Exiled Merchant – Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – Inventory of All Albus’ Properties (Volume 1 “Exile” Completed)

All of Albus’s property as of today.

[Money in possession] 20,000 mana

[Equipment] Rusty iron rod, cloth clothes

[Support items] Various medicinal herbs (cost 30,000 mana) (for stopping blood, removing pain, numbing, poisoning, and burns)

[Other] Watet bottle, a set of bedding, a set of cooking utensils

[Author’s Comment.]

“I’ve seen RPGs and stuff where people carry around tons of items as a matter of course. Actually, isn’t that super awesome?”

This is a story about a merchant who specializes in carrying luggage, which was born from that question.

Originally this was supposed to end here.

But the PV has grown unexpectedly, probably because the title was pulled strongly, so I’m thinking of thinking about the second volume.

I am still in the planning stage, so it will be at least a week before I can publish it. I would be happy if you would like to join me.

I was going to put my comment in the afterword.

But I got stuck on the minimum number of words for the main text, so here we are…

Albus still has too little property.

Let’s see if it will increase properly in time.

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