Exiled Merchant – Chapter 24

Chapter 24 – Conclusion

I know you all have a lot to say to me.


For now.

Let’s conclude.

…… It was the best.

It was the best night ever.

Like the star-filled sky I saw in an open-air herb bath deep in the mountains.

It was so great that I felt like I lost myself.

There were so many emotions swirling around.

That’s all I can say, so I’ll just get it over with.

Damn you Ryan….

You did this good thing night after night after night!

After all this time.

I was filled with a burning anger toward my former party members.

But it doesn’t matter now.

I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.

Maybe I have a messed up face.


In a room lit by the morning sun.

Arcana, in all her clothes, slowly woke up.

“Oh my…Mr. Albus. Good morning.”

“Oh…good morning.”

Feeling a little, no, quite, embarrassed.

“Last night was awesome.”

“Ugh?… Ah, yeah…I..”

Arcana chuckled. I’m over 30 and a novice, as I confronted with her last night. No, maybe she knew that long before that.

And then she kissed me without saying anything about my ability.

She is somehow standing up for my petty pride.

As it is, other things are also being erected.

I no longer remember how many rounds we had, we were in a ground fighting rematch.


Be the owner of a herb farm.

Or an innkeeper.

Even if I can’t be a big merchant.

That’s how it is, in a corner of a small village.

Let’s live protecting our small happiness.

That’s what I’ve decided to do.

But the next moment.

It crumbles fragilely.

“I know. You are the one who will soon leave this place. You will be a great merchant, and you will be famous all over the world.”

Arcana said something like that.

“Please don’t worry about me. I will stay here and continue to cultivate medicinal herbs as I always have as the master of the herb house.”

“No… I…”

I wonder if I could live here forever.

I was just now thinking that my wavering mind was completely leaning in that direction.

“Even if you never come back. I am prepared to do so. That’s why you accepted me, isn’t it?”


I’m sorry.

I simply couldn’t resist.

“About Puddin,… She is not prepared to go that far. No matter what she said with her mouth, she doesn’t really know what it means. It was because you saw through that that Mr. Albus stopped her, wasn’t it?”


I’m really sorry.

It just happened at the time.

I just happened to be able to hold out just in time.

I was just barely able to hold back by accident.

“You are truly a kind person. Even after knowing you will be hated by Puddin after that…”

“Uh .. umm”

It seems like the result is all right, though.

I don’t know if Arcana is really okay with that.

“I am properly prepared to do so. Please, you are going to fulfill your dream. Please leave this place without worrying about us.”

“I acknowledge your decision. Arcana.”

I said those words, as I wearing my clothes.

“I’m going to make my dream come true. I will..”

Seriously, me.

Are you sure about this, me?

If I can successfully convince Arcana here.

Every night from now on.

I could have a life of cackling with Arcana here every night from now on…

“I’m going to be a great merchant!”

I shouted in a cool voice, a parody of a line I’d heard somewhere.

Aracana said, “Fight!! Yo! Great merchant Albus-sama!” and that was quite fun.

But already.

I feel like I can’t completely pull back my words after this.


I can’t hesitate anymore.

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