Chapy 99 – Attack (1)

Chapy 99 – Attack (1)

About my theater idea.

I had a meeting with Amaranthia and realized that it was very late.

But now I just need to go home and get Mitra and Clarice’s approval, and we can start moving in earnest tomorrow.


After I left Amaranthia, I was walking along the road to Mitra’s mansion. Loloi yawned a little sleepily next to me.

“I’m sorry, it’s getting pretty late. Let’s go to bed early when we get home.”

Tomorrow, we will be even busier.

“More importantly, Loloi is hungry.”

“I guess so.”

Loloi’s “warehouse” had a couple of herb-roasted kodris in it, but she must had secretly taken them out and eaten them while I was having my meeting with Amaranthia…

When I said that, Loloi said, “Why do you know!!” she was socked.

Then he took out the herb roast and began to eat it while walking.

“It’s bad manners to eat while walking. Well, not really.”

But the moment I said that, Loloi stopped dead in her tracks.

“Sorry, sorry. You can keep walking and eating.”

Loloi’s answer to my words was…

“There are people there.”

It was.

The destination indicated by Loloi.

At the end of a dimly lit alley, four figures could be seen.


“Those four over there, they seem a little… disgusting.”

“Disgusting? What do you mean?”

The moment I asked that question.

I was pushed away by Loloi.

And where I had been just before.

A knife passed through, making a wind-swishing sound. It pierced the wall behind me.

A knife…thrown at me!

“What the……?”

Then, four figures come running toward us all at once.

“Who are you? Who are you people?”

Loloi shouted.

Obviously some kind of bandit.

[Who are you?] there is no way the thieves will reveal their identities.

“Ha-ha-ha-ha! I am Silklet!”


The heck!

He just came out of nowhere and said his name.

“However!! The name Silklet, the most handsome adventure of all time, is a temporary identity for sake the world! My true identity is….. Silklet of [Silklet and Three Phantom Thief Sisters], a member of bandit group Black Wings!”

“You seriously answer that!”

Moreover, he said his name four times.

The face and name both sounded familiar to me.

He must be the man who had bought relicss from me before.

“Mr. Albus the merchant, I’ll take your relics and all your mana!”

This man Silklet said something absurd to me.

The three the back are his wives

The four of them were dressed in close-fitting black outfits with matching red scarves.

This must be the symbol of the band of thieves.

Then they start to form a formation around me and Loloi.

“For free?”

“Of course.”

“Black Wings?”

“Yes. You’ve at least heard of it, right?

“I don’t know.”

Loloi stands between me and Silklet, poised.

I whispered, “Are these guys strong?” to which he replied, “Maybe, pretty much.”

If these guys really are the Black Wings, the band of thieves who stole items from Ryan the Hero party and managed to escape…

It’s usually a desperate situation.

It was the worst situation I had feared.

The street was dimly lit and deserted, and there were no townspeople who might report us to the neighborhood watch.

The people holed up in the houses nearby must be holding their breath, trying to keep the spotlight off of themselves.

“Is it a setup that those three over there are wives?”

“No. We’re couple of four.”

“How many such teams are there in the Black Wings?”

“I can’t answer that one.”

“… You playful bastard.”

While having a conversation with me like that.

Silklet and his wives jiggled and narrowed the circle around Loloi and me.

Then Silklet took out a knife.

He suddenly threw it at Loloi.

Loloi swatted the knife away with the kaiser knuckles of her fist.

But the next moment, a second knife snatches Loloi’s shoulder.


“Albus get the hell out of here!”

Loloi said so with a tremendous swagger.

I took advantage of the time they were distracted by Loloi and ran out, slipping in between the wives.

“Wait for me!”

Silklet tried to follow me, but was knocked back by Loloi’s kick from behind.

Silklet quickly regained his stance and went at Loloi with two knives, delivering a series of quick blows.

And the three wives cover them with magic from behind.

Loloi handled all of them by herself.

