Chapter 91 – A conversation with Jimmy Radiak (1)

Chapter 91 – A conversation with Jimmy Radiak (1)

Both the kodris’ herb roasting store and the relic & medicinal herb store went pretty well for the next half month.

There were even customers who heard rumors of the herb roast and came all the way from the eastern district on the other side of Kilket to buy it.

Incidentally, the relic stores were no longer in the same condition as before, with customers coming from all over the western continent.

Although the number of relics with atribute-skills is gradually decreasing, there are still a number of other relics left on hand.

In the midst of all this, I’ve been stuck on Mitra’s marriage partner.

However, that matter seems to be proceeding smoothly on the surface, ostensibly.

Mitra’s wedding date has been set for two months from now.

And that very day is the day after the Kilket Central Auction.

“The auction is a big event for the nobility. It’s weird to hit it right after such a busy day.”

Clarice said.

“Maybe Mitra’s partner isn’t so interested in auctions…”

Burgess responded.

Burgess probably does not know that Mitra is married to Jimmy Radiak.

Burgess would have known that Jimmy was the aristocrat with whom he was trying to put Puddin in debt.

Or rather, I heard about it from Burgess himself.

If Burgess knew that this was Mitra’s partner, he would have made a fuss.

Mitra did not answer and sat quietly at the table.

Groping for the location of the dishes, forks, etc., she continued to eat dinner in silence.

While we were at the yak village.

Mitra must have met with Jimmy himself or his emissary.

What kind of exchange took place at that time…

That is something only Mitra knows.

What on earth is she thinking behind that blindfold?

As usual, I could not read any kind of expression from Mitra.


At such a time.

A messenger brought word that Jimmy Radiak himself would be visiting the mansion to see Mitra.

Me, Loloi and Burgess are regular outsiders.

We have been doing our daily activities in this house normally, but we should not be staying here with Clarice and her family at this occasion.

Therefore, I tried to leave my seat and go outside, but…

“Please! I’m nervous, you guys stay.”

In this way, I had to stay behind, pretending to be a servant.

“Albus is the cook, Loloi is the waiter, and Burgess is the guard.”

“We don’t look like that much…”

It is convincing that Burgess, who was both big and strong, would be a good choice as a guard.

But Loloi as waiter is indeed truly unreasonable.

…in terms of behavior, I mean.

Me as a cook is still acceptable.

I mean, I should just stay in the kitchen and wait!

Sorry, but I’m in charge of serving, and I’ve decided to have Loloi wait in a different room.

“I wonder what he’s like…”

Clarice seemed quite nervous about meeting the nobleman who would later become her brother-in-law.

Then, well past the appointed time that Mitra had heard from the messenger…

Jimmy Radiak showed up.

Jimmy Radiak appeared and entered the house without ringing the doorbell, accompanied by four strong-looking guards.

We were quite surprised to see the house unlocked to welcome our guests.

Burgess, acting as a guard, tried to stop him, but a man who seemed to be his bodyguard blackmailed him, saying, “Who the hell are you?”

Who do you think you are? He’s an ex-holy knight paladin….

Burgess, as expected, is not going to say such a thing out of respect for the occasion.

“Slave. You’ve gone too far to have guards in your mansion, haven’t you?”

The small man who walked up to the parlor where Mitra was and spat this out seemed to be Jimmy Radiak.

He is probably the same age as Burgess or slightly older.

As I had expected, he has quite an asshole vibe about him.

“Master Jimmy. Didn’t you promise me that you would not do or say anything violent in front of my sister today…didn’t you?”

While being menacingly flanked from both sides by Jimmy’s guards.

Mitra protested from her chair.

“Promise? Why should I make promise to a ***** woman?”


As usual, I couldn’t read Mitra’s expression, but I could tell she was miffed at the quandary.

“A ***** should be a slave, know her place, and follow her master’s orders to the letter.”

At this point, Clarice was already on the verge of running out and beating Jimmy.

The only reason she didn’t jump out. It was not because she stopped himself, but because Burgess was holding her arm from the side and she was unable to move.

“Oops. Sorry, sorry, I weren’t officially become your master yet. Oh, and I guess you are called an “orphan” instead of a “slave. But well, they are both similar.”

“Master Jimmy…. I had asked you not to talk about such things in front of my sister. I believe I did you to do so. Today, be gentle. That was a condition of receiving today’s visit with my sister.”

As Mitra protested this, the blue-haired escort man standing next to Jimmy said something in whisper to him.


“Hmm? Oh, right. Even though she is a slave, she’s still a woman with Warren family blood …… Gilbert Warren’s daughter. I guess I should listen to this slave’s opinion once in a while..Oops, my bad. I mean orphan.”

“Buy ……. What?”

I muttered to myself.

“You know nothing of the things in this mansion?”

Saying this, Jimmy began to speak with great skill.

“The mansion is to be put up for auction in two months. If I buy the mansion, the sisters who live here will inevitably become my slaves.”

“Screw you!”

Clarice yelled as she was being held down by Burgess.

“Clarice! Calm down!”

“I can’t do it! Why is my sister being treated like a slave! I thought they were supposed to get married and be happy!”

So again, the escort man whispered something to Jimmy.

Apparently, this man was Jimmy’s brain.

“So…you are Clarice. When I buy this mansion, you and Mitra will be mine and you will serve me. First, I will train you well and make a mess of that cocky face of yours.”

“Jimmy, that’s not what I want to talk about. I thought we had agreed that my sister would be leaving the mansion.”

Mitra protests.

Jimmy was totally oblivious, as if he didn’t even hear her.

“It’s my decision. Why should I listen to a ***** girl?”

Around this point, Burgess’s face was becoming quite grim.

“Today. I went all the way out myself to see the Warrens’ detached house, which will eventually be mine by auction, and the bastard daughters of Gilbert Warren. It is unfortunate that the older sister is blind, but both are quite beautiful. I’m looking forward to the auction day now. Gufufu.”

Jimmy Radiak laughed in an amused manner.

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