice stopped wearing men’s clothes after she told Burgess that she was a woman.

I originally had the perception that Clarice was a girl, and I had come to see her as just that…

It wasn’t something that surprised me that much.

On the day we returned to Kilket, Clarice took Burgess to Gandra’s store to buy a whole range of equipment for female swordsmen.

Incidentally, that was done beside me and Loloi receiving the appraised relics.

Clarice, clad in equipment for a female swordsman. She is already a “Swordswoman,” no matter how anyone looks at her.

Well, since she is only 16 years old, “girl swordsman” might be more accurate.

“Which armor do you prefer, or which helmet do you prefer?”

She tried on various items while talking about such things and show them to Burgess.

The armor for female swordsman is relatively more elaborate than those for unisex swordsman, there are many items that are comparatively more elaborate in terms of decoration and the like. Some of them even have “charm-enhancing” skills attached to them, and are sold as featured items.

The prices were also ridiculously high. Clarice seemed to be trying on a variety of items, since it was free to try them on.

Burgess was very excited with Clarice.

It seemed as if their marriage was a done deal, but…

Clarice was Clarice, and in a strange way, she seemed to be too shy to release her decisive hand.

Incidentally, the two seemed to have separated the room in which they slept after returning to Kilket’s mansion.

As usual, it was ‘because it would not be good if a mistake were to occur…’”

And yet, the two of them go on quests together every day, so on the surface they seem as friendly as ever.

At any rate, they are both adults now, so I think the rest of the time they can do whatever they want.

That was about the only change that could be called a change.


And my relic sales were in what could be called the ‘second phase’.

Since the incident with the elven customer in the wagon square, word of us seemed to be spreading throughout the western continent.

Simply saying that we had conquered the ruins and actually trading in relics with useful skills seemed to have a very different impact on adventurers.

Adventurers from “Poppo Village,” a fisherman’s village on the northern outskirts of the western continent, and “South Milia,” a town on the southern outskirts, came to Kilket one after another after hearing the rumors.

It seemed that they were eagerly awaiting my return from Yak Village to open my relic store again.

Gorgo and Baris, a strong adventurer who is also a fisherman from Poppo Village, and his wife…

“Do you have any armaments with skills related to strengthening defenses?”

He said.

I bought “Polished Ulma’s Small Hands (Fighting Defense Strengthening)”.

The sales price was 180,000 mana.

The “Fighting Defense Strengthening” skill can increase the performance of skills that strengthen body strength through fighting spirit, such as the Iron Wall.

I was wondering if I should equip Loloi with this.

This type of skill enhancement would be hopelessly incompatible with Loloi, who has no stamina for his original skills, because the more skills he enhances, the more he wears out.

I reconsidered this and sold it to Mr. and Mrs. Loloi as it was.

Another scruffy guy named Silklet, the self-proclaimed “best looking adventurer ever,” came along.

He bought four unattributed relics called “The Rings of Astraemo” saying, “As gifts for my three beautiful wives….”

Together they cost 160,000 mana.

I thought he would put the fourth one on himself.

“It’s for a fourth wife I haven’t seen yet.”

So it seems.

I offered nearly double the market price, but… he seemed to have plenty of mana and were satisfied with his purchase, so I guess there was no problem.

And so, adventurers who were ready to buy expensive relics from the very beginning gathered around. My relic sales were quite successful.

“Buahahahaa!!! My relics-romance doesn’t stop??? Hahaha!!”

Loloi is still very excited.

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