Exiled Merchant – Chapter 12

Chapter 12 – Albus’ four jobs (1)

After two months of living in Yak and Mort villages, I gradually became acquainted with the guild staff and other regular adventurers.

“I heard you used to be in Hero’s party, but you were kicked out because you were too weak.”

At one time, I had such a bad reputation.

This is a fact that I can’t be denied at all, so it can’t be helped.

“Ah that. Yes I’m so weak that they kicked me out hahaha.. But well that doesn’t matter anymore.”

I had been abused by Ryan’s wives every day of my life.

I don’t have any weird pride or anything like that to begin with.

Whenever I heard such a bad reputation, I laughed it off with open arms.

“Even since I was in the Hero’s party Ryan, I just a baggage handler. So there’s nothing changed actually. Oh by the way…”

Me, anyhow.
I’m really weak.
Rather, because I was at Hero party, it’s even harder to expect me as as a force.

“Do you want to buy some herbs?”

Even “Ussa,” a small herbivorous monster with long, large ears. I can’t beat them because they’re too fast and I can’t hit them with a single attack!

Ussa is for beginner adventurers.

Even the average town girl can take them down.

Seriously, I have no talent for fighting.

By the way, I was now making a good living here, working three paying jobs in addition to being a “quest baggage handler”.

Let me briefly introduce them.

The first is the Guide.

Whether it is a street, a forest, or a mountain, I can memorize most of the roads I have taken.

After two months of following various adventurers on quests, I had memorized most of the geography of the area.

The forests and mountains in this area are so intricate that even veteran adventurers who have made the area their territory sometimes get lost.

If you are used to it, you can narrow down the direction of travel to a certain extent, relying on the movement of the sun, the direction of the wind, and the ecology of monsters, and return to an area you know.

However, this is not possible for the inexperienced adventurer.

Every year, dozens of people get lost. They just fall down and turn into monster feces.

We often find the corpses of such adventurers during our quests.

As an unspoken rule, human corpses are not allowed in the warehouse.

Most of the time, if they have something to identify themselves, we take it and report it to the guild and that’s it.

If you are an adventurer, it is your guild registration card that you wear around your neck.

If you are a peddler, it is your merchant registration card.

To return to the point, what is a “Guide”?

From first thing in the morning, I would stake out the guild in the town of Mort and offer to accompany adventurers who were unfamiliar with the roads in the area as a guide. In exchange for the guide’s companionship, I would receive a share of the quest.

To the adventurers I said, “Mister Adventurer. Don’t you need a guide? You’re not used to this area.”

After doing this several times, adventurers would sometimes ask me to show them the way.

“I’ve never been there before, so I’m going to ask you for a little help.”

“I don’t like mountain roads and forests. They’re too complicated.”

Something like that.

There are guys who can read the road properly at a proper party.

I only called out to solo or not-so-perfect parties.

Of course, I often do this while taking a job as a baggage handler.

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