Exiled Merchant – Chapter 26

Chapter 26 – Departure

We were found by Pudding.

I had no idea what we were about to do.

There’s no way a girl of her age doesn’t know.

After Puddin hardened for a while.

She understood the situation immediately.

“Mr. Albus. So that’s why!!”

She said started to shake a little.

This is not good!

Is this the first time in my life that I’ve been in this situation!

I thought.

“You can’t become my husband because you want to be my father!”

And she accepted more easily than I had expected.


I’ll do my best to leave a lasting impression.

But I must go.

Since then I’ve been.

I sent a request to the guild to gather members to escort me to Kilket. Decide that it will be until one week after the scheduled departure date, I enjoyed happy time with my wife and daughter.

And the morning of departure.

“Albus. No, honey. Go on.”

“Dad…if you ever get close again. You must come back to us.”

Perhaps this would be the last time.

With such thoughts in my mind.

I left the house.

Perhaps this is what reluctance means.

But I have to go.

Because I’ve made up my mind.

And because that’s what my wife wants, too.

“You are a man who will become a great merchant who will travel the world. Please use your power to make not only us but many, many more people happy.”

If she says it like that.

I can no longer say, “Maybe I could become the owner of an herb shop and live here.”

“I’m off. Arcana, Puddin. Take care. When I get over there, I’ll put your letter in Arcana’s box.”

The destination is the fortified city of Kilket.

It is the largest city in the area.

To get a wife.

I began my journey as a peddler in earnest.

Incidentally, I went to two of them.

I went back to them many times whenever I was in the neighborhood peddling.

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  1. I’m still mad he didn’t have a mother daughter sandwich, but I guess that would be difficult to pull off even in a world that accept polygamy. At least he visits instead of hitting and quitting it.

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