I was surprised at Loloi’s unfathomable fighting ability to take on four bandits by herself…

However, we’re still in bad situation.

It’s only a matter of time before we lose.

He’s might a playful bastard, still he called himself “Black Wings”, and he seems to be quite skilled.

At a time like this.

It was frustrating that I myself could not fight at all.


Loloi let out a small scream.

It seemed that she had been cut somewhere on her body again.


I shouted, and magic was unleashed on me by one of the wives.

“Little Fireball!!”

The fist-sized fireball that was generated came straight at me.


Loloi came running up and hit that fireball and drowned it out.

The fire was extinguished, but Loloi’s hands were burned.

“You need a burn remedy….”

“It can wait. We have to get out of here… even if it’s just Albus.”


I can’t do that! I was about to say, but stopped.

If Loloi were alone, he could leave the battlefield I and escape if she wanted to.

But because of my presence, Loloi would have to fight head-on against a four-on-one disadvantage.

If I get away first…

Loloi can escape too.

“Loloi, take this.”

With these words, I handed Loloi a weapon that I had retrieved from the warehouse and delos.

It was the Holy Fist Aluminas (remote attack, wind/strike).

It is a special grade relic to be auctioned off, but I would rather have a few scratches than have all my mana and relics taken away from me here.

In the first place, it was already covered in rust when I got it.

“You know how to use it, don’t you?”

After receiving the polished aluminas from Gandra. Loloi had tried out her remote attack skills once in the garden of Mitra’s mansion.

That’s about the only time she had used it.

At the very least, I have to make sure that she can activate it.

“It’s all right! Albus, you must get to Burgess and the others as quickly as possible.”

Saying this, Loloi equipped her Holy Fist Aluminas.

Then, she ran toward the Silklet again… and went straight into close combat with them.

“Wait a minute!”

Is she an idiot?

You don’t need to engage in close combat if you’re using a weapon with remote attack skills!

That doesn’t make sense!

The opponents were taken aback too.

“Little Fireball..kyaaa!!”

“Litte Waterball… awww!!”

Loloi skillfully used the remote attack skill of Holy Fist Aluminas.

While engaging in melee combat with the Silklet, she was blocking the magic attacks of his wives at a distance.

“My fireball..! I can’t use my magic at all!”

“Aww! It hurts! Silklet-sama… help me!”

“Loloi… so strong.”

I couldn’t believe it. I had forgotten to run away and was admiring it.

Loloi usually looks like a toddler, but she has an unusual sense of perception when it comes to combat.

Even when she has a new weapon, as she does now, she knows how to use it. How should I use it and how should I stand with it? Perhaps instinctively, he seemed to understand perfectly.

Loloi had already mastered the Holy Fist Aluminas perfectly.

Finally, one of the wives took a knee.

“Aniel!! Hang over there…. ugh!”

Silklet, trying to run to his kneeling wife, was hit in the back of the head by a Loloi remote blow and fell to the ground.

“Holy Fist Aluminas…., that’s something amazing.”

Loloi was amazed, even though she had mastered it herself.

It is no surprise that the Holy Fist Aluminas is awesome.

It is a weapon with the finest and rarest skills that exist in the entire world, and there are only a few of them.

If you can master it, it will surely be the most powerful weapon in the world.


Silklet staggered to his feet.

“My wives! If this happens, we will use our most powerful magic!”

As soon as Silklet said this, the wives nodded to each other and launched their magic all at once.

“Mid Fire Magic…. Two-track line.”

“Mid Water Magic… Two-track line.”

“Mid Wind Magic… Two-track line.”

As for Loloi’s remote blows, which were released reflexively, Silklet took all of them in his stride.


The three kinds of magic released from their hands split in two immediately after being released.

“”Six Lines!!!””

And they became six lines and came toward me in a straight line at a tremendous speed.

“Oh no…”

This…could be dead.

I should have gotten the hell out of there instead of fawning over Loloi’s battle.

Be released..

To the magic that is already imminent…

I stood there, unable to escape.

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