Exiled Merchant – Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – A Dull Exile

“That’s why, Albus-kun. You are fired.”

I feel like I’ve heard that phrase a lot lately, but I never thought it would happen to me…

For me five minutes ago, this was an unthinkable situation.



I had a dim sense of it or something.

In fact, there is a part of me that says, “Oh… right.”

After all, I’m… weak.

I was thinking of it as if it was someone else’s affairs.

The place is the lively street of Yak Village.

Adventurers around were looking at us from a distance, wondering what was going on.

‘Why, Ryan! We’ve known each other a long time.”

In the meantime, I appealed to my emotions with a glimmer of hope.

But we’ve known each other for a reasonably long time.


I sometimes think that maybe I can’t do it anymore.

In front of me, a young, handsome man who does not look over 30, with personality that never bends whenever he do it–the Hero Ryan says.

“I’m sorry… but this is a decision.”

Hero Ryan said coldly.

“It was unanimously decided at the executive meeting last night.”

He even add an extra word.

Executive meeting.

The sound of it is both disgusting and spitepul.

“Albus-kun. You were the oldest member of my party [Band of Dawn Lion] since its inception. I’m sorry that it’s come to this.”

The executives of the [Band of Dawn Lion] were looking at me with a grin as I nodded at Ryan’s words.

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  1. TBH with a “warehouse” skill that should be beyond inventory, he should nvr have been an adventurer and became a merchant in the first place. He would have been able to become the richest and biggest merchant in the world. With that power he can just throw money at his problems and get the hero party to do his bidding.

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