Chapter 94 – Everybody’s handheld

Chapter 94 – Everybody’s handheld

That night.

With Mitra in attendance, we began our strategy meeting.

Since we did not know how much money Jimmy would come up with. We need to make as much as one mana in the remaining two months.

And to do that…

First, we need to understand what’s going on.

“This is the mana I have on hand right now.”

Saying this, Clarice produced about 650,000 mana.

It seems that she had saved almost the entire share of the relics she had sold so far.

“From me, as I said, it’s one million mana.”

Burgess offered the bag of mana again, as he had just done.

“Sorry Burgess. I’m…”

As she watched, Clarice was muttering something, something to Burgess.

“I’m not after mana from the start. That’s not what this is about.”

Hearing this, Clarice was a little tearful.

Clarice cries a lot, surprisingly.

I think I’ve seen her cry a lot since I met her.

“I’m sorry. Loloi has no mana at all.”

Loloi said this very apologetically.

“I’m supposed to keep all of Loloi’s. Actually, Loloi’s portion is about 650,000 mana, just like Clarice’s.”

“No way! Loloi is that rich?”

Loloi is Loloi, and she really doesn’t care about mana.

She took the stance that it was good if she could explore the ruins and sell relics.

She had no interest in “earning mana,” which should be the ultimate goal of these activities for ordinary adventurers.

It was almost as if she came from a country where the concept of mana did not exist.

“I have 1.6 million mana, including Loloi’s mana. So, if we add up the mana of the four of us, our party now has 3,250,000 mana.”

If you think normally.

Even a party of seasoned adventurers would rarely accumulate this much mana.

It was the result of a successful treasure hunt.


“It’s still not enough. I knew it.”

Clarice muttered.

Yes. We’re not even close to our goal.

“What we should do from here?”

A moment of silence passed.

All that was needed was at least 6 million mana.

Actually, we’re looking for 9 to 12 million mana…

The reality is this.

We can’t just throw out a hundred times the market price and go on a wild goose chase like some aristocrat or cheat adventurer.

Think about it realistically.

It is quite difficult for a merchant from a commoner’s background to try to snatch what a nobleman wants to buy.

The only advantage we had was that Jimmy was unaware of our moves.

If that side had only prepared funds of about 6 million mana at the normal market rate, we could win if we exceeded that amount.

Then there is a good chance.

But it is more likely to be a competition.

So how much mana can I pile up from this point now, in case my opponent competes? My business from now on. In other words, it depends on my skills as a merchant.

Can I do it?

Can I beat a nobleman?

I may deviate from the path of a great merchant.

My heart was quietly racing as I had a solid goal in front of me.

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  1. … Wonder what the travel time between the two locations are. Because, depending, they could just aim for the 6mil price…. By sending a messenger to delay the house auction, using the 3mil as a down payment.

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