Chapter 96 – The Doll’s Room

Chapter 96 – The Doll’s Room

That night.

I was visiting Mitra’s room.

It wasn’t for the purpose of night crawling or anything like that.

I was simply invited.

Since we received a visit from Jimmy Radiak.

Mitra, who had not spoken a single decent word during the nightly strategy sessions…

For some reason, she visited my room late at night, and led me to her room.

Mitra strolls down the dimly lit corridor without turning on any lights.

To Mitra, day and night are no different.

“Please come in.”

Mitra’s room, where I was invited in with these words, was a strange sight.

“This is…”

The room, lit by a small lamp, was filled with dollwork sitting as far as the eye could see.

On shelves and desks in the reasonably large room, and even on the floor. The room was filled with dolls made of wood, plaster, and other materials.

“Oh…please don’t mind these things. I don’t have much else to do when I’m alone in my room all the time…”

“I see…”

Upon closer inspection, the doll’s construction is quite elaborate.

If you say that this was carved out by a blind girl, that is a divine skill.

“So, what happens?”

To Mitra, standing by the window.

I asked her straightforwardly about her intentions.

I thought it was a better way to deal with Mitra, whose emotions and mind are difficult to read, than to confirm them in a strange way.

“Why does Master Albus want to buy this mansion?”

“Is that what you called me here to ask?”

I returned the question with a question.

Mitra fell silent just like that.

“I’m sorry… The only reason I decided to earn mana to buy this mansion was because Burgess begged me, coaxed me into it. He said, ‘You can do it! So please do me a favor’…. So if you want to say thank tou, it’s not me, it’s Burgess.”

Also, because I have no idea if I can compete with Jimmy Radiak at the auction.

If she wants to say thank you or something, it’ll be after it’s all over.

“Are you suggesting that you spend six million mana for such a reason?”

“Is that strange?”

Yes, while asking Mitra…

At least I thought it was strange.

No one who can properly calculate the loss or gain of mana would make that choice.

“No…. It’s just that none of the merchants I’ve talked to were like that.”

It was as if I was being told that I was an uncommonly bad merchant, and her words struck a chord with me.

“Well, it’s not a viable business. Even if I buy this mansion. I’m not going to get any new business out of it, so I’m probably going to miss out on the mana.”

“Then why?”

“I told you before, didn’t I? Because Burgess begged me. No reason beyond that. Well, if you want me to give you any other reason, I’d say that I’m doing Clarice and you a favor, and I think it would be beneficial if I could get close to Gilbert Warren, the great nobleman of Kilket. That’s about it.”

And the rest, well.

Can I really do that? I’m starting to get rather excited about trying it out myself.

“I have nothing to repay you for your kindness. The Warren family connection is almost nonexistent for me and my sister now.”

It would be so.

If they had a decent interaction, they would not be auctioning off the mansion they live in.

“I have only one thing at my disposal right now: my body.”

“Then let me borrow it.”

Mitra’s body tensed up.

I mispronounced it a bit, but I didn’t mean it in a weird way.

“No, I mean… I didn’t mean it in a weird way. This doll is quite well made. If you don’t mind, I’d like to sell it to you. I’ll pay you mana for the purchase.”

“In that case…”

Saying this, Mitra breathed a sigh of relief.

“I don’t need any mana, so please take whatever you have. I was just starting to have trouble finding a place to put it.”

“Can you manufacture additional items?”

“I can make as many as you want, although it may take some time. However, the other two rooms are filled with dolls as well, so I don’t think we will run out of dolls.”

“I understand. I will ask for more dolls after I see how well they sell.”


With that, Mitra sat down in her chair.

Come to think of it, we’ve been standing around talking for a long time.

“By the way, does this doll have any motifs, etc.?”

“Yes. Once a long time ago, my father, mother, and I listened to a song sung by a minstrel who had been invited to this mansion. This is a character from that song. I believe the title of the song was [The Princess of the Cliff.]”

“I see. I have heard that story too.”

The story is not that famous, but those who live in this region should be reasonably familiar with the name of the place and its contents.

On the western edge of this western continent is a large fissure called the Great Villiola Escarpment.

This story concerns the origin of that fissure.

Roughly, it should have been about the war between elves and humans.

So ‘The Elven King,’ ‘The Elven Princess,’ and ‘The Human Knight…’”

“And there’s also a human Witch in that story.”

Upon closer inspection, every doll in the room was one of those four types.

They varied in deformation, elaborateness, size, and material, but they were all the same.

“Are there any dolls based on anything other than ‘Princess of the Cliff’?”

“No, I have not heard any other songs. I have never heard of it.”


She listened this song when she was a child and thought back to it over and over again…

She continued to make dolls with the same motifs over and over again.

Imagining such a figure of Mitra, I thought I caught a glimpse of the darkness of her heart.

Although there was one more product I could handle…

I was even less sure who Mitra was.

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