Exiled Merchant – Chapter 21

Chapter 21 – A new specialty of Yak Village

And the herbal baths.

The medicinal herb village, Yak Village, became a new specialty.

Although, as promised to the caretaker boy, the hot water was once replaced and restored to its original state.

The herb baths were reopened three days later in response to the adventurers’ passionate requests.

However. The bathing fee for outsiders was raised from 30 mana to 60 mana.

Of this amount, 20 mana is to be paid to Arcana, the mistress of the herb farm next to the bathhouse, for the medicinal herbs.

The remaining 10 mana is to be paid to me as a fee for providing ideas.

“I will only be paid as long as I am in the vicinity of the town of Mort, in the village of Yak.”

The boy in the communal bathhouse was convinced by a contract that said.

“I’m an aspiring merchant. Don’t worry, I’ll disappear.”

But I thought, ‘If I stay here forever, I’ll make endless money!’

“Ha-ha-ha. Profit!”

Even without doing anything, 300-500 mana a day started coming in.

The more customers that come to the baths, the more money I make.

Yak village was originally famous for its medicinal herbs.

The village’s medicinal herb baths became increasingly well known.

Adventurers who had finished their quests at the Mort Town Guild would visit Yak Village on a daily basis to rest their bones.

Adventurers from remote towns also come to Yak Village after hearing rumors of the village.

Finally, the great nobleman Tombelli Kilket from the fortress city of Kilket came to take a bath.

For this great aristocrat, the inn built by her late husband was hastily opened.

The nobleman went home happy, saying, “My old wounds have healed,” and “I’m back to life for the first time in a long time!” and he left with great satisfaction.

And in response to the passionate requests from those around them. Arcana and her friends decided to continue running the inn as a public bath inn.

They even hired some employees.

Within two months, the innkeepers’ business was getting off to a good start.

The unearned margin of income coming in to me also increased to about 500 to 800 mana per day.

“Jimmy Radiak, a nobleman from the fortified city of Kilket who was courting Puddin’. He is the weakest noble in the fortified city of Kilket. He will no longer be able to forcefully court the daughter of this inn, which the great noble Tombelli Kilket says he likes.”

Saying this, Burgess looked a little distant.

“Puddin-chan, you’ve become so far away from us. I guess you won’t glance at savage, dirty adventurers like us anymore.”

And then he began to shriek and cry.


With that girth and that look, middle-aged man, don’t cry!

“These tears are not tears of sorrow. They are tears of celebration for Puddin’s happiness.”


I lost a little worry.


With the rapid progress of such Arcana on the side.

As usual, I was at the guild in the town of Mort, looking for a client to help me with my luggage and as a guide.

“There are a lot of unfamiliar adventurers around these days.”

As I was looking at the quest board, I heard Burgess’ voice from behind me.

“Yeah, that’s right. We weren’t a guild with that many requests to begin with…but now we’re completely outnumbered. We don’t have enough requests for the adventurers.”

“But if many monsters showing up, we’d be in trouble too.”

“Yeah, no doubt.”

“The more adventurers and fewer monsters, the safer it will be. That’s also good for Puddin’ inn.”

Burgess says with a distant look.

This guy. You can’t be that serious about Puddin’…

“Maybe it’s time to start making some money around here.”

Burgess said.

He left after taking a request to take down the appropriate intermediate level monster.

It was a case that didn’t seem to need me as a guide or a baggage handler.

Recently, beginner-level monsters have been hunted down. It is getting harder for newcomers and loose adventurers.

“I, too, seem to be reluctant today…”

I think I’ll stay in the guild today and sell medicinal herbs in detail.

Actually, with a margin of herbal baths. I was getting to the point where I didn’t even have to work anymore to eat.

Once I stabilized, my disappointment that I had just left Ryan and his friends gradually fade away.

But me. I wonder if this is really the right thing to do.

If it continues like this, I’m not going to become a great merchant or anything. I’m just a poor merchant living on the margins of a herb bath.

I wonder if it is really okay.

If I continue to stay here…

I might be stable there, though.

I felt like I would end up just like that.

“It’s time to make some money around here. It’s time to move on.”

Burgess muttered a few minutes ago.

This time, it was me who muttered them.

Then a guild official approached me.

“Mister Albus. I’ve got a request form in your name. They asked me to give it to you when there’s no one around you…”

Saying that, the guild official handed me the quest form.

“[Work] Cleaning the Yak Village Public Bathhouse.”

Reward 2000 mana. Client Puddin.

“What is this? Can I refuse?”

“No… If it’s in your name, I can’t give it to anyone other than you.”

With that, I headed to the public bathhouse for the first time in about two months.

I guess that’s what they mean when they say, “Show up once in a while.”

But ah, Puddin-chan, you don’t have to spend 2,000 mana. Just call me up and I’ll be there.

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