Exiled Merchant – Chapter 27

Chapter 27 – Side Story of Pharmacist

I said this was side story but, you can say this is also part of main story.

And here we go…

Arcana was somehow inpired by something in herbal bath concoction.

By combining various medicinal herbs, she was able to create new medicines with unique efficacy, awakening her talents as a pharmacist.

Start by drying the ingredients, crushed into powder form, boiled the paste, and then mixed powder and paste and knead them to make a pill shape.

She thought that if she could sell them at a higher price than just medicinal herbs, she might be able to support her husband’s merchant business.

She found it surprisingly enjoyable, and before she knew it, she was hooked.

And then.

She began to feel the limitations of blending existing herbal varieties.

Finally, she began to use her farm in the mountains behind her house to develop new varieties.

What started as a hobby for her husband became a passion.

One day, a medicine professor at Magic Academy found her and surprised by her talent, she later became professional in the art of compounding medicine.

The innate skill “The Forester’s Sense of Smell.”

Arcana, who had never undergone a skill evaluation, was unaware that she possessed this superlative innate skill. It is a skill that completely distinguishes the smell of plants in general.

Therefore, Arcana was able to determine the efficacy of new medicines from their smells, even without actually using them.

Her ability to distinguish between good herbs, ordinary herbs, and less effective herbs is also unknowingly at the highest level.

No wonder Arcana mixed’s herb baths are so prosperous.

By the way.

The medicinal herbs that the merchant Albus was selling at the guild in the town of Mort were “strangely more effective than the herbs sold in other stores” such reputation.

And special medicine with various effects made by the special grade pharmacist Arcana later will become a so-called featured product among the many products handled by Albus.

And with the recognition of its special drugs.

The names of the couple would soon be known throughout the world.

But that was another story in future.

It’s still a long, long way off.

For now.

The items like [medicinal herbs for burns] or [herbal paste to stop blood from diluting too much] all that kind of stuff were often found their way into the Arcana Inventory, along with letters of apology.

“I’m sorry. I screwed up again. I don’t think it’s for sale because it’s not very effective. It’s too good to waste, so please use it for something.”

Mixed in with that kind of stuff are things like “herbal paste for stopping blood contains pain-killer (extra effective),” which is a huge help when it helps.

“I’m so grateful for all the help I’ve received from you, Arcana. Thank you very, very much.”

Such an exchange of letters through the “warehouse”.

He continued with Arcana throughout his life.

By the way, yes. This is also a long, long time in the future.

Here he was now.

He was still on his wa to being a merchant.

He had just begun.

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