Chapter 93 – Trust

Chapter 93 – Trust

“What the heck are those guys?”

“We should after them right now and beat them all up!”

Clarice and Loloi’s angry voices echoed throughout the mansion.

It was late afternoon.

It has been only an hour or so since Jimmy and his escorts left.

Mitra retreated to her room immediately after that, asking to be left alone for a while.

By the way.

Loloi, who just now heard the story from Clarice, was pissed off and out of control.

And as she spoke, Clarice’s anger was re-boiling and she was starting to get as angry as she could again.

I was so glad that Loloi was not there.

Burgess alone would not have been able to stop these two from running amok.

By the way, I’m totally useless in such situations, so it didn’t change anything.

“Don’t do it, Loloi, Clarice. That’s not going to solve anything this time.”

Even if they were to beat up Jimmy Radiak in secret and make it impossible for him to attend the auction…

It doesn’t change the fact that this mansion will eventually be auctioned off.

If that happens, it will eventually be bought by some nobleman, and Mitra and Clarice will be evicted.

This was an outcome that Mitra would have wanted to avoid.

“I don’t care! I’ll just have to earn enough mana to keep my sister alive.”

As she said this, Clarice huffed.

It was as if she had realized something else was possible.

“That’s right! It’s Gilbert. Let’s tell Gilbert, the head family, to cancel the listing of the mansion!”

“It’s a good idea!”

With that, Loloi and Clarice left together without hearing me stop them.

They were in a half-crazed panic.


The two would not be allowed through the inner gate of the Kilket in the first place.

I’m worried that they might try to pick a fight with the guards at the gate.

And in first place.

Gilbert has been trying to sell the mansion to Mitra from beginning.

“Six million mana…huh? …how dare he try to extort mana even from his own flesh and blood. Gilbert, the nobleman, seems to be a very dirty man.”

Burgess muttered disgustedly.

“He probably doesn’t recognize them as immediate family.”

If only Clarice and Mitra were officially recognized as the daughter of Kirt Warren and sister of Gilbert Warren….

They could have at least gotten this mansion through property division, heritance, etc.

The two are the children of slaves.

So, by nature, they are treated as slaves.

And even though the power of the great nobility has obliterated that, they are still …… orphans.


The mansion still belongs to the Warren family.

Clarice and Mitra have no authority over the ownership of the house.

“The fact that he offered mansion for 6 million mana to Mitra means that he is willing to sell it to them if they can come up with the mana, huh?”

Burgess said a little thoughtfully.

But the fact that he is putting this mansion up for auction also suggests that the man named Gilbert simply wants the mana.

“… If that the case..”

For some reason, I have a bad feeling.

“It means, to get this house…we just need pay with mana…”

That’s kind of obvious, but …… the problem is the amount.

It’s not an amount that Clarice or Mitra, who live on a shoestring, would ever be able to pay.

“If it’s business…it’s your domain.”

Burgess called out.

Somehow along the way. I sensed that Burgess wanted to talk about it, but…

“Six million mana…nine or twelve million just in case. That’s not a sum that a single merchant can afford.”

This is already on a completely different level from buying medicinal herbs at Arcana’s store.

And perhaps. The 6 million mana that Gilbert offered Mitra at the beginning was probably the minimum set price or close to it.

Since there is already a counterparty, Jimmy Radiak. If an auction were to take place, there would be a bidding war, no matter how you look at it.

If that happens, we might have to expect 1.5 to 2 times the amount of the auction price, which could be anywhere from 9 to 12 million mana.

Such an amount of money is not something that a single merchant can afford.

“Albus the mercant will doing something about it, won’t he?”

I don’t know why. It seemed that Burgess was talking about me doing something about it on his own.

“You keep bringing about me buy the mansion all the time…What’s the point of me buying this mansion in the first place?”

“Why don’t you just turn it into your home or something? Then you can rent a room or two to Mitra and Clarice.”


If that’s all I can get by buying a house for twelve million mana, it’s not worth.

If it is a Mort town, I could build dozens of houses with the same quality.

