Exiled Merchant – Chapter 2

Chapter 1 – A Dull Exile (II)

The Band of Dawn Lion.

Five Executives….

We’re a party of seven, so…

The leader, Ryan himself, and everyone else, except me, is an executive.

It’s called an “executive meeting”… that is, a meeting of six people, not including me.

It’s been held almost every night, driving me out of the room.

“It can’t be helped…”

Ruschfeld, the Black-Iron Magician in our party muttered.

In Band of Dawn Lion, she is the oldest member of party since its establishment just like me… and one of Ryan’s most trusted members.

She is allowed to claim the rank of “Black-Iron”, the highest rank in black magic, and is considered one of the top ten black magicians in the country.

She’s also Ryan’s second wife.

She’s 28 years old. Underneath her black cloak she probably had a nice body.

“This… is already a decision.”

The sound come from side.

Giorine, The Saint.

She was a lively, foul-mouthed woman who did not quite live up to her title, but her skills in recovery white magic were undoubtedly the highest peak.

She is one of the few people in the country allowed by the White Magic Guild to call herself a ‘saint’.

The wide-area recovery magic, which disperses healing power over a wide area, was the highest-ranked white magic that few people in the country could handle.

She’s the second oldest after me and Ruschfeld.

She has known Ryan the Hero for almost 10 years.

And…, she’s Ryan third wife.

She’s 25 years old. Her lively personality is on full display at night.

I look at them both in turn.

“Ruschfeld…. Giorine….. I thought we were…. Friends in sorrow and joy.”

“Ha, makes me laugh. Have you lost your mind?”

“Are you nuts? How can there be the word ‘friends’ as an equal in our relationship with you?”

From both of them… cold words came back.

…as usual.

Beside them, Ryan’s fourth wife, Almira the Beastmaster, and his fifth wife, Goran the Warrior, were nodding their heads.

They both wear unusually revealing outfits.

It seems to be their husband Ryan’s… hobby.

“Dear Ryan, I still think this is wrong, don’t you?”

And only one person covered for me, Princess Fina.

She is the thirteenth princess of the Aul Nostalucia Empire and a sorceress with the abilities of a supportive sorceress.

And the first wife of Ryan the Hero.

21 years old.

A sad princess who has been forced into a political marriage by the sixth queen and forced to accompany us on a desperate journey to establish a relationship with the Hero.

The only one who will talk to me properly.

At an “executive meeting”, it said she was ‘Ryan’s number one favourite’….

“Princess… it’s no use trying to play the good girl yourself.”

Almira the Beastmaster starts to say such things in a nasty way.

“You… at the “executive meeting” last night, you voted for Albus’ banishment without hestitation.”

Warrior Goran agrees.

“It’s… I… wasn’t in a state… to talk properly… at the time.”

The princess, who was the only one who seemed to be an ally, fell silent.


This is the usual development.

The name of the first wife is all that is known.

The princess, who is the newest member of the executive… which is, the wives of the Hero Ryan, has always been craziest of the other four.

Incidentally, polygamy is normal in this world.

King, for example… has more than 100 wives.

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  1. 100 wives?! Is this king named Solemon? And how in the world does he have the time and stamina to handle them all?

  2. Okay, so this is far more on the ntr/harem end of this sub-genre. So this could be a fun nonsense story.

  3. So basically, it’s an outsider joining a family??? Why the f*** is he even with them???

    And why do all of these “kicked out of a party” stories have to be the same??? Why can’t there be some good intentioned ones instead???

    For instance, he’s becoming 30 and still not married and his friends are worried about him or something. Or things are being too dangerous and they don’t want to risk his life any more… or sh*t like that….

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