Exiled Merchant – Chapter 16

Chapter 16 – Picking Medical Herbs

“Today’s request is austere….”

I muttered to myself as I looked at the request form posted at the Mort Town Guild.

[Work] Help picking medicinal herbs in Yak Village.

[Elementary level] Exterminating Goblins on the Earth Road (den extermination)

[Elementary Level] Delivering 10 kilograms of moo moo meat.

[Elementary level] Defeat 20 Sarus in the Ars Forest.

[Intermediate level] Defeat Meramomo in the Karad Mountains.

“On a day like this, let’s go to Arcana’s family’s herb farm and pick medicinal herbs! Wait for me, Puddin’!”

Behind me, Burgess, who has not learned his lesson at all, is making a fuss.

Apparently, they were having trouble with the amount of medicinal herbs that could not be picked in a day or two at all, and their request had been posted all along.

“I guess I’ll go join the herb farmers then.”

“Albus, you son of a bitch! Don’t tell me you’re after Puddin’ too!

“No way…”

The medicinal herbs I purchased three months ago were about to run out of some types, so I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to do a work quest while I was stocking up on them. That’s about the extent of the reason.

Also, if I ingratiate myself with the landlady in that way. Maybe she will give me an extra or something.

This looks kinda interesting…

“That’s right!!”

I said excitedly.

“What? Albus, you bastard, I come first…!”

“Whether is later or earlier, In the end, it is Puddin herself who chose..”


“Whichever one is chosen… no hard feelings, brother.”

“You, you!!! You’re my enemy now!!”

Burgess begins to burn.

It turned out to be more interesting than expected.

Even the adventurers around us were often taken aback.

“Hang in there, Burgess!”

“Don’t lose to him!!”

They started cheering and cheering enthusiastically.


Burgess, the magic swordsman, is so excited that he pulls out his sword and swings it around in a flurry of flames.

Afterwards, he was scolded by the guild officials very badly.

“What are you going to do if there’s a fire!!!!”


Picking medicinal herbs was much harder than I expected.

After all, the whole mountain was a farm, with medicinal herbs already growing all over.

A tremendous repetition of work with no end in sight.

At that point, I was already on the verge of breaking down.

But Burgess, a strong middle-aged adventurer picking medicinal herbs next to me, had a disheveled smile on his face the whole time.

Nearby, Arcana, the mistress of a herb farm, and her daughter, Puddin, were sweating quite thinly.

Their clothing was sticking to their skin with sweat, making them quite irritating.

Burgess is smiling as he watches.

What a pervert.

But then again, so am I….

I’m curious, so I keep glancing at it.


I love picking herbs!

But after an hour of work, every part of my body starts to ache.

In particular, my back!

It’s already hard work because I have to pick medicinal herbs in a forced crouched position.

After two hours, I was down.

“A little break.”

Arcana and Puddin are used to picking medicinal herbs and putting them away in their basket.

Burgess, too.

He seemed quite familiar with the work since he has been coming here every day for some time now.

He glanced at me as I headed off to take a break and grinned, “I’m on top of you!” and grinned at me, which kind of pissed me off.

With you an adventurer who boasts of his physical strength. Don’t compare me, who has zero fighting ability!

“Well then, I guess it’s time for lunch.”

Arcana said, and Burgess started running as if he was waiting for her.

“This is still morning, but we have already a dozen baskets.”

Four people can carry them in three trips.

We just have one more job to do. After we get them to the drying area, let’s have lunch.

“No, no, my muscles can carry three at a time!” (Burgess)

We’re talking about that kind of thing…

“This, do you want me to carry it?” (Albus)

I chanted “Warehouse Storage” as I touched the basket. The basket was instantly stored in my “warehouse”.

Basket with medicinal herbs (medium) x 12

Names like that come to mind.

“Albus-san is amazing!”

Puddin said sweetly.


Burgess was quite upset.

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