“Or maybe a store in a big yard? This is far from the shopping district, but since it is a residential area, there are some customers.”

Even so, it’s not a good location.

If you want to set up a store, of course it should be in a shopping district.

Customers who are willing to buy will gather either at the shopping district or at the wagon peddling plaza.

All in all, there is no reason for me to get this mansion.

“Burgess. You were in love with Mitra in the first place. Now Clarice is asking you to marry her. I understand your infatuation, but I don’t.”

Clarice and I partyed together and she helped me in many ways.

I also owe a debt of gratitude to Mitra, who let me stay in her room for a while and cooked meals for me.


That’s it.

And common sense tells me that I can’t hang with 6 or 12 million mana. I don’t have that much mana to begin with.

“I know six million mana is the goal for an ordinary merchant, so to speak. Once you’ve earned that much, you can live on whatever you want. I also know that it is wrong to force you to do business to buy it.”

Burgess spoke matter-of-factly, though.

Behind his words, however, a simmering thought could be seen.

“I have seen this kind of situation many times in capital. I had some mana at the time, but in the end, it was always something I had no control over.”

As a former paladin such as Burgess, he probably felt that he could not stand to see those in a weaker position being overrun.

“I don’t know what to do at a time like this. I can’t do anything when the sisters, who have helped me in no small way, are suffering like this.”

Burgess mutters something like that with a downcast look on his face.

His fist was clenched and shaking full.


With that, Burgess removed the mana bag from his waist and donned it in front of me.

“I have one million mana. I’m going to give it to you! So do something about this with your power.”

“That would be …… absurd.”

The conclusion is…

He would give me 1 million mana, and he’ll get the rest ready. If it’s not enough, please sell something at an auction to get more than 9 or 12 million mana.

That is what he was saying.

It was a burdensome offer.

Normally, I would have refused the offer.

Even if I managed to prepare enough mana to fight…

I would have to pour almost all of the mana from the relic hunting treasure hunt I risked my life into for my future business.

It would be a major setback to my own dream of becoming a great merchant.

If I did badly, I would have to start all over again.


With that, Burgess began to bow his head.

“Your [herb bath] is the best, and your kodris barbecue this time is aslo great. For someone like me, who only knows how to beat up monsters on quests, it’s a miracle to be able to earn mana like that.”


“You can do it! I’m begging you. Please save those two.”

Burgess bows his head further.



Usually I would say no.

A normal… merchant with a decent calculation.

I would absolutely refuse.

After all, even if you succeed, you’ll lose a great amount of mana.

No one would seriously engage in such a foolish game in which failure would be more profitable.


He said.

Burgess didn’t raise his head anytime soon.

Suddenly, I see Burgess’ mana bag lying on the desk.

It is a used bag.


Even the one million mana that Burgess is offering is essentially quite a lot of money.

It should have been the mana that Burgess would rely on for the uncertain life he would lead as an adventurer after this.

“You’re serious…”

Burgess says he’s going to leave all of that to me.

That’s what Burgess is prepared to do.

A former paladin begged to a merchant like me, a man of little ability, for a very high price.


Again the loud voice.

Burgess is probably going to keep doing this until I say yes.

I let out a small sigh.

…I’ve lost.

“I understand. ……”


Whether I’ll be able to make as much as 9 or 12 million mana in the future…I honestly don’t know.

But at least.

This man Burgess seems to believe that ‘Merchant Albus can do it”.

“Yeah, I’ll just need do it.”

If my peers believe in me…

I will have to respond to that.

By the time I want to respond to that feeling.

I had lost.

“But for the next two months, we should work harder.”

The most important thing for a merchant is…


“Of course I willing to do it! Thank you Albus!!”

I was almost strangled by Burgess as he hugged me saying that.

After that.

Loloi and Clarice returned dejected after failing to pass through the inner gate as I had expected…

Loloi and Clarice came back to see us hugging each other in their room, and were the most donkey-dogged ever.

To these girls.

I told them what I had just said to Burgess.

“Are you sure… will you do it?”

Clarice is already teary-eyed when she hears the story.

“If I buy it right, let me build a store in your yard, okay?”

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