Exiled Merchant – Chapter 25

Chapter 25 – Sharing Property

“In every city I go, I shall buy the finest jewelry for you, my wife.”

I said this like a big merchant, trying to sound cool.

However, she seemed to have instantly recognized that it was just a strong attempt to be cool.

“I don’t need that.”

Saying this, Arcana chuckled.

Then there was Arcana, dressed. With slightly moist eyes, she looked at me and said.

“Instead of jewelry, I’d like a letter from time to time. Please write to me.”

“I’ll do that. I will.”

Are you sure that’s only what you want to do!
Are you sure that’s all you asked for during my trip?

The part of me still screaming in my head with that thought.

It was time for me to continue my business in this neighborhood.

I’m going on the road again.

“I’ll miss you. Albus, please fulfill your dream.”


Suddenly the whole room was enveloped in light.



And gradually the light became smaller and smaller.

In the corner of the room where the light converged, a simple wooden box about 50 cm square appeared.

It looked a little like a wooden box used for drying medicinal herbs.

“What is this…?”

Arcana was quite surprised, though.

I knew instantly what it was.

“Well, it looks like we’re… . are officially considered married.”

In terms of my innate skill “warehouse”, though.

“What do you mean?”

“Property sharing. That box is supposed to be connected to a part of my ‘warehouse’.”

In my innate skill “warehouse”.

Besides my main space, “Arcana Inventory”, a space as big as that box seemed to have been created.

I tried to open the box to explain that to Arcana…

“It didn’t work… Ugh, it won’t open. …Why?” (Albus)

And when Arcana tried it, it opened right up.

“It opened.”


I knew I was weak.

So that means I’m not strong enough, right?

It was easily opened by Arcana.

“Maybe only I can open it. Somehow, I have such feeling.”

“Huh? Ah…. That’s right, Arcana. You understand me well.”

I didn’t know, though.

At any rate, I tried to act like I knew.

The box was empty.

Inside and out.

For all intents and purposes, it is an ordinary wooden box.

When Arcana takes her hand away from the box. The lid was closed by itself

I moved things from the “Main Inventory” to the “Arcana Inventory”.

“Warehouse Relocation.”

I chanted that spell of skill activation, which somehow I knew, in a small voice.

The item seemed to move through the inventory.

I asked Arcana to open the box.

Inside was a small sock made of Wolfe’s pelt.

“I made them in my spare time at the guild… I guess I don’t have the talent for processing after all.””


Arcana picked up the sock, which was ugly no matter how you looked at it, and looked at it seriously.

And then, slowly.

She pulls down her underwear from inside her skirt into the wooden box.

And she looks at me with eyes that are expecting something.

“Warehouse Transfer”

Then, when Arcana opens the box.

The underwear had disappeared.

“Oh dear…”

And in my main inventory, there is an item for [Arcana’s winning pants…]

Then when I say [Delos], [Arcana’s winning pants] appeared in my hand.

“Oh ..my. How embarrassing.”

Then I chanted [Ilompa] and the [Arcana’s Winning Pants] were once again stored in my main inventory.

“Warehouse skills are a wonder.”

I made the pant appear again with “Warehouse Transfer Delos” and returned it to Arcana.

I’d never heard of this feature before either.

I had never even heard of it from a skills appraiser or any other person.


I went with Arcana, who wanted to try the “Warehouse Transfer” with various things. I played with it quite a bit.

“Now I can alway deliver my herbs to Albus!”

“I’d appreciate that. But the “Warehouse” skill does not allow living creatures to enter, so there is no way to exchange mana, which is life energy.”

In other words, I can’t pay for medicinal herbs to her.

No matter how much we are a married couple, they cannot just keep unilaterally receiving things that will help them earn a living.

“I understand. Then, in return, please buy jewelry for me in every town you go to.”

Arcana looked really cute as she said that and smiled mischievously.

I grabbed her in my arms and kissed her.

Then we went straight to stripping off Arcana’s clothes and going into ground-fighting for I don’t know how many times…

I thought.

Just then.

Puddin, who had been looking around for Arcana all night, worried about her not returning, burst into the room.

“Mother! You were here! I was worried when you didn’t come back. …… and ……”

And then they hugged each other.

Seeing Arcana half undressed.

Pudding froze.

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