Chapter 95 – The future

Chapter 95 – The future

“Albus…let’s say you and Loloi sell relics while Clarice and I continue to sell herb-roasted kodris. How much sales do you expect to make from that?”

Burgess asked the obvious question.

As we head into the auction in the next two months, what will be even more important than what we currently have on hand is the amount of mana we can earn by then.

“Alright. If we keep the store open until the auction, we can probably make 400,000 to 500,000 mana from the kodris barbecue. As for the relics, if they sell more and more and the selection of relics gets worse, the sales will also start to decline. So, I expect to earn about 1 to 1.5 million mana.”

“That’s more than I thought we’d be able to do!”

Clarice said, a little excitedly.

Assuming that all business from here on out went well. With what we have now, we would have 5.25 million mana on hand at the start of the auction.

If the amount of items to be auctioned is added to that, we will surely be able to reach 6 million mana.

“Then the biggest problem will be the order of the auctions.”

How much mana would be added to that 5.25 million mana and how much mana would be added to the auction of this mansion? was dependent on the order of the auction.

I had gotten a lot of information from Gandra beforehand about the format of the central Kilket auction.

According to Gandra, the auction would be roughly divided into “pre-registration” and “auction on the day”.

The pre-registration process includes…

(1) Register the items to be auctioned at the Auction Headquarters.

(2) The Auction Headquarters will determine the order of auction.

As for the auction order, it will be announced on the day of the auction to us.

And as for the auction order on the day of the auction…

(1) Deposit all the financial mana prepared for this auction at the auction headquarters.

(2) Participants shall conduct the auction within the range of the deposited fund mana according to the order of the auction items decided, and the mana deposited at the auction headquarters shall be increased or decreased according to the results of the sales and purchases at the auction.

(3) Withdrawal of the remaining balance and the auctioned items.

This is how it looks like.

For us to go into the auction of this mansion, which is our main goal, with more mana in our hands…

We needed our relics to be sold earlier than this mansion.

If the mansion was first in the auction order, we were out.

We at that point would only have 5.25 million mana on hand, even if the business after this goes well.

In order to be in the best position, we must sell off the relics first so that we can face the mansion with more mana on hand.

“Let’s get Gandra to approach the auction headquarters. If we can bribe someone at headquarters with a few tens of thousands of mana, we will work on it. It’s not something we can rely on luck for.”

Everyone nodded broadly.


“By the way, how much do you estimate the total value of all the artifacts to be exhibited?”

Clarice asked.

Of course, that’s a pretty important part of it.


In fact, the registration of the items to be auctioned. It had already done so as of “3 months before the auction” when registration was to begin.

I had been able to obtain three slots for the auction through Gandora. I decided to fully use those slots to sell a set of selected relics.

The first was

[The Ancient Duke Lord Garon’s Equipment Arms and Armaments.]

The equipment of Sir Garon, who is famous in the history books, and a complete set of full-body armaments.

Although it does not have any special skills. It is a coveted gem for the collection.

This was estimated to be no less than 2 million mana for the set.

The second was.

[Holy Fist Aluminas (remote attack, wind/strike)]

It has the highest level of “remote attack” and “wind attribute added” skills attached to a weapon for combat.

Even for nobles who are not familiar with these skills. The fact that there are currently only a dozen or so such weapons in the world with the “remote attack” skill makes it easy to understand the value of this rare item.

This one was estimated to cost no less than 2 million mana.

And finally.

[The letters of the great merchant Grill and the jewelry he gave to his wife, Sally.]

A handwritten letter that proves that the great merchant “Grill” mentioned in the bard’s poem really existed.

The jewelry that Grill is believed to have given to his wife has been restored to its original state by Gandra, and is now shining brightly.

They are the best of the best, stimulating the collecting desires of aristocrats who love shiny objects and curiosities.

This one was estimated to cost no less than 3.5 million mana for the set.

If we could go into the auction of the mansion with everything sold out, we would have about 7.5 million additional mana.

We currently have 3.25 million mana on hand.

And 2 million mana that we will hopefully be able to earn from now until the auction.

In addition, 7.5 million mana that will be earned from the sales of the auctioned items.

Together, this amounts to 12.75 million mana.

“We can do it, Albus!”

Clarice was so excited that she was out of breath.

“Now we can really buy this mansion! You did it, sis!”

Clarice jumps for joy and clings to Mitra.

Mitra’s mouth was twisted in a slightly troubled manner.

“It’s still too early to be reassured.”

I’m sorry to interrupt you, but we still have a long way to go.

If we get carried away with this, we might lose your footing.


Clarice looks doubtful.

“It’s well over the market rate of six million mana, even double. This would definitely be enough now…”

“That’s not even assuming that Jimmy Radiak is competing with us on price. Like the order of the auction, if the other side gets pissed off and raises the mana, the amount will be folded out of the blue.”

Furthermore, everything else in the hand is a ‘hopefully’ amount.

A little accident or misplacement would easily reduce it.

“So…what should we do?”

“I’m thinking about another bussines from here, whether it’s 100,000 mana or 500,000 mana, to make extra money. The key is after 6:00 p.m., after the peddler’s square closes. I’ll use that time to somehow…figure out a way to make additional mana.”


Everyone stared at me, including Mitra, who barely spoke.

“…What’s wrong?”

“No… I just think that Albus is very reliable…”

“Oh, yeah? I’m the same as I’ve always been.”

As usual.

Just thinking about making money as a merchant.

“Anyway, we’re starting back up tomorrow. The auction order and the new business. And of course, the relic sales and the kodris baking will have to continue to make sales as before, so we’re going to be crazy busy.”

Needless to say, Burgess, Clarice, and Loloi were all motivated.

Mitra ended up sitting there without uttering a single word from start to finish.

In the end, I had no idea what she was thinking.

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