Exiled Merchant – Chapter 14

Chapter 14 – Burgess the Adventurer

So one day, as I was getting used to the town of Mort and the Adventurers’ Guild there.

That day, I did what I always do.

I was looking at the request form posted at the guild first thing in the morning.

[Work] to repair the fence in the northwestern part of the village of Mort.

[Work] Helping pick medicinal herbs in Yak Village.

[Elementary level] Exterminating goblins on the Earth Road.

[Elementary level] Delivering 10 kg of moo moo shoulder meat.

[Elementary level] Exterminating 30 Wolfes in the Ars Forest.

[Elementary level] Delivery of 10 Wolfes pelts.

[Intermediate level] Defeating Ulfes in the Ars Forest

And many more.

At first glance, the only quest that makes the most sense that I will accompany is only at the elementary level.

Intermediate and above quests carry a certain amount of risk of life, so I am worry of them unless I have some knowledge of party’ members abilities.

“Albus. Have you already decided whom you’ll be carrying today?”

The one who called out to me was a middle-aged solo adventurer, “Burgess the Magic Swordsman.

He’s a fairly large man, and he’s left with a shaggy stubble beard, well-used equipment, and a messy, strong face.

He has the look of your typical adventurer.

If you were to be approached on the street by someone you didn’t know with that look, you would probably run away as fast as you could, thinking that they would try to mug you for a reason.

However, he is a very skilled man.

And he is the type of person who doesn’t get too hung up on the finer details of the material.

If Burgess picked “[Intermediate level] Defeating Ulfes in the Ars Forest” , accompanying him might not bad idea.

I’m even willing to accompany him on quest for free as long as I get a share of the monster materials, including the child Ulfes.

“Not yet. Anyway, Burgess-san….are you going to take that Ulfes’ quest today…”

“Oh! This is…”

Interrupting me, Burgess took “[Work] Helping pick medicinal herbs in Yak Village.”

“Hey, a magic swordsman with a hundred battles under his belt is going to accept a work quest? And the rewards are so cheap.”

“Look at the client’s name. It’s Arcana! It’s Puddin’s mother!!”

I remember, two months ago.

The owner of the herb farm in Yak Village, where I purchased a large amount of medicinal herbs, was a woman named Arcana, I think.

I think the girl who was with her was a beautiful woman.

“I was so happy to be able to pick medicinal herbs while cackling with Puddin’… I’ll take the job! I’ll take the job!

Burgess is very shy despite his face.

He can’t even talk to women without a reason.

That’s why he was super hungry for a request that could be the reason.

This macho-guy. They say that when you go in front of them, you get embarrassed, you become silent, and they get scared of you.

“No, but that girl over there is not yet an adult, right?”

“She’s almost 16! When she turns 16, she’ll be an adult, and she’ll be looking for someone to marry in earnest! But it’s too late to make a move after that! If she becomes the concubine of some rich guy, she’s done for! The game has already begun. That’s why I’m….. I’m!!!”

“Oh ……. So…”

And even though he’s older than me, he loves younger girls incomparably.

He is especially attracted to girls around the age of adulthood.

He is also extremely picky and likes tits.

He must have stopped the clock on his taste for women since he was a begginer adventurer.

The widowed mistress Arcana is closer in age to us than her daughter Puddin….

If anything, Arcana is younger than Burgess, too!

Burgess, wake up!


No matter how much the adventurers around him admonished him, he would not listen, so they left him alone already.

By the way, he is single and, like me, has no history of marriage.

In a world of polygamy. Except for a few with power and money, men are always destined to be in surplus.

But Burgess is a good adventurer, so he should have some chance.

Therefore, the possibility of getting a young bride is not zero.

By the way, I’d like to have a wife one of these days, too.

As a comrade in arms, I’m not going to be so harsh, but I’m going to keep a warm eye on him.

“Please wait for me, Puddin’!”

Burgess quickly peeled off the request form and headed for the reception desk.

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  1. He’s older than a 30 year old and is aiming for a 15 year old? Dafq? No, no, different world, different time. They have different values. Still, kinda creepy…

  2. Why the hell is this guy feeling bad for the d-bag party? Albus has given numerous accounts of him being treated like crap by them, save the princess. Celebrate!

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