Chapter 98 – Proposal to collaborate with the bardess

Chapter 98 – Proposal to collaborate with the bardess

The day.

Loloi and I left the relic sale a little early and went looking for Amaranthia, the bardess.

Of course, it was for business.

For the past few days.

I tried to put Mitra’s wooden dolls in the store along with relics and medicinal herbs, but they did not sell well.

However, the response from customers was quite hopeful.

Mitra’s dolls are…

There are four types: “The Elven King,” “The Elven Princess,” “The Human Knight,” and “The Human Witch.”

Each seems to be carved from a single block of wood, and there are no joints.

And they are quite elaborate.

As for the ones made of plaster, I don’t even know how they are made anymore.

Several times, the dolls have caught the attention of visitors who have come to see relics and have praised them, saying, “The craftsman who made this is quite skillful.”

When I explained that this was not a relic of any kind, most of them let go of it.

Clarice, too.

She had tried to sell this doll before, before she started taking quests as an adventurer.

But she gave up after three days because she couldn’t sell it at all.

However, the fact that it caught the eyes of customers who come to see the relics as a kind of collection means that it is still a very good product.

So far, though, it has not sold at all.

I was finding hope there.

I had to sell that wooden doll somehow.

I was going to ask Amaranthia to do a trick.

Well, it was quite simple.

I would ask Amaranthia to sing the fable “The Princess of the Cliff,” which is the motif of Mitra’s dolls, and immediately after that, I decided to sell the dolls next door.

If possible, we would appreciate it if we could meet up with her every day after the peddling time at the wagon square and have her give one or two songs from there.

I was about to approach Amaranthia about such a negotiation…

Now I am looking around for Amaranthia.

“A young bardess with a good singing, wearing a dancer-like costume and having a dark skin color.”

After asking around like that, Amaranthia was soon found.


Amaranthia was singing poetry near the southern outer gate.

The performance she was singing at the time was “The Great Merchant Grill’s Peddling Odyssey, Chapter 3: The Ancient Ruins of Rattakutta”.

Grill, a merchant himself, explores the ancient ruins with his trusty guards. He will go through numerous traps and tricks to get to the deepest part of the ruins and discover a fantastic treasure.

This is a typical story.


The dark activities of rival merchants make this a very popular performance in Grill’s peddling tour, as it is quite a sweaty affair.

Amaranthia’s narrative, with its slow and steady pace, draws me into the story.

Grill would later marry the female swordsman he hired as his guard in the city.

The story is interspersed with thought-provoking performances of the two, etc., which can be enjoyed if you know this.

Instead of using words, Amaranthia expresses her feelings well through the intonation of her voice when she sings their conversation.

Amaranthia is really a good singer.

“Uwooooh!! Grill was awesome!!”

The children around Loloi cheered as they were so excited.

The performance was carried through with the flow of the crowd, and this Amaranthia show seemed to have ended in a great success.


“I see…”

I approached Amaranthia after the performance and we talked about the purpose of our visit.

Amaranthia, upon hearing our conversation, thought for a moment and then opened her mouth.

She said, “I don’t have a problem with taking requests and singing a particular piece…but I don’t think that piece is compatible with selling dolls.”

She complained.

“What do you mean?”

“Wooden dolls are originally used for children’s hand games. I think it is better to sell them during the daytime, when children gather, than to sell them in the evening with a performance for adults.”


It’s just about the time the wagon square closes now, but the kids are already sparse.

“Still, tthat won’t sell for very much.”

That’s right. If the price is set at a level that can be easily afforded by a child’s allowance, no matter how much you sell, you won’t make much money.

Therefore, we would like to target adults if possible.

Also, I wanted to use the night time as much as possible, after the wagon square closes.

Even taking that into account, I still prefer to target adults.

The more value they find in the elaborate doll work and the more they purchase the dolls for their collections, the higher the price they will sell for.

Amaranthia seemed a little unconvinced. She seemed to change her mind a little when I took the Mitra doll out of storage and showed it to her.

She said, “Indeed. This is too fine a workmanship for a child’s hand play.”

“Isn’t it?”

“Then, I think it would be better to specialize in that area. I was once invited to perform at a bar. Of course, there were only adults there…”

But that would have meant that we would have had to pay the tavern the manna to rent the place as well.

Besides. I don’t think that the kind of customer who drinks and gets drunk in a bar would be interested in doll work.

“If only there was a theater or something…”

In the royal capital of the central continent, there were two huge theaters.

There, various theater troupes and minstrels gave songs day and night.

In such a place, if you start selling puppet work related to a poem sung by a skilled bard like Amaranthia just before…

That would sell like hotcakes.

Even here in the citadel of Kilket.

I hear that there are such theater facilities in the inner gate where nobles live, but not in the section between the outer and inner gates where ordinary residents live.

“I see. ……. I see.”

So I came up with another piece of business.

If you don’t have one, I guess you’ll just need to …… make one.

If it’s not there yet, that means there are still opportunities lying out there.

“What’s wrong?”

“Amaranthia. I still need you to tell me what you just told me.”

Fortunately, Mitra’s house has a large garden.

If we can ignore the fact that it is open-air, we can build a simple theater facility that can easily accommodate about 50 people.

As long as it doesn’t rain, we can make it work.

We will build a theater facility on the grounds of the Warren family’s detached compound, which is currently under our care. I would like to ask Amaranthia to be the diva there.

Now we just need to figure out how to get the audience.

The idea of “a business we can do with the time after the peddler’s square closes” that I had dared Clarice to come up with was slowly beginning to take shape.

“Loloi is alos here to help!”

When Amaranthia and I have a meeting.

Loloi was smiling and listening.

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