Exiled Merchant – Chapter 19

Chapter 19 – Medicinal Herb Collaboration

Adventurers can receive quests by registering as adventurers with the guild.

Adventurers can accept quests from the quests posted on the guild’s quest board and go on quests that are suitable for their stature.


Who ordered the quest?

That is…

It could be the mayor of some village.

Or the mistress of a herb farm.

It could be the guild itself too

And, in fact.

In addition to registration as an adventurer, the Adventurers’ Guild has a separate registration system for ordering quests.

This is quite natural when you think about it.

It is important to guarantee the identity of the person receiving the job.

But it is also important to guarantee the identity of the person ordering the work, and this is another important role of the guild as an intermediary.

I accompany adventurers on their quests.

I had registered as an adventurer with the guild. But at the same time, I can order to collect material as a merchan. That’s why I had also registered as a quest orderer.


If I wanted to, I could always post my request on the quest board.

“[Work] Help pick medicinal herbs in Yak Village.”

This is my request.

“What the hell!”

Burgess, who had already noticed, let out a decisive exclamation.

Arcana, the client, now changes to → Albus, the Client. On that quest, which was posted daily. He noticed the difference in an instant.

But his face, which had been filled with anger for a moment, slowly began to grin.

Reward: “300 mana per day” changes to→ Reward:” 100 mana per day plus bathing in a herb bath (mixed bath).”

“Albus!! Hehe…Bastard! What the hell are you planing do!!?”

To the boy who was the caretaker of the public bathhouse. I talked to him the day after I talked to Arcana and her daughter.

In the bathhouse, I mixed the medicinal herb powder that Arcana made and made it into a medicinal herb bath.

The baths were originally for men, but for that night only, female adventurers were allowed in (under the guise of “mixed bathing”).

Of course. The women of the village would not come to that time, which is usually reserved for men. (The schedule for men is night)

As for whether the female adventurers will take this quest, that is beyond my control…I don’t know.

Have a good dream at best. Burgess.

Because of Burgess’ fuss, the other adventurers peered into the request form, saying, “What is it?”

Burgess rushed to the reception desk and tore off the request form.

“This request. I got it! I ain’t giving it to nobody!”

“Me, too!”

“Me, too!”

Adventurers tear off quest forms one after another and run to the reception desk.

Adventurers are a lewd bunch.

“What the hell?”

And Burgess panics.

“No!! That mixed bath is only for mel!!”

If the mixed bath is “only for you”, that’s not called mixed bath, it just a one-person mixed bath.

“Sorry, Burgess. The request is for 30 people. There are 30 copies of the same request form posted.”

“What the heck?”

And the capacity of 30 people quickly filled up.


Not a single female adventurer came to pickup the quest.

Well, that as expected…


Burgesses pick medicinal herbs in anger.

But when he saw the mistress, Arcana, and her daughter, Puddin, sweating. He was grinning.

I walk around between them, storing every one of the fully loaded baskets into my “warehouse”…

Then I went around handing them new empty baskets one after another.

Every once in a while, I’d poke a guy who was admiring Puddin.

As a quest client, if I see someone slacking off, I make them get back to work.

The adventurers.

Only consists of perverts.

And yet, they are still single past middle age.

Anyone who lives in such a rural guild by being single is a skilled hero.

Like Burgess, they are the kind of guys who wouldn’t talk to a woman unless they had a reason to.

But Burgess is aggressive in a weird way….

“I’m worried of what comes after… But at least we managed for now.”

Thirty burly adventurers, picking medicinal herbs in spirit.

The medicinal herbs in the backwoods, which had seemed impossible to harvest, were almost all harvested in one day.

Arcana and Puddin were happy to embrace each other.



It is time for the fateful mixed herb bath.

As long as not a single female adventurer came.

The chances of a woman showing up in that mixed bath would be infinitesimally small.

So, maybe.

They will be half dead.

By the way, the order amount from Arcana to me is 270 mana per head.

The payment from me to the guild is 110 mana (100 mana goes to the adventurers, but 10% is the guild’s margin).

The medicinal herbs for the herb bath were prepared by Arkana using scraps of wood, so thankfully they are free this time.

The bath was free of charge this time, minus the 30 mana I had to pay the manager of the public bathhouse.

That’s my profit for the day.

130 mana x 30 people = 3,900 mana

That’s it.

“3,900 mana, that’s not bad…”

Yes, I made more money than I would have as a guide or baggage handler, but….


Thinking about what happened after this, I was pretty heavy.

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  1. Men are perverts, not just adventurers, that’s including me, but I’m not gonna look up someones skirt just because I’m horny.

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