Exiled Merchant – Chapter 13

Chapter 13 – Albus’ four jobs (2)

And then my second job was “Beggar”.

No, no. Don’t laugh at me, seriously.

One foul-mouthed adventurer just made fun of me like that while laughing at me.

Though I didn’t do anything bad.

Some adventurers are doing quests for fame, and some of them are competing with each other for the highest rate of achievement.

Such people strip the monsters they kill of their mana and materials that can be used to make weapons, and then discard most of the rest, saying they don’t need it.

Such discarded corpses are usually devoured by other carnivorous monsters.

I take them from one side to the other and shove them into the “warehouse”.

The items stored in the “warehouse” are turned into items and are not affected by the passage of time in this world.

Therefore, monster materials such as meat, fur, and skin could be stored in their original state of freshness.

Later, I would sell them to clothing stores, cooking stores, and other material suppliers as needed.

There are many parties with “Warehouse” skills who do the same thing, and many adventurers who come carrying monsters, so it’s not really an uncommon job.

It was one of the few important businesses where I could proudly say, “I am a merchant.”

To put it bluntly, since the original capital was free, I could make a decent profit even if I had to sell for two or three bucks.

And as I got used to it, shopkeepers started approaching me.

Especially the cooks.

Meat-based ingredients are troublesome to handle, as they are cumbersome to transport and spoil quickly without warehouse skills.

Moreover, adventurers have a discerning palate because they are used to eating freshly stripped meat in the course of their quests.

Although popular as a foodstuff, to be honest, it does not fetch a high price.

In other words, compared to other materials that can be used to make weapons, armor, clothing, and so on.

Meat is very cheap for the trouble of handling.

Other warehouse skill holders did not seem to want to carry meat-based materials.

Therefore, it is said that it is useful to have someone like me who has a lot of them and has a variety of them.

“Mister! Do you have any extra of Momo shoulder? I’m thinking of using it for “Today’s Stamina Set Meal”!”

I was at the guild first thing in the morning, looking for the day’s business partner.

I was often approached by the owner of the guild cafeteria like this.

“Sorry, yesterday was the last one. I’ve got 5 kg of bubuy bone-in thigh meat and about 1 kg of tongue meat.”

“Oh, well, I’ll take both of them.”

“Since tongue meat is a delicacy, would you be willing to pay 1.5 times the price per weight for the thigh?”

“Oh, well, I’ll take it. I buy it!”

And so on.

It’s like a butcher shop.

The third is the “Looter traveling merchant.”

Wait, wait.

Please don’t laugh just yet.

I’m not really doing business by looting.

It’s more like doing business in an emergency situation during a quest, taking advantage of a person’s weakness.

What? No difference?

Well, don’t say that.

Sell medicinal herbs, support items, etc. to adventurers in battle for a higher price than the market price.

Here’s is from the adventurers’ point of view.

“You’re a fucking merchant!”


This is pretty good money.

As you can tell, people being my customers all seem to be in trouble, so not infrequently I also give them a discount, still above the market rate, of course.

But if it’s a cute female adventurer, I’m willing to sell it for about the same price as I paid for it, which is less than the market price!

However, I will offer a slightly higher price to those who seem to be good people or who seem to be willing to pay well.

Hmmm… I’m very generous indeed.

However if it is the adventurers who accompanying me get in trouble, it’s not safe for me either.

In fact, I’m also risking my life in these negotiations.

I once happened to find a middle-aged adventurer in the forest who looked like a good person, who had been hit by numb grass.

At that time, I sold him numbing herbs at ten times the market price.

By the way, the guys who were with me were a bit taken aback when they saw that.

I was afraid I would get in trouble later, but they were usually grateful.

If you think of it as buying a life, it’s certainly a small price to pay.

Quest baggage handlers.



Looter traveling merchant.

This is how I managed to make enough money per day to live on my own and accumulate a little bit of mana.

What…. too greedy, you say?

It can’t be helped.

Not everyone is as strong and cool as the Hero.

He’s more skilled than other adventurers, and he can make rough money from guild quests, so that he doen’t have to worry about making a living.

I addition, he is extremely strong and handsome. Female adventurers and girls in the town are always coy about him, and he has a “harem uuufufu”.

But but everyone in this world is blessed with such cheats.

In this world of swords, magic, and skill.

A person like me, who has no fighting skills, has no choice but to earn money and live like a cheapskate.

However, strength isn’t everything.

In fact, the world is made up of mob characters like me.

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