Exiled Merchant – Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – Subjugation of Ulfes

After Burgess ran off to the village of Yak.

Here I was with a couple traveling adventure.

I was paired with a party consisting of the husband, Ark, a warrior, and his wife, Liora, a supportive role. I was to accompany them as a guide and luggage bearer.

By the way.

The couple unfamiliar with the area asked me to be their guide.

I had accompanied these two once a few days before.

The husband’s swordsman is quite a user.

I was happy to accompany him, someone I was sure of his ability, so I readily agreed to do so.

[Elementary level] Exterminating 30 Wolfes in the Ars Forest x 30.
[Elementary level] Delivering 10 kg of moo moo shoulder meat x10.
[Intermediate level] Defeating Ulfes in the Ars Forest.

The two took the three request forms and processed them at the same time.

My role was to guide them through the Ars Forest, finding traces and discovering the whereabouts of Ulfes.

Then, every single of Ulfes that Ark defeated and the corpse of Urlfes, a high species of Urlfes stored to my “warehouse” one by one by me.

And after two people completed the request without any danger. We returned to the guild while it was still light.


“We’ll pay you extra if you help us to strip the unique points. How about it?”

Mr. and Mrs. 20-somethings use honorifics even for me like this.

Many adventurers use words like age is irrelevant.

I’m one of them.

Maybe these two were raised well.

By the way, ‘unique points’ are the distinctive parts of a monster that are unique to that monster.

The guild will submit it to the guild as proof of defeat.

The unique point of the Wolfes is its unicorn horn.

It is a little more valuable because it can be used as a material for weapons.

By the way, they can be returned after inspection.

Sometimes, there are people who try to cheat guild officials by bringing the unique points of monsters purchased as materials as proof of defeat.

They simply check the status of the material at the guild.

The “00 Guild Inspected” certificate will be stamped on the item, making it easier to sell when you sell it.

In the vacant lot behind the guild.

I took 34 dead Urfes and 1 dead Urlfes. I took them out of the “warehouse.”

And I helped to cut off the horns and skins from them.

“I only need ten pelts to accomplish my request. I will give you the rest of the pelts.”

“Thank you!”


“I’ll even give you the rest of the bones and meat from the rest of the Wolfe’s, if you like.”


That’s a wise, because the meat of Wolfes is not edible because it is not suitable for the human tongue.

The bones have a certain amount of value as a material. But it is not cost-effective because it is quite troublesome to take them out.

“We only need unique points. We don’t even need the pelts of Ulfes, so if you want, we’ll give it to you.”


Seriously! That intermediate monster pelts!!

That’s a super big profit!

In addition, the couple paid me a combined total of 1,500 mana for being guides, luggage carriers, and material stripping help.

This was even more colorful than the initial negotiation.

I got quite a few materials, and today was quite a profitable day.


I left the couple and went back to the guild building.

Burgess was lying on the floor.

Beside him lay today’s reward of 300 mana.

“What are you doing?”

“Medicinal herb farmer… work…. so dangerous…”

He gave me that death message and before going to another world (sleep).


This big guy.

He was hopelessly unsuited to such detailed work as picking medicinal herbs.

It seems he has given up on Pudinn.

“If like that, you can’t be the owner of a herbal farm.”

“I’m sorry! Puddin’… Ugh .. But! You’re cute…. ugh!!”

Saying that, this time he really went to another world (sleep).

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