Exiled Merchant – Chapter 20

Chapter 20 – Miracle

The herbal baths were surprisingly well received.

Dried medicinal herbs are packed in a mesh bag, and the benefits of the herbs are dissolved in the hot water and spread thinly and widely.

The blend was specially made by Arcana, though.

Apparently, it was mixed with herbs that have sedative properties.

“Where’s the girl?”

“Albus! You plotted against us!”

“You’re lying… My… mixed bath…”

The adventurers were super angry.

But they gradually quieted down as they soaked in the hot water.

“Aaah…I feel alive again…”

“It’s like all the fatigue I’ve had all day is melting away in the hot water.”

Thirty burly adventurers.

The sight of 30 strong adventurers, all looking disheveled, crowded together in a bathtub….

It was a hellish scene.

“Hey, Albus. When did you come up with this stuff?”

Burgess, who looked a little serious, asked me that.

I responded with some seriousness too.

“In a village deep in the mountains where I used to stop, I was served hot water in which medicinal herbs had been infused and dissolved. It felt really good.”

That was when I was in Ryan’s party.

Even then, mixed bathing.

But I was the only one kicked out.

I was allowed to soak alone in the bathtub after Ryan’s debauchery with his wives.

I think there was all kinds of weird stuff floating around in there.

I don’t mind.

The stars were beautiful and I felt great.

I have a memory of that time.

Now, they have come in handy.

“I see.”

With that, Burgess went to the wind, dangling his cock.

When he got out of the bath.

The adventurers will start make a fuss again.

Let’s prepare to run away while I still can.

So I thought, as I finished talking with Burgess and began to move stealthily toward the changing rooms.

The door to the changing room rattled open.

And there it was.

Arcana, the mistress of a herb farmer, was there.


Arcana is just wearing a slightly loose thin cloth.

Such a dangerous outfit.

Arcana, the mistress of a herb farmer.

She plunged into the midst of a hellish picture, crowded with 30 macho adventurers.

It was truly an angel that had descended.

Though she was hiding parts what should she hide.

It’s exciting enough for sultry middle-aged adventurers.

“Oh my God!”

The bathhouse instantly fell silent.

Some sink into the hot water.

Some even faint, blowing nosebleeds.

Arcana smiled at me as I was stunned.

“I cannot continue to be ungrateful to you. I can’t let my daughter’s benefactor, Albus-sama, be treated so badly.”


Apparently, she had heard my plaintive muttering just after picking the medicinal herbs.

“I wish I could do something about it…”

Arcana says such a thing.

She still looks young, skin and all.

And probably younger than most of the middle-aged adventurers in hot water around there.

Assuming they got married at 16 and had their pudding at 17.

She is now 33.

Not much different from me, who is just 30.

By the way, I heard later that this assumption was correct.

By the appearance of Arcana to the herbal bath.

I was in a tight spot for the rest of my life.

Yes. It’s a miracle.


The adventurers with disheveled and distorted faces.

Only their eyes seemed to be slightly bloodshot.

Overall, he was smiling throughout.

And when the mixed bathing time is over and they are kicked out of the communal bathhouse.

They went back to their respective houses with a sense of satisfaction.

Thank God.

I also got to see Arcana’s glossy figure.

I felt like I got a lot out of it.

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  1. The more I hear about Albus’ time with the “hero” party, the more I want to choke slam that Ryan punk. Yeah it’s natural to not want your naked wives looked at by another guy, but he didn’t need to be a jerk about it. Or soil the bath, the pig.

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