Chapter 89 – Super Evolution of the Kodris Barbecue (1)

Chapter 89 – Super Evolution of the Kodris Barbecue (1)

Kodris herb roasted continued to sell well beyond the next day.

The next day, we tried a replace of members once.

Burgess and Loloi were left in charge of the relic store, and Clarice and I decided to sell Kodris baked goods.

I would store the baked goods in my warehouse and sell them to the customers who came to the store.

When I ran out of stock, I would put up a sign that said, “We will reopen in 30 minutes,” and close the store for a while to build up the stock again.

Thanks to such a relaxed business practice, Clarice’s fatigue did not seem to be as severe on the second day.

On the contrary, Burgess, who was left in charge of selling relics, seemed to be dying of boredom.

“I guess being busy was… gratifying.” (Burgess)

That’s not a surprise, since the commercial products we handle are quite different.

In other hand, I’m very messy here.

Even at the relic and herb store, if a customer comes in asking for an expensive relic, I end up having to go there and deal with him or her.

Beside that, the kodris-barbeque shop had to store it in the warehouse as soon as it was baked, and if there were customers, it had to be taken out of the warehouse.

Loloi did not seem to be interested in selling anything other than relics, so I had no choice but to use the warehouse to move the kodris ware in and out of the storehouse.

That’s how I was exhausted today.


After the third day, it became much smoother.

This is partly because the number of visitors has calmed down a bit, but it is also because the members have become more accustomed to the new environment.

Today, Burgess is the one who makes kodris baked goods, and Clarice is the one who sells them.

This style seemed the most comfortable to me.

And I basically concentrate on selling relics. If Clarice or others asked for help, I would go over there and help them.

The worst that could happen to the customers of the relic store was that they would have to wait a little longer.

This is how our merchant team was being set up.

The inhabitants of Kilket, who had become accustomed to the taste of the bland kodris, they reacted quite well to the sight of the super-evolved form of kodris (according to Loloi).

In this town, kodris are generally eaten either grilled with salt or crushed, kneaded, and then stewed in a pot.

The nobles, however, seem to eat delicacies imported from the central continent. The common people, it seems, were not so interested in the food and always ate the same thing.

But now.

They have been offered a new way to eat the coddris they are used to (and tired of), and they are enthusiastic about the taste.

This herb powder was prepared by Arcana, who spent several days holed up in the herb preparation room.

The most important point of this great success was the excellent quality of the powder, which had been prepared to suit the kodris meat.

Send the kodris meat to Arcana via my warehouse. I had her work day and night on aromatizing and seasoning the meat.

“I’ve had enough of the herb roast already!!”

I was so sorry that I thought she was going to say…

But in fact, she seemed had so much fun creating the fragrance… that she has already begun work on a second version.

She is a very reliable woman, as is my wife.

We closed up store for the day and headed home.

The manna bag on my hip was heavy.

It is inconvenient to use it as it is. I have to switch my mana to a larger capacity sealing stone as soon as possible.

I was afraid that not only the bandits but also the merchants around us would be jealous of us and target us. We were earning mana at a brisk pace.

However, thanks to the presence of such well-known people as “Cupid Burgess” and “Loloi the Monster Escort,” there was no sign of such a situation at all.

I guess it was a good thing that I had more guards.

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