Exiled Merchant – Chapter 22

Chapter 22 – Certain Marriage (1)

I arrived at the public bathhouse in Yak Village.

There, a lightly dressed Puddin was waiting for me with cleaning tools.

“Then Mr. Albus. I will be in your care!”

And then the cleaning really begins.

Apparently the caretaker boy was not here now. It said he went off to Mort Town to help innkeeper regarding supplies.

“You don’t have to pay me 2,000 mana. Why didn’t you just call me normally? I’ll tell the guild later that the request was cancelled.”

“I’m sorry. I thought Mr. Albus was busy…”

“I’m not busy today. I mean, I’m always free these days.”

“Huh, Why is that?”

“Well. The number of adventurers who come to Mort is increasing. The guide business is in demand, but the number of monsters is down, and the baggage handlers are losing business.”

In such a situation, my free time was increasing because I was trying to select right people to do business.

At first, I’m not very picky about work. I’m willing to take anything even if the profit is slim. But now that kind of eagerness was fading a little.

“You’re going to be a great merchant, aren’t you, Mr. Albus?”

When we first met.
When I first bought herbs, I told Puddin such a goal.

“That’s right.”

Now that I’ve gotten to be able to make enough money to survive.

Somewhere along the way, I may have become complacent.


After all the cleaning was done, I was allowed to take a bath in the first bath with hot water.

“It’s not quite a substitute for 2,000 mana, but…”

Pudding is a little afraid, though.

“It’s more than enough reward for me.”

After the pudding left, I took off my clothes and soaked in the hot water.

The first bath is. The best feeling.

“Haaa …”

My impressed voice leaked out unexpectedly.

“A great merchant.”

It began with peddling across the continent.

Eventually, he amassed an enormous fortune.

He is a wealthy merchant with vast land holdings, several stores, and many wives.

But the truth is, I’m not him.

I wanted a wife first.

I talked about Burgess like he’s an idiot. But the truth is I’m just like him.

As it is. Right here.

Making living that comes from the communal baths.

With that stable base of livelihood, I welcome my wife.

What’s more.

I’m starting to feel like that’s all right.

At that moment, the door to the changing room rattled open.

It was pre-opening time, so no one was supposed to come in…

So I casually looked at the door and was astonished.

There was Pudding in all her beauty.

She was not hiding behind a cloth, as she had done in the past with Arcana.

I hurriedly looked away. I could feel the blood gathering in my lower body.

“Wha…. What the…?”

Unintentionally, I spat out words that I didn’t understand.

Puddin, after chuckling a bit.

She slowly got into the hot water.

I turned my face away, but I could see by the surging of the hot water that the Puddin was slowly coming toward me.


She touched my back.

Then, as it was, she came close to my body along with the two plump bulges.

“Mr. Albus. I….”


“Yesterday I turned 16.*


In other words, she had come of age.

That means that she old enough to get married at any time.

“Please make me… your wife, Mr. Albus.”


My head overheated.

My thinking capacity exceeded my capacity.

“Wh… why…?”

I squeezed out such words.

“Mr. Albus, you are a hero to me and my mother…”

“It’s just a coincidence.”

“I know it was just a coincidence that twice you bought medicinal herbs from us. But the third time…. You gathered a group of adventurers to pick medicinal herbs. It was no coincidence that you even invented a specialty of the village, the medicinal herb bath. It was unmistakable. Mr. Albus did exactly that for us.”

“It was also… coincidental.”

Puddin’s hands were wrapped around my body.

Puddin’s hands were on my body, and then on my chest, and then on my stomach, and then gradually down to the bottom.

Oh no.

I’m not sure I could stand it if someone touched me there.

“I know very well that Mr. Albus is the one who will eventually leave here. But even if you are far away from here, I don’t care. I will wait for you here, alone. I…want to be your wife.”

The words.

I was on the verge of collapse, but my sense was held together just in time.

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