Exiled Merchant – Chapter 18

Chapter 18 – Mother-daughter crisis

Burgess seemed to accept quests to help pick medicinal herbs every so often since then.

I wondered if he was that much obsessed with Puddin’, but apparently that’s not all.

“I heard a nobleman from the fortress city of Kilket is trying to marry Puddin-chan. She’s been approached to be the 26th wife. He’s famous for using all kinds of dirty tricks to get the girl he has his eye on as his wife. So I went here to keep an eye on him.”

That was the story.

“Puddin’ wants to continue the herb farm his father left her. The 26th wife of an aristocrat is no good. The person who should be her husband is someone who can help her run herb farm.”

“Yes, that would be me! That means me!”

Saying so, he left for picking medicinal herbs in good spirits today.

“Wait for me! Puddin-chan!”

But still.

There really seemed to be more medicinal herbs than we could pick.

It is said that if too much time has passed since they became available for harvesting, their medicinal herbs lose their potency…

Considering the time of year, it seemed that the time limit was approaching.

“It would be a waste to let that mountain’s large quantity of medicinal herbs fall into disuse…”

And me.

I came up with a little business idea.


A few evenings later.

I was with Arcana, the mistress of a herb farm, and her daughter, Puddin. We were sitting around the dining table at their house.

What for?

For business, of course.

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

The conversation ended.

It was going to come together generally as planned.

“Yeah, well, if it fails, so be it. If it doesn’t work out, so be it. I’ll only lose some money.”

“Alright, I look forward to working with you.”

Arcana bowed deeply to me.

This is what I heard from two people at the time…

It seems that the medicinal herb farm of Arcana and her family was left by her bereaved husband who was the previous village chief.

Because of this, it is incredibly vast.

It is the equivalent of an entire hill in the back of the village and cannot be managed by two women.

So, for the past few years, most of the trees have been left untouched and growing wild.

And when the time was right, there were many left that had not been fully harvested, and they had ruined most of them.

“To begin with. These days, cheaper recovery medicines are available than medicinal herbs, and not many peddlers come to this village anymore…. Even if we pick a lot of medicinal herbs like in the old days, there is no one to sell them to.”

She said.

Yak village, a village of medicinal herb cultivation.

The name is now a thing of the past.

It seems that the situation has been like that since before Arcana’s husband’s death.

She said he couldn’t make living just being a herb farmer.

Before her husband died, she tried to open an inn and ran it at a loss, tearing off his savings.

Finally, she got into debt.

It seems that the borrower was a nobleman named Radiak of the fortified city of Kilket.

Her husband had nothing to do with it and died of illness five years ago.

The remaining two closed the inn and made a living as herb farmers, while gradually paying off their debts.

Then, just as she was about to pay back their debts, she was told about an additional debt that I had never heard of.

“30,000 mana. If you can’t pay by tomorrow’s deadline, the amount will be increased to 300,000 mana. If you don’t like it, you will give up your daughter as the 26th wife of Master Radiak.”

The noble messenger left after saying that.

It was an absurd request, but she was at a loss to find an IOU with her husband’s seal.

Fortunately, there was one merchant who appeared dashingly and bought 30,000 mana worth of medicinal herbs and left.

“That’s me!!”

“Yes, sir. It was like a knight in a story.*

Before I knew what it was.

It seems I happened to be the savior of the two of them.

But then another three months later.

“An IOU for 50,000 manas appeared. If I don’t pay it by the day after tomorrow, I will take your daughter as Lady Radiak’s 26th wife.”

A messenger brings such a message.

It was this messenger that Burgess witnessed.

He was almost ready for this time.

“But the next day, there was a merchant who appeared in a dashing manner, bought 50,000 mana worth of medicinal herbs, and even went so far as to assist in the picking of medicinal herbs.”

“Was it me again?”

“Yes, it was. It was like the hero in the story.”

Before I knew what it was.

Apparently I had saved them both in a pinch twice.

“Besides…. I’m glad you made this proposal…”

Arcana bowed deeply again.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m just doing my business.”

I tried to be cool and say so.

Next to Arcana, Puddin”s eyes were heart-marked.

Hmmm…, this can’t be right….

“Please stay tonight.”

I shook off the two people who said, “Please stay.”

Before it was too late, I returned to the guild’s common room where I was sleeping.

If I stayed the night like that, something bad might surely happen.

To a girl as old as my daughter…and before marriage….

That is not good.

“You can only do that.. after you’re properly married!”

My face contorted slackly.

The adventurers, who were also sleeping in the guild common room, looked at me weird.

“Argh…. I don’t know anymore…”

I myself am in the process of finding a wife, and now the process is bearing fruit.

I was starting to feel a little stupid.

First of all, I had to succeed in a certain business I proposed to the two of them…

A few days later, a request I had made was posted on the guild’s quest board.

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