Chapter 92 – A Conversation with Jimmy Radiak (2)

Chapter 92 – A Conversation with Jimmy Radiak (2)

The date of Mitra’s marriage is the day after the auction, which means…

The day before, Jimmy would buy the mansion at the auction, which would also be the day that Mitra’s path would be at Jimmy’s disposal.

It seems that this was the meaning of the event.

In other words, this marriage…

“I want to play with a woman of great nobility’s blood.”

That was the purpose.

It was apparently something that Jimmy Radiak was planning about on his own.

Jimmy heard that the mansion was to be sold at auction in two months.

It seemed that he was going to take away Mitra and Clarice’s freedom by buying the house where they live.

Mitra, who was blind, cannot leave the house she was accustomed to living in.

So Mitra was willing to accept this and let Clarice alone out of the mansion to be free.

I guess that’s why she knew all Jimmy’s plans and pretended to Clarice as if this marriage was a happy one.

However, such thoughts of Mitra were in vain.

Jimmy seemed to be planning to acquire the sisters and the mansion all together…

This time, Clarice found out what Mitra was hiding from her.

“F*ck you!!!”

Perhaps sensing the danger of an enraged Clarice, Jimmy’s guards draw their swords in unison.

In contrast, this was intended to be a friendly meeting, so everyone was unarmed.

Also, this was different from the time we dealt with Noppoi’s troops in the underground labyrinth.

Here we are in the middle of a residential area.

And we are dealing with nobles.

Even if we won the battle somehow, if we messed with the nobles, we would be wanted, and eventually we would not be able to continue to live in this mansion.

Burgess held Clarice down on the floor as she tried to jump on Jimmy.

As expected of Burgess.

He was wise enough to know that he can’t beat up Jimmy here.

As a former holy knight paladin, he must had been exposed to the tyranny of the nobility in capital.

But Burgess himself seemed to be holding back his anger.

He gritted his teeth and stared at them with eyes full of quiet fury.

“There was once a wish that came to me. My sister would be happy and I could have a free life… But maybe somewhere in my heart, I felt that she was a burden. I am the worst…I am the worst!”

Clarice was sobbing raggedly and tearfully under Burgess.

Jimmy looked at her as if he were watching a sideshow.

“Can I ask you one question?”

I said to Jimmy.

All eyes turned to me at once.

But Jimmy took one look at me with a mocking look, and then turned around as if nothing had happened.

He saw me like a joke.

I guess he didn’t want to have a conversation with a waiter.

The blue-haired man guard.

I knew I can’t talk to Jimmy himself, so I called out to the brains of the group.


At any rate, he responded, so he was willing to have a conversation.

“The house should belong to Kirt Warren, father of Mitra and Clarice. It should be up to him to decide whether or not to put it up for auction…. Are you sure he is willing to sell off this mansion?”

Even though they were slaves. Would he so easily discard the forgotten daughters born to the woman he loved enough to give her a mansion…?

“Truly. You don’t seem to know anything.”

Jimmy’s escort told me that Kirt Warren had already died a long, long time ago.

“No way…”

Clarice was a aghast, though.

Perhaps Mitra already knew of her father’s death.

She was sitting there with the same attitude as before.

And for the past few years, the family had been headed by a dark and foolish first child, who also died six months ago.

Currently, a man named “Gilbert Warren,” the second son of Kirt Warren, the father of Mitra and her family, seems to be in control of the Warren family.

Gilbert is the half-brother of Mitra and Clarice. He has already distinguished himself since his father’s generation, and even when his older brother was in control, he was apparently in charge of the entire family business.

And as soon as he finally took full control of the Warren family after his brother’s death, he went around completely suspending all unnecessary expenditures.

Furthermore, Gilbert increased the salaries of family members with useful skills by several times and promoted them to executive positions one after another.

On the other hand, they were unmotivated or were resting on their laurels of privilege from the past. He mercilessly cut the salaries of family members whom he judged to be a negative influence on the Warren family, or gave them time off.

And in just six months, he reformed the Warren family’s internal structure.

He is said to have a reputation both inside and outside the company for being quite a doer….

It was also a very bad turn of events for Mitra and Clarice.

It was in this trend that aid to Mitra and Clarice was cut off, with Gilbert taking real power six months ago.

And Gilbert is also about this mansion that is just useless and does not produce a single mana.

He thought it would be foolish to continue renting it out for free to his sisters, whom he had never met, and was going to quickly turn it into mana by putting it up for auction this time.

“Without even telling the people who live there…?”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Albus. I have been hearing about this for some time.”

Saying this, Mitra interrupted the conversation.

Mitra had known about her father’s death for a long time and. She had been communicating with Gilbert’s emissary several times for the past six months.

“He offered us 6 million mana, a sum we could not possibly afford. My sister and I were at our wits’ end and had no choice but to leave.”

Then Clarice met Burgess.

Under Burgess’ tutelage, Clarice quickly developed her skills as an adventurer, and soon she was earning enough mana to support herself.

“I wish I had been less of a burden to Clarice once we were both kicked out of the mansion, and I, who could not live alone, would surely continue to cause her trouble.”

Even the treasure hunt, in which said it had been holding out a glimmer of hope, has yet to yield a fortune of 6 million mana.

“Then I received this offer from Mr. Jimmy.”

Jimmy Radiak would buy a mansion at auction from Gilbert Warren, where at the same time claimed Mitra as his wife.

It was a story Mitra could not have wished for.

If Jimmy could buy the house at auction, Mitra would not have to leave.

In other words, Mitra will be able to continue to live in the house she is accustomed to, and Clarice will be free from Mitra’s constraints.

It was the best condition for Mitra.

And it was.

If only Jimmy Radiak wasn’t such an asshole.

So I guess Mitra had decided.

Prepared to accept this marriage, disguised as a happy one…

She didn’t care what happened to her after the marriage.

She would be bought with mana like a ***** as an addition to the mansion, and her life would be trampled on by this man who called her a “slave”. That’s enough, she thought.

“I was prepared to do so. As long as Clarice is happy..”


The fact that Jimmy was a much bigger asshole than Mitra had ever imagined meant that even that fell apart.

When Clarice heard the story, she began to sob quietly.

“Why don’t you go home now? You’ve already served your purpose of seeing Mitra’s face today, haven’t you?”

I said. Jimmy and the others started to talk about this and that for a while, and then started to get ready to leave.

A blue-haired guy who seemed to be Blaine was the last to leave and was looking at Burgess with a disgusted look in his eyes.

“Let’s go home, Dacolas.”

And then he was called by his master, Jimmy Radiak, and he ran back a bit.

Later, with a sobbing Clarice.

Burgess quietly angry.

And we were left with Mitra, who didn’t know what to think.

This is…how shall we put this to rest?

There’s some mistranslation from previous chapter, Gilbert Warren is not their father, but half brother.

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